Accelerated Reader Quiz List - Reading Practice

Quiz No.



Book Level


103833 EN10 Little Rubber DucksCarle, Eric2.40.5
122356 EN100-Year-Old Secret, TheBarrett, Tracy4.44.0
30629 EN26 Fairmount AvenueDe Paola, Tomie4.41.0
72205 EN3 Little FirefightersMurphy, Stuart J.1.70.5
18567 EN45 & 47 Stella Street and Everything That HappenedHoney, Elizabeth4.45.0
103355 EN5,000 Miles to Freedom: Ellen & William Craft's Flight...SlaveryFradin, Judith Bloom7.64.0
89267 ENAbby Takes a StandMcKissack, Pat3.61.0
101 ENAbel's IslandSteig, William5.93.0
105789 ENAbigail the Breeze FairyMeadows, Daisy4.11.0
86479 ENAbner & Me: A Baseball Card AdventureGutman, Dan4.25.0
103669 ENAbout Marsupials: A Guide for ChildrenSill, Cathryn2.10.5
84448 ENAbout MollusksSill, Cathryn2.60.5
54088 ENAbout the B'nai BagelsKonigsburg, E.L.4.75.0
17651 ENAbsent Author, TheRoy, Ron3.41.0
86356 ENAccidents May Happen: Fifty Inventions Discovered by MistakeJones, Charlotte Foltz6.92.0
102 ENAcross Five AprilsHunt, Irene6.610.0
36046 ENAdaline Falling StarOsborne, Mary Pope4.64.0
86533 ENAdam Canfield of the SlashWinerip, Michael5.49.0
1 ENAdam of the RoadGray, Elizabeth Janet6.59.0
6101 ENAddie Meets MaxRobins, Joan1.70.5
44185 ENAddie's Bad DayRobins, Joan1.80.5
7651 ENAddy Learns a LessonPorter, Connie3.91.0
7653 ENAddy's SurprisePorter, Connie4.41.0
7652 ENAddy Saves the DayPorter, Connie4.01.0
109410 ENAd�le and SimonMcClintock, Barbara3.00.5
451 ENAdventures of Ali Baba Bernstein, TheHurwitz, Johanna4.62.0
52579 ENAdventures of Bert, TheAhlberg, Allan1.30.5
106681 ENAdventures of Commander Zack Proton and the Red Giant, TheAnderson, Brian4.61.0
114690 ENAdventures of Commander Zack Proton and the Wrong Planet, TheAnderson, Brian3.81.0
110217 ENAdventures of Commander Zack Proton...Nibblecheese, TheAnderson, Brian4.31.0
17652 ENAdventures of Laura & Jack, TheWilder/Peterson3.51.0
108686 ENAdventures of Odysseus, TheLupton, Hugh5.22.0
11152 ENAdventures of Snail at School, TheStadler, John2.50.5
114618 ENAfrican LionsRiley, Joelle2.10.5
86366 ENAfrican RhinosNelson, Kristin L.2.30.5
110324 ENAfter the Dinosaurs: Mammoths and Fossil MammalsBrown, Charlotte Lewis3.60.5
5201 ENAfter the Goat ManByars, Betsy4.53.0
74433 ENAfter the Last Dog DiedBredeson, Carmen6.72.0
14651 ENAfternoon on the AmazonOsborne, Mary Pope2.61.0
69241 ENAgnes Parker...Girl in ProgressO'Dell, Kathleen4.04.0
87326 ENAgnes Parker...Happy Camper?O'Dell, Kathleen3.94.0
201 ENAgony of Alice, TheNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.35.0
45101 ENAkiko on the Planet SmooCrilley, Mark5.74.0
108247 ENAkimbo and the Crocodile ManMcCall Smith, Alexander5.51.0
2002 ENAlabama Facts and SymbolsMcAuliffe, Emily4.20.5
87189 ENAladdin and the Enchanted LampPullman, Philip5.51.0
40574 ENAlaska Facts and SymbolsDubois, Muriel L.4.40.5
81582 ENAlchemist's Cat, TheJarvis, Robin6.416.0
6251 ENAldo Peanut ButterHurwitz, Johanna4.43.0
5202 ENAlex Fitzgerald, TV StarKrull, Kathleen3.51.0
2307 ENAlexi Lalas: Soccer SensationKirkpatrick, Rob1.10.5
52290 ENAlice's Adventures in Wonderland (Unabridged)Carroll, Lewis7.45.0
83029 ENAlice the FairyShannon, David2.50.5
31159 ENAlida's SongPaulsen, Gary5.32.0
82166 ENAlien LandingDeary, Terry6.13.0
81698 ENAliens Are Coming!, TheThiesing, Lisa2.10.5
106023 ENAliens Are Coming! The True Account...Worlds Radio BroadcastMcCarthy, Meghan4.00.5
24934 ENAliens for DinnerSpinner, Stephanie3.41.0
5203 ENAliens for LunchEtra/Spinner3.71.0
17653 ENAlison's Fierce and Ugly HalloweenBauer, Marion Dane2.50.5
17654 ENAlison's PuppyBauer, Marion Dane2.30.5
17655 ENAlison's WingsBauer, Marion Dane2.10.5
14652 ENAlison Walks the WireSinykin, Sheri Cooper4.71.0
83160 ENAll Because of a Cup of CoffeeStilton, Geronimo3.21.0
251 ENAll New Jonah Twist, TheHoneycutt, Natalie3.83.0
2 ENAll-of-a-Kind FamilyTaylor, Sydney4.95.0
17301 ENAll of Our Noses Are Here and Other Noodle TalesSchwartz, Alvin2.40.5
53782 ENAll the Way HomeGiff, Patricia Reilly4.55.0
80335 ENAllen Iverson: Never Give UpTorres, John Albert6.92.0
84764 ENAllosaurusFrost, Helen1.80.5
104411 ENAlmost Gone: The World's Rarest AnimalsJenkins, Steve5.70.5
151 ENAlong Came a DogDe Jong, Meindert5.75.0
123779 ENAlvin Ho: Allergic to Girls, School, and Other Scary ThingsLook, Lenore3.83.0
78517 ENAlways Dreamin'Hapka, Catherine6.25.0
86657 ENAlways Remember Me: How One Family Survived World War IIRusso, Marisabina4.60.5
29422 ENAmanda Pig and Her Best Friend LollipopVan Leeuwen, Jean2.10.5
88443 ENAmanda Pig and the Really Hot DayVan Leeuwen, Jean2.20.5
116094 ENAmanda Pig, First GraderVan Leeuwen, Jean2.20.5
9251 ENAmanda Pig on Her OwnVan Leeuwen, Jean2.40.5
89477 ENAmazing BatsSimon, Seymour3.60.5
77180 ENAmazing Mr. Franklin, TheAshby, Ruth5.83.0
103006 ENAmazing Sharks!Thomson, Sarah L.3.10.5
104855 ENAmazing Snakes!Thomson, Sarah L.3.20.5
25848 ENAmber Brown Is Feeling BlueDanziger, Paula4.02.0
73777 ENAmber Brown Is Green with EnvyDanziger, Paula4.13.0
20253 ENAmber Brown Sees RedDanziger, Paula3.72.0
34872 ENAmelia Bedelia 4 MayorParish, Herman2.50.5
10501 ENAmelia Bedelia and the BabyParish, Peggy2.00.5
10502 ENAmelia Bedelia and the Surprise ShowerParish, Peggy2.30.5
72206 ENAmelia Bedelia, BookwormParish, Herman2.40.5
10503 ENAmelia Bedelia Goes CampingParish, Peggy1.80.5
20001 ENAmelia Bedelia Helps OutParish, Peggy2.30.5
89521 ENAmelia Bedelia, Rocket Scientist?Parish, Herman2.80.5
9584 ENAmelia Bedelia's Family AlbumParish, Peggy2.20.5
115858 ENAmelia Bedelia's MasterpieceParish, Herman2.90.5
119698 ENAmelia Bedelia Under ConstructionParish, Herman2.60.5
36590 ENAmelia Hits the Road/Amelia's...Longest Ever Car TripMoss, Marissa4.31.0
117030 ENAmelia's 7th-Grade NotebookMoss, Marissa4.02.0
72314 ENAmelia's Best Year Ever/Amelia's 5th-Grade NotebookMoss, Marissa4.21.0
111146 ENAmelia's Guide to Gossip: The Good, the Bad, and the UglyMoss, Marissa4.61.0
111392 ENAmelia's Longest, Biggest, Most-Fights-Ever Family ReunionMoss, Marissa4.02.0
103118 ENAmelia's Most Unforgettable Embarrassing MomentsMoss, Marissa4.31.0
111951 ENAmelia's Must-Keep Resolutions for the Best Year Ever!Moss, Marissa4.31.0
67092 ENAmelia's School Survival GuideMoss, Marissa3.61.0
89065 ENAmelia's Sixth-Grade NotebookMoss, Marissa4.52.0
40129 ENAmelia's WarRinaldi, Ann4.07.0
41263 ENAmelia Takes Command/Amelia's Bully Survival GuideMoss, Marissa5.11.0
41264 ENAmelia Writes AgainMoss, Marissa4.81.0
89527 ENAmerican MastodonLindeen, Carol K.2.20.5
84758 ENAmerican Revolution...Revolutionary War on WednesdayOsborne, Mary Pope4.51.0
69053 ENAmong the BaronsHaddix, Margaret Peterson4.86.0
59349 ENAmong the BetrayedHaddix, Margaret Peterson4.95.0
87624 ENAmong the EnemyHaddix, Margaret Peterson5.37.0
106210 ENAmong the FreeHaddix, Margaret Peterson5.67.0
29501 ENAmong the HiddenHaddix, Margaret Peterson4.85.0
50379 ENAmong the ImpostorsHaddix, Margaret Peterson4.95.0
5501 ENAmos & BorisSteig, William4.70.5
3 ENAmos Fortune, Free ManYates, Elizabeth6.55.0
73958 ENAmulet of Samarkand, TheStroud, Jonathan5.919.0
24946 ENAmy, Number SevenKaye, Marilyn4.65.0
86685 ENAnacaona, Golden FlowerDanticat, Edwidge6.55.0
44333 ENAnacondas (Predators in the Wild)Welsbacher, Anne4.20.5
53902 ENAnansi and the Magic StickKimmel, Eric A.2.40.5
202 ENAnastasia KrupnikLowry, Lois4.53.0
80071 ENAncient Greece and the Olympics...Nonfiction Companion..OlympicsOsborne, Mary Pope4.41.0
6685 ENAncient One, TheBarron, T.A.6.114.0
106976 ENAncient Rome And Pompeii: A Nonfiction...Under the VolcanoOsborne, Mary Pope5.21.0
5054 ENAnd Condors DancedSnyder, Zilpha Keatley6.19.0
7203 ENAnd I Mean It, StanleyBonsall, Crosby0.90.5
4 ENAnd Now MiguelKrumgold, Joseph4.88.0
43508 ENAnd the Dish Ran Away with the SpoonStevens/Crummel2.60.5
32145 ENAndy and TamikaAdler, David A.3.63.0
53420 ENAndy Russell, Not Wanted by the PoliceAdler, David A.3.52.0
106623 ENAndy Shane and the Pumpkin TrickJacobson, Jennifer Richard3.10.5
121638 ENAndy Shane and the Queen of EgyptJacobson, Jennifer Richard3.50.5
87413 ENAndy Shane and the Very Bossy Dolores StarbuckleJacobson, Jennifer Richard3.30.5
5204 ENAngel's Mother's BabyDelton, Judy4.03.0
46722 ENAngela's Top-Secret Computer ClubKeller, Holly5.41.0
17656 ENAnimal AdventuresWilder/Peterson3.61.0
44807 ENAnn's Story: 1747Nixon, Joan Lowery4.93.0
31163 ENAnna All Year RoundHahn, Mary Downing3.83.0
77947 ENAnnabel the Actress Starring in Camping It UpConford, Ellen3.41.0
49396 ENAnnabel the Actress Starring in Just a Little ExtraConford, Ellen3.11.0
203 ENAnne of Green Gables (Unabridged)Montgomery, L.M.7.317.0
41638 ENAnni's Diary of FranceAxworthy, Anni5.51.0
41639 ENAnni's India DiaryAxworthy, Anni4.90.5
113365 ENAnnie and Snowball and the Dress-up BirthdayRylant, Cynthia3.00.5
120046 ENAnnie and Snowball and the Prettiest HouseRylant, Cynthia2.50.5
122336 ENAnnie and Snowball and the Teacup ClubRylant, Cynthia2.60.5
9104 ENAnnie and the Wild AnimalsBrett, Jan2.70.5
86111 ENAnnoying Team, TheCooper, Ilene3.51.0
30835 ENAnson's WaySchmidt, Gary D.6.28.0
18603 ENAnt Plays BearByars, Betsy1.60.5
74538 ENAntarctic Scoop, TheBledsoe, Lucy Jane5.04.0
79526 ENAntsHall, Margaret1.20.5
89528 ENApatosaurusLindeen, Carol K.1.60.5
57715 ENApple Pie 4th of JulyWong, Janet S.3.00.5
17206 ENArcheology (Eyewitness)McIntosh, Jane8.91.0
74825 ENArctic Foxes (Polar Animals)Townsend, Emily Rose1.90.5
5651 ENArctic Patrol Mystery, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.45.0
5456 ENAre You My Mother?Eastman, P.D.1.60.5
86357 ENAre You Psychic? The Official Guide for KidsBecker, Helaine6.12.0
5055 ENAre You There God? It's Me, Margaret.Blume, Judy3.64.0
2003 ENArizona Facts and SymbolsMcAuliffe, Emily3.80.5
42045 ENArkansas Facts and SymbolsKule, Elaine A.4.00.5
18752 ENArrow over the Door, TheBruchac, Joseph5.22.0
47730 ENArt Lesson, TheDe Paola, Tomie3.60.5
54675 ENArtemis FowlColfer, Eoin5.09.0
59973 ENArtemis Fowl: The Arctic IncidentColfer, Eoin5.09.0
68990 ENArtemis Fowl: The Eternity CodeColfer, Eoin5.010.0
109333 ENArtemis Fowl: The Lost ColonyColfer, Eoin5.313.0
87709 ENArtemis Fowl: The Opal DeceptionColfer, Eoin5.712.0
123436 ENArtemis Fowl: The Time ParadoxColfer, Eoin5.613.0
20002 ENArthur Accused!Brown, Marc3.11.0
51891 ENArthur and the Best Coach EverBrown/Krensky3.31.0
39789 ENArthur and the Big Blow-UpKrensky, Stephen3.31.0
102063 ENArthur and the Big SnowBrown, Marc1.50.5
34560 ENArthur and the Cootie-CatcherBrown/Krensky3.11.0
20003 ENArthur and the Crunch Cereal ContestBrown, Marc3.01.0
32080 ENArthur and the Lost DiaryKrensky, Stephen3.21.0
80153 ENArthur and the New KidBrown, Marc1.90.5
39790 ENArthur and the Perfect BrotherKrensky, Stephen3.31.0
34563 ENArthur and the Poetry ContestBrown/Krensky3.41.0
32919 ENArthur and the Popularity TestKrensky, Stephen3.51.0
49397 ENArthur and the Race to ReadBrown/Krensky3.41.0
50940 ENArthur and the Recess RookieBrown/Krensky3.11.0
20004 ENArthur and the Scare-Your-Pants-Off ClubBrown, Marc3.11.0
74850 ENArthur and the School PetBrown, Marc2.40.5
49523 ENArthur and the Seventh-Inning StretcherBrown/Krensky3.31.0
85110 ENArthur Breaks the BankBrown, Marc Tolon2.00.5
1948 ENArthur, Clean Your Room!Brown, Marc2.40.5
204 ENArthur, for the Very First TimeMacLachlan, Patricia4.23.0
1949 ENArthur in a PickleBrown, Marc2.10.5
20005 ENArthur Makes the TeamBrown, Marc2.91.0
9105 ENArthur's Camp-OutHoban, Lillian2.90.5
2509 ENArthur's Fire DrillBrown, Marc2.40.5
75357 ENArthur's Heart Mix-UpBrown, Marc1.80.5
41956 ENArthur's Lost PuppyBrown, Marc1.90.5
82152 ENArthur's Mystery BabysitterBrown, Marc1.90.5
20006 ENArthur's Mystery EnvelopeBrown, Marc3.01.0
16970 ENArthur's NoseBrown, Marc1.60.5
5502 ENArthur's ToothBrown, Marc2.80.5
34597 ENArthur's UnderwearBrown, Marc2.90.5
88499 ENArthur Tells a StoryBrown, Marc Tolon1.80.5
87628 ENArtsy Smartsy Club, ThePinkwater, Daniel Manus4.53.0
17754 ENAs Long as There Are MountainsKinsey-Warnock, Natalie5.36.0
112196 ENAstronautsAdamson, Thomas K.1.90.5
9252 ENAt the Ball GameKramer, S.A.3.40.5
71749 ENAt the Sign of the Sugared PlumHooper, Mary6.27.0
66270 ENAtalanta and the Arcadian BeastYolen, Jane5.18.0
114826 ENAtherton: The House of PowerCarman, Patrick6.112.0
75825 ENAttack of the 50-Ft. CupidBenton, Jim4.61.0
83793 ENAttack of the Bandit CatsStilton, Geronimo3.81.0
14932 ENAttack of the Jack-O'-LanternsStine, R.L.3.32.0
9601 ENAttack of the MutantStine, R.L.3.53.0
79889 ENAttack of the TaggerVan Draanen, Wendelin3.42.0
44886 ENAunt Eater's Mystery VacationCushman, Doug2.70.5
6402 ENAunt Morbelia and the Screaming SkullsCarris, Joan4.14.0
42382 ENAuntie ClausPrimavera, Elise3.50.5
41280 ENAustere Academy, TheSnicket, Lemony6.76.0
83491 ENAutumn StreetLowry, Lois5.16.0
53447 ENAwful Ogre's Awful DayPrelutsky, Jack5.70.5
14653 ENB. Bear Scouts and the Coughing Catfish, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.52.0
14654 ENB. Bear Scouts and the Humongous Pumpkin, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.01.0
14655 ENB. Bear Scouts and the Terrible Talking Termite, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.11.0
14656 ENB. Bear Scouts in Giant Bat Cave, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.41.0
14657 ENB. Bear Scouts Meet Bigpaw, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.41.0
9254 ENB. Bears and the Galloping Ghost, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.41.0
9255 ENB. Bears and the Giddy Grandma, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan3.91.0
77271 ENB. Bears and the Mama's Day Surprise, TheBerenstain, Stan4.10.5
9009 ENB. Bears and the Missing Dinosaur Bone, TheBerenstain, Stan1.80.5
68084 ENB. Bears and the Real Easter Eggs, TheBerenstain, Stan3.90.5
9046 ENB. Bears and the Spooky Old Tree, TheBerenstain, Stan1.10.5
5503 ENB. Bears and Too Much Junk Food, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.00.5
9257 ENB. Bears at Camp Crush, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.21.0
32426 ENB. Bears by the Sea, TheBerenstain, Stan1.50.5
9256 ENB. Bears' New Neighbors, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan3.40.5
5 ENB Is for BetsyHaywood, Carolyn4.32.0
36037 ENBabe & Me : A Baseball Card AdventureGutman, Dan4.34.0
86220 ENBabe Ruth Saves BaseballMurphy, Frank2.60.5
205 ENBabe, the Gallant PigKing-Smith, Dick5.63.0
206 ENBaby-sitting Is a Dangerous JobRoberts, Willo Davis5.36.0
108419 ENBabymouse: Beach BabeHolm, Jennifer L.2.00.5
112304 ENBabymouse: HeartbreakerHolm, Jennifer L.2.00.5
104175 ENBabymouse: Our Hero!Holm, Jennifer L.2.00.5
104176 ENBabymouse: Queen of the World!Holm, Jennifer L.2.20.5
110444 ENBabymouse: Rock StarHolm, Jennifer L.1.90.5
15504 ENBack of Beyond: A Story About Lewis and Clark, TheBowen, Andy Russell6.81.0
79252 ENBack to School, MalloryFriedman, Laurie3.72.0
5205 ENBack to School with BetsyHaywood, Carolyn3.72.0
9997 ENBackfield PackageDygard, Thomas J.5.86.0
32219 ENBackwaterBauer, Joan5.16.0
41281 ENBad Beginning, TheSnicket, Lemony6.44.0
36537 ENBad DreamsFine, Anne4.63.0
88511 ENBadness for Beginners: A Little Wolf and Smellybreff AdventureWhybrow, Ian2.50.5
17657 ENBald Bandit, TheRoy, Ron3.21.0
14989 ENBallad of Lucy Whipple, TheCushman, Karen5.87.0
456 ENBallet ShoesStreatfeild, Noel5.79.0
80957 ENBallpark: The Story of America's Baseball FieldsCurlee, Lynn7.51.0
31070 ENBalto and the Great RaceKimmel, Elizabeth Cody6.32.0
82153 ENBambert's Book of Missing StoriesJung, Reinhardt6.13.0
6 ENBambiSalten, Felix4.96.0
207 ENBanner in the SkyUllman, James Ramsey5.111.0
36594 ENBark, GeorgeFeiffer, Jules1.30.5
5353 ENBaseball FeverHurwitz, Johanna5.02.0
67105 ENBaseball for Fun!Will, Sandra5.00.5
18464 ENBaseball's Biggest Bloopers: The Games That Got AwayGutman, Dan6.24.0
9253 ENBaseball's Greatest PitchersKramer, S.A.4.21.0
35162 ENBaseball TurnaroundChristopher, Matt5.03.0
48211 ENBaseball (Wonder Books)Klingel/Noyed1.10.5
67106 ENBasketball for Fun!Eule, Brian4.60.5
48212 ENBasketball (Wonder Books)Klingel/Noyed1.50.5
27484 ENBathtime for BiscuitCapucilli, Alyssa Satin1.10.5
5206 ENBathwater Gang, TheSpinelli, Jerry3.01.0
122983 ENBattle of the Labyrinth, TheRiordan, Rick4.112.0
153 ENBe a Perfect Person in Just Three Days!Manes, Stephen4.21.0
66242 ENBeach DayMayer, Mercer0.60.5
86582 ENBeany and the MeanyWojciechowski, Susan4.42.0
154 ENBear Called Paddington, ABond, Michael4.74.0
9005 ENBear Scouts, TheBerenstain, Stan2.30.5
60893 ENBear Snores OnWilson, Karma2.20.5
102076 ENBears!Kids, Editors of Time for1.80.5
252 ENBears' House, TheSachs, Marilyn4.12.0
17302 ENBears Odd Bears EvenZiefert, Harriet1.50.5
9008 ENBears' Picnic, TheBerenstain, Stan1.90.5
9007 ENBears' Vacation, TheBerenstain, Stan2.00.5
13854 ENBeast and the Halloween HorrorGiff, Patricia Reilly2.71.0
14935 ENBeast from the East, TheStine, R.L.2.72.0
5207 ENBeast in Ms. Rooney's Room, TheGiff, Patricia Reilly2.91.0
106527 ENBeasts of Clawstone Castle, TheIbbotson, Eva6.18.0
42381 ENBeasty Story, AMartin/Kellogg1.60.5
43534 ENBecause I Love YouLucado, Max3.40.5
39557 ENBecause of Winn-DixieDiCamillo, Kate3.93.0
105718 ENBeck and the Great Berry BattleDriscoll, Laura3.91.0
5208 ENBedtime for FrancesHoban, Russell2.70.5
86750 ENBeetle McGrady Eats Bugs!McDonald, Megan2.60.5
89529 ENBeetlesHall, Margaret1.60.5
304 ENBeezus and RamonaCleary, Beverly4.83.0
54876 ENBeguilers, TheThompson, Kate6.58.0
554 ENBehind the Attic WallCassedy, Sylvia4.99.0
17658 ENBehind the CouchGerstein, Mordicai3.81.0
106196 ENBella at MidnightStanley, Diane6.09.0
208 ENBen and MeLawson, Robert6.93.0
106448 ENBenny and Beautiful Baby DelilahVan Leeuwen, Jean2.00.5
6104 ENBerlioz the BearBrett, Jan3.00.5
209 ENBerries GoodmanNeville, Emily Cheney4.45.0
70571 ENBerry-Picking Man, TheBuchanan, Jane3.91.0
83000 ENBest Book of Ancient Rome, TheMurrell, Deborah Jane6.00.5
120052 ENBest Chef in Second Grade, TheKenah, Katharine2.70.5
253 ENBest Christmas Pageant Ever, TheRobinson, Barbara5.12.0
118473 ENBest Dad in the SeaTyler, Amy J.0.90.5
69967 ENBest Easter Eggs Ever!, TheSmath, Jerry3.50.5
65669 ENBest Fall of All, TheGodwin, Laura0.80.5
114827 ENBest Friend EmmaWarner, Sally4.62.0
78831 ENBest FriendsMichaels, Anna1.60.5
6209 ENBest FriendsGiff, Patricia Reilly2.11.0
122190 ENBest FriendsMartin, Ann M.5.66.0
19847 ENBest Nest, TheEastman, P.D.2.10.5
10212 ENBest School Year Ever, TheRobinson, Barbara5.43.0
89032 ENBest Seat in Second Grade, TheKenah, Katharine2.80.5
109530 ENBest Teacher in Second Grade, TheKenah, Katharine3.00.5
17303 ENBest Vacation Ever, TheMurphy, Stuart J.1.80.5
19890 ENBest Way to Play, TheCosby, Bill2.50.5
14658 ENBest Worst Day, TheGraves, Bonnie3.11.0
458 ENBetsy and the BoysHaywood, Carolyn3.73.0
7 ENBetsy-TacyLovelace, Maud Hart4.03.0
49738 ENBetty DollPolacco, Patricia4.30.5
49526 ENBetween Two Worlds: A Story About Pearl BuckMitchell, Barbara5.41.0
113720 ENBeware of the Haunted EyeBarnes, Dawn3.62.0
5504 ENBeware the Dragons!Wilson, Sarah3.40.5
21740 ENBeware the Ravens, Aunt MorbeliaCarris, Joan4.84.0
14936 ENBeware, the SnowmanStine, R.L.3.22.0
115624 ENBeyond the Dinosaurs: Monsters of the Air and SeaBrown, Charlotte Lewis3.40.5
60309 ENBeyond the Sea of Ice: The Voyages of Henry HudsonGoodman, Joan Elizabeth6.11.0
101196 ENBeyond the Valley of ThornsCarman, Patrick6.28.0
5058 ENBFG, TheDahl, Roald4.86.0
7357 ENBig Balloon Race, TheCoerr, Eleanor2.60.5
120560 ENBig Field, TheLupica, Mike5.38.0
103 ENBig RedKjelgaard, Jim5.69.0
86222 ENBig Sister Dora!Inches, Alison2.10.5
48665 ENBig Trouble in Little TwinsvilleLevy, Elizabeth3.52.0
5209 ENBig Wave, TheBuck, Pearl S.5.22.0
17304 ENBiggest Fish, TheKeenan, Sheila2.00.5
17305 ENBiggest, Strongest, FastestJenkins, Steve2.30.5
89179 ENBiggest Test in the Universe, ThePoydar, Nancy2.60.5
9011 ENBike Lesson, TheBerenstain, Stan1.60.5
117937 ENBilly Hooten, OwlboySniegoski, Thomas E.5.97.0
82840 ENBindi BabesDhami, Narinder4.26.0
5505 ENBionic Bunny Show, TheBrown, Marc2.80.5
36398 ENBirchbark House, TheErdrich, Louise6.17.0
36784 ENBirds (All About Pets)Frost, Helen0.60.5
42036 ENBirds' Gift, TheKimmel, Eric A.3.50.5
80690 ENBirds: How to Choose and Care for a BirdJeffrey, Laura S.4.91.0
49527 ENBirds in the Bushes: A Story About Margaret Morse NiceDunlap, Julie6.72.0
55225 ENBirth of the Earth (A Cartoon History of the Earth), TheBailey, Jacqui5.10.5
36567 ENBirthday Room, TheHenkes, Kevin5.05.0
31587 ENBiscuitCapucilli, Alyssa Satin1.40.5
84976 ENBiscuit and the BabyCapucilli, Alyssa Satin0.90.5
43663 ENBiscuit Finds a FriendCapucilli, Alyssa Satin0.80.5
61032 ENBiscuit Goes to SchoolCapucilli, Alyssa Satin0.90.5
77507 ENBiscuit Loves Mother's DayCapucilli, Alyssa Satin1.10.5
70783 ENBiscuit's Big FriendCapucilli, Alyssa Satin0.80.5
49399 ENBiscuit's New TrickCapucilli, Alyssa Satin1.00.5
45490 ENBiscuit Wants to PlayCapucilli, Alyssa Satin0.90.5
8 ENBlack Beauty (Unabridged)Sewell, Anna7.711.0
210 ENBlack Cauldron, TheAlexander, Lloyd5.27.0
72948 ENBlack Dog Gets DressedBoyd, Lizi0.60.5
88674 ENBlack Paw, TheFrederick, Heather Vogel5.16.0
104 ENBlack Pearl, TheO'Dell, Scott5.44.0
105 ENBlack Stallion, TheFarley, Walter5.27.0
32494 ENBlackwaterBunting, Eve3.63.0
36570 ENBlizzard Year, AEhrlich, Gretel5.43.0
14937 ENBlob That Ate Everyone, TheStine, R.L.3.02.0
105303 ENBlood FeverHigson, Charlie5.614.0
106127 ENBlood on the River: James Town 1607Carbone, Elisa5.37.0
34713 ENBloomabilityCreech, Sharon5.27.0
5506 ENBlow Me a Kiss, Miss LillyCarlstrom, Nancy White3.60.5
6453 ENBlubberBlume, Judy3.84.0
18705 ENBlue Ribbon BluesSpinelli, Jerry2.71.0
106 ENBlue Sword, TheMcKinley, Robin6.817.0
9 ENBlue WillowGates, Doris6.56.0
42430 ENBluestemArrington, Frances4.13.0
56264 ENBoa ConstrictorsFrost, Helen1.80.5
17558 ENBogeymen Don't Play FootballDadey, Debbie3.41.0
7042 ENBoggart, TheCooper, Susan6.18.0
86275 ENBollywood BabesDhami, Narinder4.36.0
16189 ENBone Detectives: How Forensic Anthropologists Solve Crimes.., TheJackson, Donna M.7.82.0
79635 ENBones and the Big Yellow MysteryAdler, David A.2.20.5
108646 ENBones and the Birthday MysteryAdler, David A.2.10.5
86805 ENBones and the Cupcake MysteryAdler, David A.2.50.5
102206 ENBones and the Dinosaur MysteryAdler, David A.2.80.5
82418 ENBones and the Dog Gone MysteryAdler, David A.2.50.5
120584 ENBones and the Math Test MysteryAdler, David A.2.40.5
32570 ENBony-LegsCole, Joanna2.50.5
83075 ENBooBooDunrea, Olivier1.20.5
55026 ENBook of Dragons, TheNesbit, E.7.47.0
82812 ENBook of Rock Stars: 24 Musical Icons...Shine Through History, TheKrull, Kathleen7.31.0
6658 ENBook of Three, TheAlexander, Lloyd5.37.0
47154 ENBooker T. WashingtonAmper, Thomas3.10.5
66577 ENBookstore Valentine, TheMaitland, Barbara2.20.5
44189 ENBootsie Barker BallerinaBottner, Barbara2.30.5
10 ENBorrowers, TheNorton, Mary5.35.0
58126 ENBoss for a DayDe Paola, Tomie1.70.5
101346 ENBoston Massacre (Capstone), TheBurgan, Michael4.00.5
74737 ENBottlenose DolphinEckart, Edana1.50.5
10897 ENBound for OregonVan Leeuwen, Jean5.36.0
5301 ENBoxcar Children, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.92.0
27974 ENBoxes, TheSleator, William4.56.0
14659 ENBoy Named Boomer, AEsiason, Boomer2.90.5
44065 ENBoy of a Thousand Faces, TheSelznick, Brian4.80.5
29999 ENBoy Who Lost His Face, TheSachar, Louis4.06.0
89530 ENBrachiosaurusLindeen, Carol K.1.90.5
20013 ENBrad and Butter Play Ball!Hughes, Dean2.91.0
32927 ENBradley and the BillboardFarrell, Mame4.67.0
54474 ENBrave NormanClements, Andrew2.00.5
34620 ENBravo, Amelia Bedelia!Parish, Herman2.50.5
49400 ENBreakout at the Bug LabHorowitz, Ruth2.50.5
5507 ENBremen-town Musicians, TheGross, Ruth B.2.20.5
25297 ENBrian's ReturnPaulsen, Gary5.54.0
44925 ENBride of Frankenstein Doesn't Bake Cookies, TheDadey, Debbie4.21.0
11 ENBridge to TerabithiaPaterson, Katherine4.65.0
34702 ENBright Freedom's SongHouston, Gloria5.76.0
12 ENBrighty of the Grand CanyonHenry, Marguerite5.67.0
6307 ENBroccoli Tapes, TheSlepian, Jan4.06.0
13 ENBronze Bow, TheSpeare, Elizabeth George5.010.0
58227 ENBrothers Below ZeroSeidler, Tor5.23.0
87506 ENBrothers in Hope: The Story of the Lost Boys of SudanWilliams, Mary4.71.0
87370 ENBrothers' War, TheHermes, Patricia4.45.0
70196 ENBud Barkin, Private EyeHowe, James4.41.0
29554 ENBud, Not BuddyCurtis, Christopher Paul5.08.0
107070 ENBuffalo and the Indians: A Shared Destiny, ThePatent, Dorothy Hinshaw7.42.0
31058 ENBuffalo Before BreakfastOsborne, Mary Pope3.31.0
40699 ENBug, a Bear, and a Boy, AMcPhail, David1.30.5
40700 ENBug, a Bear, and a Boy Go to School, AMcPhail, David1.60.5
31130 ENBug in a RugGilson, Jamie2.91.0
35314 ENBug Off!Dussling, Jennifer2.30.5
8455 ENBull RunFleischman, Paul5.32.0
79555 ENBulldozersWilliams, Linda D.2.00.5
104423 ENBully-Be-GoneTacang, Brian5.37.0
84787 ENBumble BeesHoward, Fran1.80.5
254 ENBunniculaHowe, Deborah/James4.22.0
32448 ENBunnicula Strikes Again!Howe, James4.83.0
31085 ENBunny BungalowRylant, Cynthia3.10.5
19212 ENBunny CakesWells, Rosemary2.60.5
82317 ENBunny MailWells, Rosemary2.90.5
17306 ENBunny MoneyWells, Rosemary2.80.5
88380 ENBuried FireStroud, Jonathan5.511.0
211 ENBurning Questions of Bingo Brown, TheByars, Betsy4.14.0
34561 ENBuster Makes the GradeKrensky, Stephen3.31.0
25213 ENBuster's Dino DilemmaBrown, Marc3.21.0
100574 ENBut, Excuse Me, That Is My BookChild, Lauren2.60.5
84788 ENButterfliesHoward, Fran2.10.5
34836 ENButterfly HouseBunting, Eve3.40.5
79372 ENButtermilk HillWhite, Ruth4.95.0
44190 ENBuzbyHoban, Julia2.40.5
26239 ENBuzzing RattlesnakesBerman, Ruth2.20.5
81652 ENBy My Brother's SideBarber, Tiki2.80.5
212 ENBy the Shores of Silver LakeWilder, Laura Ingalls5.39.0
158 ENCabin Faced West, TheFritz, Jean5.13.0
113019 ENCabin FeverQuinn, Zoe4.74.0
14 ENCaddie WoodlawnBrink, Carol Ryrie6.08.0
44810 ENCaesar's Story: 1759Nixon, Joan Lowery5.14.0
122452 ENCalder Game, TheBalliett, Blue5.88.0
5004 ENCalico BushField, Rachel6.29.0
2004 ENCalifornia Facts and SymbolsMcAuliffe, Emily3.50.5
15 ENCall It CourageSperry, Armstrong6.23.0
107 ENCall of the Wild, TheLondon, Jack8.07.0
61035 ENCalling Doctor Amelia BedeliaParish, Herman2.40.5
64472 ENCam Jansen and the First Day of School MysteryAdler, David A.3.31.0
18707 ENCam Jansen and the Mystery of Flight 54Adler, David A.3.41.0
17664 ENCam Jansen and the Mystery of the Monster MovieAdler, David A.3.91.0
18708 ENCam Jansen and the Mystery of the Television DogAdler, David A.3.41.0
117704 ENCam Jansen and the Mystery Writer MysteryAdler, David A.3.41.0
18709 ENCam Jansen and the Scary Snake MysteryAdler, David A.3.51.0
109523 ENCam Jansen and the Secret Service MysteryAdler, David A.3.61.0
83533 ENCam Jansen and the Snowy Day MysteryAdler, David A.3.41.0
114093 ENCam Jansen and the Summer Camp Mysteries: A Super SpecialAdler, David A.3.42.0
74656 ENCam Jansen and the Tennis Trophy MysteryAdler, David A.3.31.0
17660 ENCam Jansen...Babe Ruth BaseballAdler, David A.3.81.0
34553 ENCam Jansen...Barking Treasure MysteryAdler, David A.3.51.0
46454 ENCam Jansen...Birthday MysteryAdler, David A.3.61.0
17661 ENCam Jansen,,,Carnival PrizeAdler, David A.3.71.0
20777 ENCam Jansen...Catnapping MysteryAdler, David A.3.41.0
17659 ENCam Jansen...Chocolate Fudge MysteryAdler, David A.3.71.0
14660 ENCam Jansen...Ghostly MysteryAdler, David A.3.41.0
17662 ENCam Jansen...Gold CoinsAdler, David A.3.71.0
17663 ENCam Jansen...Haunted HouseAdler, David A.3.51.0
5210 ENCam Jansen...Monkey HouseAdler, David A.3.71.0
54476 ENCam Jansen ...School Play MysteryAdler, David A.3.41.0
17665 ENCam Jansen...Stolen Corn PopperAdler, David A.3.81.0
17666 ENCam Jansen...Triceratops Pops MysteryAdler, David A.3.71.0
14661 ENCam Jansen...U.F.O.Adler, David A.3.41.0
405 ENCamp Ghost-AwayDelton, Judy3.11.0
17667 ENCamp Sink or SwimDavis, Gibbs3.51.0
123885 ENCamping Catastrophe!Klein, Abby3.11.0
20014 ENCanary Caper, TheRoy, Ron3.41.0
5211 ENCandy Corn Contest, TheGiff, Patricia Reilly2.51.0
31078 ENCanoe DaysPaulsen, Gary3.50.5
9258 ENCanoe Trip Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.12.0
5461 ENCaps for SaleSlobodkina, Esphyr3.10.5
72709 ENCaptain James Cook (Great Explorers)Broderick, Enid7.72.0
88506 ENCaptain Raptor and the Moon MysteryO'Malley, Kevin3.90.5
34624 ENCaptain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking ToiletsPilkey, Dav4.71.0
71681 ENCaptain Underpants...Booger Boy, Part 1...Nostril NuggetsPilkey, Dav5.21.0
72761 ENCaptain Underpants...Booger Boy, Part 2...Robo-BoogersPilkey, Dav4.91.0
34629 ENCaptain Underpants...Invasion...Cafeteria Ladies...Outer SpacePilkey, Dav4.41.0
54477 ENCaptain Underpants...Wrath of the Wicked Wedgie WomanPilkey, Dav4.41.0
87517 ENCarmine: A Little More RedSweet, Melissa3.10.5
86191 ENCarnival at CandlelightOsborne, Mary Pope3.92.0
63667 ENCarnivorous Carnival, TheSnicket, Lemony6.67.0
32477 ENCarolina Crow GirlHobbs, Valerie4.34.0
16 ENCarry on, Mr. BowditchLatham, Jean4.18.0
5406 ENCase for Jenny Archer, AConford, Ellen3.01.0
34924 ENCase of Hermie the Missing Hamster, ThePreller, James2.91.0
69290 ENCase of the Barfy Birthday, TheTorrey, Michele4.01.0
76489 ENCase of the Best Pet Ever, ThePreller, James3.21.0
53074 ENCase of the Bicycle Bandit, ThePreller, James2.91.0
62261 ENCase of the Buried Treasure, ThePreller, James3.21.0
79581 ENCase of the Cheerleading Tattletale, TheCarroll, Jacqueline3.11.0
34921 ENCase of the Christmas Snowman, ThePreller, James3.01.0
53075 ENCase of the Class Clown, ThePreller, James2.81.0
53076 ENCase of the Detective in Disguise, ThePreller, James3.21.0
62262 ENCase of the Disappearing Dinosaur, ThePreller, James3.21.0
86636 ENCase of the Double Trouble Detectives, ThePreller, James3.21.0
159 ENCase of the Elevator Duck, TheBerends, Polly4.01.0
89013 ENCase of the Frog-jumping Contest, ThePreller, James3.11.0
53077 ENCase of the Ghostwriter, ThePreller, James2.91.0
84400 ENCase of the Glow-in-the-Dark Ghost, ThePreller, James3.11.0
15818 ENCase of the Goblin Pearls, TheYep, Laurence5.36.0
34920 ENCase of the Great Sled Race, ThePreller, James2.91.0
116102 ENCase of the Groaning Ghost, ThePreller, James3.11.0
82386 ENCase of the Haunted Maze, TheKaye, Marilyn3.41.0
54817 ENCase of the Haunted Scarecrow, ThePreller, James3.01.0
73750 ENCase of the Hollywood Who-Done-It, TheMetz, Melinda3.11.0
112707 ENCase of the Kidnapped Candy, ThePreller, James3.21.0
53078 ENCase of the Marshmallow Monster, ThePreller, James2.81.0
28733 ENCase of the Measled Cowboy, TheErickson, John R.4.43.0
78215 ENCase of the Million-Dollar Mystery, ThePreller, James3.51.0
104964 ENCase of the Missing Marquess: An Enola Holmes Mystery, TheSpringer, Nancy6.66.0
56488 ENCase of the Mossy Lake Monster, TheTorrey, Michele3.81.0
34926 ENCase of the Mummy Mystery, ThePreller, James3.11.0
78987 ENCase of the Perfect Prank, ThePreller, James3.21.0
75653 ENCase of the Race Against Time, ThePreller, James3.11.0
76490 ENCase of the Rainy Day Mystery, ThePreller, James3.01.0
34925 ENCase of the Runaway Dog, ThePreller, James3.11.0
110432 ENCase of the Santa Claus Mystery, ThePreller, James3.31.0
34922 ENCase of the Secret Valentine, ThePreller, James2.91.0
114751 ENCase of the Spoiled Rotten Spy, ThePreller, James3.11.0
35389 ENCase of the Stinky Science Project, ThePreller, James2.91.0
5908 ENCase of the Stolen Baseball Cards, ThePreller, James3.11.0
27709 ENCase of the Vanishing Fishhook, TheErickson, John R.4.63.0
73760 ENCase of the Weird Science Mystery, TheKatschke, Judy3.01.0
9545 ENCastleMacaulay, David7.91.0
160 ENCastle in the Attic, TheWinthrop, Elizabeth4.96.0
9259 ENCastle Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.92.0
77123 ENCat and Mouse in a Haunted HouseStilton, Geronimo3.41.0
213 ENCat Ate My Gymsuit, TheDanziger, Paula3.94.0
9013 ENCat in the Hat Comes Back, TheSeuss, Dr.2.10.5
6107 ENCat in the Hat, TheSeuss, Dr.2.10.5
67227 ENCat Who Got Carried Away, TheAhlberg, Allan3.50.5
17 ENCat Who Went to Heaven, TheCoatsworth, Elizabeth5.92.0
25209 ENCatcher's Mask, TheChristopher, Matt4.21.0
8693 ENCatherine, Called BirdyCushman, Karen6.48.0
79541 ENCats ABC: An Alphabet BookDoering, Amanda2.00.5
82987 ENCats in Krasinski Square, TheHesse, Karen4.30.5
5212 ENCatwingsLe Guin, Ursula K.4.30.5
58202 ENCaught By the Sea: My Life on BoatsPaulsen, Gary6.33.0
82896 ENCave Paintings to Picasso...Inside Scoop on 50 Art MasterpiecesSayre, Henry7.43.0
108 ENCay, TheTaylor, Theodore5.34.0
660 ENCelery Stalks at Midnight, TheHowe, James4.02.0
18 ENCenterburg TalesMcCloskey, Robert6.05.0
104888 ENCentipedesHall, Margaret1.60.5
5213 ENCertain Small Shepherd, ACaudill, Rebecca4.01.0
255 ENChalk Box Kid, TheBulla, Clyde Robert2.71.0
89060 ENChameleon ChameleonCowley, Joy3.00.5
103745 ENChameleonsLockwood, Sophie5.41.0
86194 ENChamp!: The Story of Muhammad Ali, TheBolden, Tonya5.00.5
5214 ENChampionship GameHughes, Dean4.02.0
7662 ENChanges for AddyPorter, Connie4.11.0
6408 ENChanges for Felicity: A Winter StoryTripp, Valerie4.11.0
20698 ENChanges for Josefina: A Winter StoryTripp, Valerie4.31.0
62879 ENChanges for Kaya: A Story of CourageShaw, Janet5.32.0
55813 ENChanges for Kit: A Winter Story, 1934Tripp, Valerie5.01.0
5408 ENChanges for Molly: A Winter StoryTripp, Valerie3.71.0
20 ENCharlie and the Chocolate FactoryDahl, Roald4.85.0
5063 ENCharlie and the Great Glass ElevatorDahl, Roald4.45.0
88697 ENCharlie Bone and the Castle of MirrorsNimmo, Jenny4.910.0
78185 ENCharlie Bone and the Invisible BoyNimmo, Jenny4.910.0
71302 ENCharlie Bone and the Time TwisterNimmo, Jenny4.79.0
19 ENCharlotte's WebWhite, E.B.4.45.0
69074 ENCharm Bracelet, TheRodda, Emily4.32.0
17762 ENChasing RedbirdCreech, Sharon5.07.0
78186 ENChasing VermeerBalliett, Blue5.46.0
88007 ENChato Goes Cruisin'Soto, Gary2.80.5
86369 ENChattering ChipmunksPiehl, Janet2.00.5
214 ENCheaper by the DozenGilbreth, Ernestine/Frank6.010.0
75685 ENCheerleading for Fun!Gruber, Beth5.41.0
86804 ENCheese-Colored Camper, AStilton, Geronimo3.11.0
87067 ENCheetahEckart, Edana1.20.5
120039 ENCheetahsNuzzolo, Deborah1.50.5
44704 ENCherokee SisterDadey, Debbie4.14.0
88484 ENChicken BoyDowell, Frances O'Roark5.15.0
68786 ENChickens May Not Cross the Road and Other Crazy (But True) LawsLinz, Kathi5.10.5
5064 ENChildren of Green Knowe, TheBoston, L.M.5.36.0
103770 ENChildren Who Smelled a Rat, TheAhlberg, Allan3.50.5
83031 ENChimpanzee Rescue: Changing the Future for Endangered WildlifeBow, Patricia7.71.0
62744 ENChimpanzeesFrost, Helen1.80.5
5508 ENChinese Mirror, TheGinsburg, Mirra3.40.5
15509 ENChocolate by Hershey: A Story About Milton S. HersheyBurford, Betty5.91.0
5215 ENChocolate FeverSmith, Robert Kimmel4.21.0
256 ENChocolate Touch, TheCatling, Patrick4.72.0
257 ENChristina's GhostWright, Betty Ren4.13.0
117742 ENChristmas CatastropheStilton, Geronimo4.11.0
5216 ENChristmas Coat, TheBulla, Clyde Robert2.50.5
58025 ENChristmas in CamelotOsborne, Mary Pope3.72.0
14543 ENChristmas Menorahs: How a Town Fought Hate, TheCohn, Janice4.81.0
42922 ENChristmas Mice!Roberts, Bethany1.00.5
109981 ENChristmas Toy Factory, TheStilton, Geronimo3.51.0
17668 ENChristopher Davis's Best Year YetWohl, Lauren L.3.71.0
79575 ENChristopher Mouse: The Tale of a Small TravelerWise, William5.33.0
104889 ENCicadasHall, Margaret1.80.5
63341 ENCinderellaWade, Barrie2.30.5
9355 ENCinderella at the BallHillert, Margaret0.70.5
36466 ENCinderellis and the Glass HillLevine, Gail Carson4.32.0
70158 ENCircle of DoomKennemore, Tim5.48.0
69274 ENCity of Ember, TheDuPrau, Jeanne5.09.0
6661 ENCity of Gold and Lead, TheChristopher, John6.58.0
4363 ENCivil Rights PioneerSwain, Gwenyth6.11.0
44894 ENCivil War on SundayOsborne, Mary Pope3.41.0
62156 ENCivil War, TheMarquette, Scott4.40.5
100401 ENClabbernappersBailey, Len5.88.0
87928 ENClam-I-Am! All About the BeachRabe, Tish3.40.5
116563 ENClarice Bean, Don't Look NowChild, Lauren5.46.0
87480 ENClarice Bean Spells TroubleChild, Lauren5.34.0
310 ENClass ClownHurwitz, Johanna4.62.0
83154 ENClass Election from the Black Lagoon, TheThaler, Mike3.30.5
406 ENClass PresidentHurwitz, Johanna4.32.0
66199 ENClass TripMayer, Mercer1.90.5
83155 ENClass Trip from the Black Lagoon, TheThaler, Mike3.20.5
87221 ENClass Trip to the Haunted HouseJones, Marcia Thornton4.01.0
108873 ENClementinePennypacker, Sara4.52.0
121948 ENClementine's LetterPennypacker, Sara4.02.0
32238 ENCleopatra VII: Daughter of the NileGregory, Kristiana6.26.0
44364 ENClever RaccoonsNelson, Kristin L.2.30.5
4364 ENClick!Mitchell, Barbara5.11.0
41848 ENClifford Gets a JobBridwell, Norman1.80.5
78948 ENClifford's Day with DadBridwell, Norman2.20.5
10460 ENClifford's HalloweenBridwell, Norman1.80.5
10514 ENClifford's Happy EasterBridwell, Norman1.90.5
53062 ENClifford's Happy Mother's DayBridwell, Norman1.90.5
11164 ENClifford's KittenBridwell, Norman1.90.5
7258 ENClifford's Puppy DaysBridwell, Norman1.90.5
7259 ENClifford's Thanksgiving VisitBridwell, Norman2.10.5
6059 ENClifford the Big Red DogBridwell, Norman1.20.5
36693 ENClifford to the RescueBridwell, Norman1.60.5
114620 ENClimbing OrangutansKnudsen, Shannon1.70.5
26244 ENClimbing Tree FrogsBerman, Ruth2.30.5
47358 ENClinging Sea HorsesJango-Cohen, Judith2.10.5
17307 ENCloak for the Dreamer, AFriedman, Aileen4.80.5
77352 ENCloudsBauer, Marion Dane1.80.5
31583 ENCloudy Day Sunny DayCrews, Donald0.70.5
79527 ENClown FishLindeen, Carol K.1.80.5
58783 ENClubhouse, TheKeats/Suen1.90.5
77525 ENCluck O'ClockGray, Kes2.40.5
5602 ENClue in the Crossword Cipher, TheKeene, Carolyn5.66.0
5603 ENClue in the Crumbling Wall, TheKeene, Carolyn5.15.0
5604 ENClue in the Diary, TheKeene, Carolyn5.55.0
5653 ENClue in the Embers, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.65.0
5609 ENClue of the Broken Locket, TheKeene, Carolyn5.45.0
6807 ENClue of the Hissing Serpent, TheDixon, Franklin W.4.95.0
5613 ENClue of the Velvet Mask, TheKeene, Carolyn5.35.0
103746 ENCobrasLockwood, Sophie5.61.0
78461 ENCoco and Cavendish: Fire DogsSierra, Judy1.90.5
85819 ENCode Talker: A Novel About the Navajo Marines of World War TwoBruchac, Joseph6.49.0
83288 ENCode Word KangarooStanley, George Edward2.90.5
32224 ENCoffin Quilt, TheRinaldi, Ann4.07.0
42817 ENColor of My Words, TheJoseph, Lynn5.13.0
2005 ENColorado Facts and SymbolsMcAuliffe, Emily3.50.5
30845 ENCome On, Rain!Hesse, Karen3.60.5
162 ENCome Sing, Jimmy JoPaterson, Katherine4.78.0
11560 ENComeback Challenge, TheChristopher, Matt5.14.0
9260 ENComeback! Four True StoriesO'Connor, Jim4.51.0
77681 ENComplete Adventures of Big Dog and Little Dog, ThePilkey, Dav1.80.5
311 ENComputer Nut, TheByars, Betsy3.83.0
73959 ENConch Bearer, TheDivakaruni, Chitra Banerjee5.410.0
2006 ENConnecticut Facts and SymbolsMcAuliffe, Emily4.10.5
34653 ENCook-a-doodle-doo!Stevens/Crummel2.70.5
122339 ENCool Zone with the Pain & the Great OneBlume, Judy2.81.0
51861 ENCopycat Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.43.0
109412 ENCorduroy Lost and FoundHennessy, B.G.3.00.5
59785 ENCorduroy's Easter PartyFreeman, Don3.00.5
86806 ENCork & FuzzChaconas, Dori1.90.5
109806 ENCork & Fuzz: Good SportsChaconas, Dori1.80.5
47360 ENCottontail RabbitsGallagher, Kristin Ellerbusch2.40.5
23666 ENCount KarlsteinPullman, Philip6.28.0
77431 ENCount on Us: American Women in the MilitaryNathan, Amy7.55.0
57160 ENCount the Ways, Little Brown BearLondon, Jonathan2.60.5
17308 ENCounting CrocodilesSierra, Judy3.80.5
49558 ENCountry Artist: A Story About Beatrix Potter, TheCollins, David R.5.11.0
7610 ENCountry Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes, TheHeyward, Du Bose4.50.5
122591 ENCouple of Boys Have the Best Week Ever, AFrazee, Marla3.40.5
21 ENCourage of Sarah Noble, TheDalgliesh, Alice3.91.0
70380 ENCows and Their CalvesHall, Margaret1.50.5
215 ENCracker JacksonByars, Betsy4.24.0
6356 ENCricket and the Crackerbox KidFerguson, Alane4.14.0
22 ENCricket in Times Square, TheSelden, George4.94.0
79528 ENCricketsHall, Margaret1.50.5
103747 ENCrocodilesLockwood, Sophie6.01.0
59223 ENCrocodiles (Wonder Books)Klingel/Noyed1.40.5
116562 ENCrooked Kind of Perfect, AUrban, Linda3.94.0
76666 ENCrow-Girl: The Children of Crow Cove, TheBredsdorff, Bodil5.24.0
5509 ENCurious GeorgeRey, H.A.2.60.5
6110 ENCurious George and the PizzaRey, Margret2.40.5
52860 ENCurious George Goes to a Costume PartyRey, Margret/H.A.2.80.5
36543 ENCurious George Goes to the AquariumRey, Margret/H.A.2.20.5
42147 ENCurious George Plays BaseballRey/Shalleck2.00.5
14940 ENCurse of Camp Cold Lake, TheStine, R.L.2.92.0
106225 ENCurse of the Bologna Sandwich, TheTrine, Greg3.51.0
77131 ENCurse of the Cheese Pyramid, TheStilton, Geronimo3.71.0
53079 ENCustodian from the Black Lagoon, TheThaler, Mike3.50.5
16975 END.W. All WetBrown, Marc1.40.5
16976 END.W. FlipsBrown, Marc1.50.5
53532 END.W.'s Library CardBrown, Marc2.50.5
83078 END.W.'s Perfect PresentBrown, Marc1.50.5
89481 END.W. the Big BossBrown, Marc1.90.5
115332 ENDad Goes to SchoolMcNamara, Margaret1.40.5
47448 ENDance of the Swan: A Story About Anna PavlovaAllman, Barbara6.81.0
101888 ENDancing Through FireLasky, Kathryn5.05.0
122128 ENDanger, Dinosaurs!Wishinsky, Frieda2.91.0
13390 ENDanger GuysAbbott, Tony2.91.0
23 ENDaniel BooneDaugherty, James7.74.0
5510 ENDaniel's DogBogart, Jo Ellen2.60.5
64100 ENDaniel's PetAda, Alma Flor0.50.5
5007 ENDanny, the Champion of the WorldDahl, Roald4.76.0
121639 ENDark Day in the Deep SeaOsborne, Mary Pope3.82.0
86676 ENDark Hills Divide, TheCarman, Patrick6.110.0
109 ENDark Is Rising, TheCooper, Susan6.213.0
36674 ENDarkness over DenmarkLevine, Ellen7.27.0
35635 ENDave at NightLevine, Gail Carson3.68.0
6357 ENDay Before Christmas, TheBunting, Eve3.00.5
70143 ENDay in the Life of Murphy, AProvensen, Alice1.70.5
20015 ENDay of the Dragon KingOsborne, Mary Pope3.31.0
74145 ENDay of the IguanaWinkler, Henry4.14.0
107758 ENDay the Dinosaurs Died, TheBrown, Charlotte Lewis2.70.5
16197 ENDay the Teacher Went Bananas, TheHowe, James1.80.5
20064 ENDaydreamer, TheMcEwan, Ian5.44.0
6061 ENDays with Frog and ToadLobel, Arnold2.50.5
15816 ENDead Letter: A Herculeah Jones MysteryByars, Betsy3.83.0
115425 ENDeadly Doll, TheBurke, J.3.41.0
20016 ENDeadly Dungeon, TheRoy, Ron3.41.0
24 ENDear Mr. HenshawCleary, Beverly4.93.0
39563 ENDear Mrs. Ryan, You're Ruining My LifeJones, Jennifer B.4.54.0
45491 ENDear WhiskersNagda, Ann Whitehead3.31.0
15817 ENDeath's Door: A Herculeah Jones MysteryByars, Betsy3.73.0
5217 ENDecember SecretsGiff, Patricia Reilly2.71.0
88978 ENDeep, Deeper, Deepest: Animals That Go to Great DepthsDahl, Michael2.50.5
50405 ENDeep WizardryDuane, Diane6.111.0
100506 ENDefianceHobbs, Valerie4.03.0
42046 ENDelaware Facts and SymbolsKule, Elaine A.4.10.5
66266 ENDemanding Justice: A Story About Mary Ann Shadd CaryFerris, Jeri Chase5.91.0
47362 ENDesert IguanasJango-Cohen, Judith2.30.5
103748 ENDesert TortoisesLockwood, Sophie5.91.0
54842 ENDestinyGrove, Vicki5.96.0
107300 ENDetective CampRoy, Ron4.02.0
27487 ENDetective DinosaurSkofield, James2.80.5
103723 ENDía de los MuertosHeinrichs, Ann3.60.5
23305 ENDial-a-GhostIbbotson, Eva5.86.0
88561 ENDiary of a Fairy GodmotherCodell, Esmé Raji4.95.0
113950 ENDiary of a Wimpy KidKinney, Jeff5.23.0
119441 ENDiary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick RulesKinney, Jeff5.23.0
110 ENDicey's SongVoigt, Cynthia5.011.0
163 ENDifferent DragonsLittle, Jean3.73.0
49273 ENDigging ArmadillosJango-Cohen, Judith2.10.5
35832 ENDingoes at DinnertimeOsborne, Mary Pope3.21.0
83048 ENDinosaurWalker, Sarah4.81.0
7261 ENDinosaur BabiesPenner, Lucille Recht2.10.5
32562 ENDinosaur HabitatGriffith, Helen V.4.42.0
57569 ENDinosaurs: A Nonfiction Companion to Dinosaurs Before DarkOsborne, Will5.01.0
6311 ENDinosaurs Before DarkOsborne, Mary Pope2.61.0
86612 ENDinosaurs Galore!Andreae, Giles3.50.5
104243 ENDinosaurs That Ate MeatBennett, Leonie1.50.5
104244 ENDinosaurs That Ate PlantsBennett, Leonie1.90.5
104876 ENDiplodocus (Capstone Press)Riehecky, Janet1.70.5
216 ENDirt Bike RacerChristopher, Matt4.04.0
16211 ENDirt MoversKalman, Bobbie3.30.5
5658 ENDisappearing Floor, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.65.0
9261 ENDisappearing Friend Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.82.0
43704 ENDive! My Adventures in the Deep FrontierEarle, Sylvia A.7.01.0
66251 ENDiving DolphinsWaxman, Laura Hamilton2.30.5
86837 ENDo Your ABC's, Little Brown BearLondon, Jonathan2.20.5
5511 ENDoctor De SotoSteig, William3.60.5
123265 ENDodgeball Chronicles, TheCammuso, Frank2.21.0
80726 ENDog BlueDunbar, Polly1.50.5
75506 ENDog DaysLubar, David3.81.0
107264 ENDog Den MysteryOdgers, Darrel2.71.0
14662 ENDog-Gone HollywoodSharmat, Marjorie Weinman2.81.0
164 ENDog on Barkham Street, AStolz, Mary4.65.0
9121 ENDog That Pitched a No-Hitter, TheChristopher, Matt3.70.5
75259 ENDogs and Their PuppiesTagliaferro, Linda1.40.5
80692 ENDogs: How to Choose and Care for a DogJeffrey, Laura S.4.71.0
48218 ENDogs (Wonder Books)Klingel/Noyed0.80.5
41789 ENDoll People, TheMartin, Ann M.4.05.0
258 ENDollhouse Murders, TheWright, Betty Ren4.35.0
76491 ENDollhouse Mystery, TheKeene, Carolyn2.91.0
61038 ENDolores and the Big FireClements, Andrew2.20.5
79529 ENDolphinsLindeen, Carol K.1.50.5
73009 ENDolphins and Sharks...Companion to Dolphins at DaybreakOsborne, Mary Pope5.11.0
17563 ENDolphins at DaybreakOsborne, Mary Pope3.11.0
86031 ENDon't Be Silly, Mrs. Millie!Cox, Judy2.00.5
105758 ENDon't Close Your Eyes!Stine, R.L.3.03.0
14942 ENDon't Go to Sleep!Stine, R.L.2.72.0
756 ENDon't Hurt Laurie!Roberts, Willo Davis5.36.0
87147 ENDon't Know Much About MummiesDavis, Kenneth C.6.82.0
72788 ENDon't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!Willems, Mo0.90.5
86170 ENDon't Sit on My Lunch!Klein, Abby3.21.0
58253 ENDon't Tell AnyoneKehret, Peg4.84.0
25 ENDoor in the Wall, TheDe Angeli, Marguerite6.24.0
103102 ENDoor to Time, TheBaccalario, Pierdomenico4.25.0
28791 ENDoorbell Rang, TheHutchins, Pat1.90.5
84089 ENDora Goes to SchoolValdes, Leslie2.40.5
75359 ENDora in the Deep SeaRicci, Christine1.30.5
83767 ENDora's Book of MannersRicci, Christine2.50.5
84657 ENDora's Chilly DayThorpe, Kiki2.10.5
101304 ENDora's Costume Party!Ricci, Christine2.50.5
81690 ENDora's Fairy-Tale AdventureRicci, Christine3.40.5
70576 ENDora's PicnicRicci, Christine1.40.5
84915 ENDora's Pirate AdventureValdes, Leslie2.10.5
39900 ENDork in DisguiseGorman, Carol4.24.0
59350 ENDork on the RunGorman, Carol4.15.0
79495 ENDorp DeadCunningham, Julia6.03.0
5411 ENDouble Dog DareGilson, Jamie4.03.0
61267 ENDouble FudgeBlume, Judy3.65.0
101056 ENDouble IdentityHaddix, Margaret Peterson5.08.0
79135 ENDouble Life of Zoe Flynn, TheCarey, Janet Lee4.67.0
76762 ENDouble TroubleJones, Miranda4.52.0
39804 ENDoug RulesJinkins/Krulik3.50.5
41622 ENDovey CoeDowell, Frances O'Roark5.46.0
114455 ENDown and out Down UnderStilton, Geronimo3.81.0
30843 ENDownsidersShusterman, Neal7.211.0
118267 ENDr. Carbles Is Losing His Marbles!Gutman, Dan3.51.0
84392 ENDracula Doesn't Play KickballDadey, Debbie3.91.0
34928 ENDracula Doesn't Rock and RollDadey/Jones3.81.0
50943 ENDracula Is a Pain in the NeckLevy, Elizabeth3.91.0
17669 ENDragon BonesHindman, Paul3.31.0
35311 ENDragon BreathO'Connor, Jane2.60.5
14663 ENDragon in the Family, AKoller, Jackie French4.21.0
88562 ENDragon KeeperWilkinson, Carole5.412.0
82162 ENDragon RiderFunke, Cornelia4.916.0
75911 ENDragon's BreathBaker, E.D.5.310.0
89531 ENDragonfliesHall, Margaret1.50.5
83041 ENDragons of Spratt, Ohio, TheZinnen, Linda5.07.0
111 ENDragonwingsYep, Laurence5.310.0
259 ENDrinking Gourd, TheMonjo, F.N.3.00.5
42151 ENDrip, DropWeeks, Sarah1.30.5
105850 ENDrita, My HomegirlLombard, Jenny3.94.0
70381 ENDucks and Their DucklingsHall, Margaret1.50.5
79558 ENDump TrucksWilliams, Linda D.1.80.5
113150 ENDwyane WadeSmallwood, John5.90.5
70343 ENEarthAdamson, Thomas K.2.10.5
76198 ENEarth Day - Hooray!Murphy, Stuart J.3.70.5
31071 ENEarth MagicLoehr, Mallory3.52.0
9262 ENEarthquake! A Story of Old San FranciscoKudlinski, Kathleen V.3.71.0
51896 ENEarthquake in the Early MorningOsborne, Mary Pope3.31.0
110326 ENEarthquakes!Kids, Editors of Time for3.50.5
41510 ENEaster Island: Giant Stone Statues...Rich and Tragic PastArnold, Caroline7.91.0
14664 ENEAT!Kroll, Steven4.31.0
26 ENEddie and GardeniaHaywood, Carolyn3.83.0
27 ENEddie and the Fire EngineHaywood, Carolyn4.23.0
28 ENEddie's Green ThumbHaywood, Carolyn3.73.0
109573 ENEdinburgh Castle: Scotland's Haunted FortressKnox, Barbara4.60.5
51862 ENEdison Mystery, TheGutman, Dan4.84.0
14617 ENEEK! Stories to Make You ShriekO'Connor, Jane2.00.5
105164 ENEgg Is Quiet, AnAston, Dianna Hutts2.90.5
217 ENEgypt Game, TheSnyder, Zilpha Keatley6.47.0
260 ENEinstein Anderson, Science SleuthSimon, Seymour4.42.0
70382 ENElephants and Their CalvesHall, Margaret1.60.5
77176 ENElevenMyracle, Lauren4.16.0
74287 ENElisa Michaels, Bigger & BetterHurwitz, Johanna4.02.0
68060 ENElisabeth: The Princess BrideDenenberg, Barry7.43.0
32239 ENElizabeth I: Red Rose of the House of TudorLasky, Kathryn5.56.0
17769 ENElla EnchantedLevine, Gail Carson4.68.0
5009 ENEllen TebbitsCleary, Beverly4.93.0
115023 ENEloise and the Big ParadeMcClatchy, Lisa1.10.5
120464 ENEloise and the DinosaursMcClatchy, Lisa1.40.5
112097 ENEloise and the SnowmanMcClatchy, Lisa1.30.5
115486 ENEloise and the Very Secret RoomWeiss, Ellen1.50.5
121386 ENEloise at the Ball GameMcClatchy, Lisa1.30.5
120167 ENEloise Decorates for ChristmasMcClatchy, Lisa1.30.5
115626 ENEloise's New BonnetMcClatchy, Lisa1.30.5
120168 ENEloise's Pirate AdventureMcClatchy, Lisa1.50.5
115024 ENEloise's Summer VacationMcClatchy, Lisa1.10.5
14665 ENElves Don't Wear Hard HatsDadey/Jones3.61.0
9263 ENEmily Arrow Promises to Do Better This YearGiff, Patricia Reilly2.61.0
17670 ENEmily at SchoolWilliams, Suzanne2.40.5
6262 ENEmily's Runaway ImaginationCleary, Beverly6.16.0
107134 ENEmily Windsnap and the Monster from the DeepKessler, Liz3.76.0
89206 ENEmma in ChargeMcPhail, David1.20.5
113689 ENEmma-Jean Lazarus Fell out of a TreeTarshis, Lauren5.24.0
43667 ENEmma's Magic WinterLittle, Jean2.50.5
45495 ENEmma's Yucky BrotherLittle, Jean2.20.5
110801 ENEmperor's New Clothes, TheWallace, Karen2.70.5
24939 ENEmpty Envelope, TheRoy, Ron3.51.0
6313 ENEncounterYolen, Jane4.20.5
14666 ENEncyclopedia Brown...Disgusting SneakersSobol, Donald J.4.01.0
7716 ENEncyclopedia Brown Finds the CluesSobol, Donald J.4.32.0
81646 ENEnd of the Beginning...Small Snail (and an Even Smaller Ant), TheAvi3.81.0
110253 ENEnd, TheSnicket, Lemony7.39.0
80705 ENEnemies of SlaveryAdler, David A.6.90.5
87374 ENEnemy SpyVan Draanen, Wendelin3.53.0
46103 ENErsatz Elevator, TheSnicket, Lemony6.67.0
87363 ENEscape from WarRiordan, James5.05.0
10772 ENEsio TrotDahl, Roald4.41.0
2488 ENESP TVRodgers, Mary4.56.0
2308 ENEvander Holyfield: Heavyweight ChampionKirkpatrick, Rob1.40.5
17309 ENEven Steven and Odd ToddCristaldi, Kathryn3.30.5
41391 ENEver-Clever ElisaHurwitz, Johanna4.22.0
63434 ENEverest Book One: The ContestKorman, Gordon5.14.0
17310 ENEvery Buddy CountsMurphy, Stuart J.2.60.5
73517 ENEvery Day and All the TimeDeans, Sis5.810.0
78832 ENEveryday HeroFigueroa, Acton2.10.5
6610 ENEveryone Else's Parents Said Yes!Danziger, Paula4.33.0
71267 ENEverything Cat: What Kids Really Want to Know About CatsCrisp, Marty6.11.0
83322 ENEverything Dolphin: What Kids Really Want to Know About DolphinsCrisp, Marty6.01.0
75292 ENEverything New Under the SunMazer, Anne3.52.0
48071 ENEverything on a WaffleHorvath, Polly5.85.0
83323 ENEverything Reptile: What Kids Really Want to Know About ReptilesWinner, Cherie5.41.0
45434 ENEverything to Spend the Night from A to ZPaul, Ann Whitford1.70.5
111771 ENEvie the Mist FairyMeadows, Daisy4.01.0
32375 ENEye of the Great BearWallace, Bill4.35.0
4365 ENEye on the WildDunlap, Julie6.91.0
83159 ENFabumouse Vacation for Geronimo, AStilton, Geronimo3.51.0
100619 ENFairy Dust and the Quest for the EggLevine, Gail Carson4.24.0
118697 ENFairy Haven and the Quest for the WandLevine, Gail Carson3.94.0
41121 ENFairy's Mistake, TheLevine, Gail Carson4.01.0
63668 ENFairy's Return, TheLevine, Gail Carson3.81.0
49524 ENFairy-Tale Life: A Story About Hans Christian Andersen, ABurch, Joann Johansen5.81.0
77508 ENFairytale NewsHawkins, Colin/Jacqui3.40.5
25211 ENFalcon's Feathers, TheRoy, Ron3.31.0
467 ENFamily Under the Bridge, TheCarlson, Natalie Savage4.73.0
6212 ENFancy FeetGiff, Patricia Reilly2.11.0
121234 ENFancy Nancy and the Boy from ParisO'Connor, Jane1.90.5
121148 ENFancy Nancy at the MuseumO'Connor, Jane1.80.5
5011 ENFantastic Mr. FoxDahl, Roald4.11.0
25230 ENFaraway SummerHurwitz, Johanna4.63.0
112 ENFarmer BoyWilder, Laura Ingalls5.29.0
88979 ENFast, Faster, Fastest: Animals That Move at Great SpeedsDahl, Michael2.30.5
53910 ENFast Food! Gulp! Gulp!Waber, Bernard1.70.5
49781 ENFat Camp CommandosPinkwater, Daniel4.81.0
62753 ENFat Camp Commandos Go WestPinkwater, Daniel4.41.0
103724 ENFather’s DayHeinrichs, Ann3.40.5
17311 ENFattest, Tallest, Biggest Snowman Ever, TheLing, Bettina2.50.5
68552 ENFBI: Federal Bureau of Investigation, TheBinns, Tristan Boyer6.81.0
11464 ENFear Place, TheNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.45.0
45229 ENFeathered DinosaursSloan, Christopher7.11.0
52316 ENFeathers, Flaps, & Flops: Fabulous Early FliersZaunders, Bo7.22.0
6414 ENFelicity Learns a Lesson: A School StoryTripp, Valerie4.31.0
6416 ENFelicity's Surprise: A Christmas StoryTripp, Valerie4.51.0
6415 ENFelicity Saves the Day: A Summer StoryTripp, Valerie4.51.0
5218 ENFelitaMohr, Nicholasa3.62.0
737 ENFellowship of the Ring, TheTolkien, J.R.R.6.129.0
261 ENFerret in the Bedroom, Lizards in the FridgeWallace, Bill4.44.0
43467 ENFiddle FeverDoucet, Sharon Arms5.56.0
105177 ENField Trip to Niagara FallsStilton, Geronimo3.51.0
6920 ENFifteenCleary, Beverly5.47.0
14138 ENFig PuddingFletcher, Ralph3.94.0
40627 ENFight for LifeAnderson, Laurie Halse3.63.0
89185 ENFighter PlanesZuehlke, Jeffery2.70.5
84789 ENFighter PlanesDoeden, Matt1.90.5
566 ENFighting Ground, TheAvi4.24.0
13942 ENFighting TackleChristopher, Matt4.73.0
5659 ENFigure in Hiding, ADixon, Franklin W.5.35.0
84377 ENFinal Battle, TheOsborne, Mary Pope5.31.0
123472 ENFinding the First T. RexZoehfeld, Kathleen Weidner4.51.0
14667 ENFinding the TitanicBallard, Robert D.4.00.5
47801 ENFine Feathered FriendsRabe, Tish3.40.5
53195 ENFine, Fine School, ACreech, Sharon3.30.5
4366 ENFine PrintBurch, Joanna Johansen5.91.0
108474 ENFira and the Full MoonHerman, Gail3.31.0
4935 ENFire EnginesBudd, E.S.1.90.5
84790 ENFire TrucksLindeen, Carol K.1.60.5
89532 ENFirefliesHall, Margaret1.50.5
44247 ENFireman SmallYee, Wong Herbert3.20.5
58868 ENFirst Thanksgiving, TheJackson, Garnet3.80.5
79425 ENFishRichardson, Adele2.90.5
5219 ENFish FaceGiff, Patricia Reilly2.71.0
115428 ENFish Gut Experiment, TheStarke, R.3.61.0
80693 ENFish: How to Choose and Care for a FishJeffrey, Laura S.4.81.0
77388 ENFish in Room 11, TheDyer, Heather4.73.0
49392 ENFish out of Water, APalmer, Helen1.70.5
26240 ENFishing BearsBerman, Ruth1.90.5
48640 ENFive CreaturesJenkins, Emily1.60.5
104499 ENFive Little ChicksTafuri, Nancy1.70.5
113 ENFive Little Peppers and How They GrewSidney, Margaret7.913.0
35590 ENFive Little PiggiesMartin, David2.50.5
7216 ENFive Silly FishermenEdwards, Roberta1.50.5
13392 ENFlat StanleyBrown, Jeff4.01.0
114 ENFledgling, TheLangton, Jane5.06.0
104890 ENFliesHall, Margaret1.30.5
47366 ENFloating JellyfishMartin-James, Kathleen2.60.5
2007 ENFlorida Facts and SymbolsMcAuliffe, Emily3.50.5
10265 ENFlour BabiesFine, Anne4.96.0
69075 ENFlower Fairies, TheRodda, Emily4.22.0
165 ENFlunking of Joshua T. Bates, TheShreve, Susan5.12.0
105950 ENFly by NightHardinge, Frances7.119.0
122340 ENFly High, Fly Guy!Arnold, Tedd1.40.5
4367 ENFlying Against the WindBowen, Andy Russell5.91.0
32047 ENFlying SoloFletcher, Ralph3.93.0
32731 ENFolk Keeper, TheBillingsley, Franny5.36.0
102532 ENFooled You! Fakes and Hoaxes Through the YearsPascoe, Elaine6.42.0
67110 ENFootball for Fun!Goin, Kenn4.70.5
5363 ENFootball FugitiveChristopher, Matt4.52.0
5661 ENFootprints Under the WindowDixon, Franklin W.6.15.0
63658 ENFor Biddle's SakeLevine, Gail Carson4.42.0
104147 ENForbidden City: China's Imperial PalaceKnox, Barbara4.50.5
77032 ENFormula One Race CarsPiehl, Janet2.30.5
121302 ENFoundHaddix, Margaret Peterson5.09.0
77124 ENFour Mice Deep in the JungleStilton, Geronimo3.11.0
5416 ENFourth-Grade CelebrityGiff, Patricia Reilly5.63.0
6361 ENFourth Grade RatsSpinelli, Jerry2.62.0
74077 ENFourth Grade Wizards, TheDeClements, Barthe3.83.0
78611 ENFourth of July Mice!Roberts, Bethany0.90.5
17523 ENFox and His FriendsMarshall, Edward2.00.5
36425 ENFox and the Stork, TheMcDermott, Gerald1.80.5
17524 ENFox at SchoolMarshall, Edward2.20.5
10518 ENFox in LoveMarshall, Edward1.80.5
7313 ENFox on the JobMarshall, James2.00.5
31415 ENFox on WheelsMarshall, Edward1.90.5
218 ENFox Steals Home, TheChristopher, Matt4.54.0
86243 ENFran That Time Forgot, TheBenton, Jim4.51.0
111144 ENFran with Four Brains, TheBenton, Jim4.91.0
56888 ENFranceKlingel, Cynthia4.00.5
125147 ENFrandidate, TheBenton, Jim5.31.0
48326 ENFrankenbugCousins, Steven5.14.0
7723 ENFrankenstein Moved in on the Fourth FloorLevy, Elizabeth3.41.0
45579 ENFranklin and HarrietBourgeois, Paulette2.50.5
30709 ENFranklin's Class TripBourgeois, Paulette2.50.5
53353 ENFranklin's ThanksgivingBourgeois/Jennings3.20.5
30710 ENFranklin's ValentinesBourgeois, Paulette2.90.5
103805 ENFrantastic VoyageBenton, Jim4.81.0
100577 ENFreaks and ShrieksStine, R.L.3.03.0
262 ENFreckle JuiceBlume, Judy3.10.5
77202 ENFreddy in Peril: Book Two in the Golden Hamster SagaReiche, Dietlof4.94.0
102142 ENFreddy to the Rescue: Book Three in the Golden Hamster SagaReiche, Dietlof5.15.0
52592 ENFreedom's Wings: Corey's Underground Railroad DiaryWyeth, Sharon Dennis3.01.0
66267 ENFreedom Seeker: A Story About William PennSwain, Gwenyth6.32.0
69322 ENFriend for Sam, ALabatt, Mary1.90.5
76763 ENFriends for a PrincessLagonegro, Melissa1.20.5
86277 ENFriendship According to HumphreyBirney, Betty G.4.04.0
105751 ENFrights! Camera! Action!Jones, Marcia Thornton4.11.0
16637 ENFrindleClements, Andrew5.42.0
6493 ENFritz and the Beautiful HorsesBrett, Jan3.40.5
5512 ENFrog and Toad All YearLobel, Arnold2.60.5
6116 ENFrog and Toad Are FriendsLobel, Arnold2.90.5
5467 ENFrog and Toad TogetherLobel, Arnold2.90.5
76084 ENFrog Prince: A Retelling of the Grimms' Fairy Tale, TheBlair, Eric2.90.5
5513 ENFrog Prince, TheTarcov, Edith2.80.5
68474 ENFrog Princess, TheBaker, E.D.4.87.0
54770 ENFrog Principal, TheCalmenson, Stephanie3.00.5
53911 ENFroggy Eats OutLondon, Jonathan2.50.5
17526 ENFroggy Gets DressedLondon, Jonathan1.80.5
32246 ENFroggy Plays SoccerLondon, Jonathan2.20.5
75093 ENFroggy's Baby SisterLondon, Jonathan1.70.5
78935 ENFroggy's Day with DadLondon, Jonathan2.20.5
19844 ENFroggy's First KissLondon, Jonathan2.60.5
77897 ENFrom Cement to BridgeNelson, Robin2.60.5
82347 ENFrom Head to ToeCarle, Eric1.00.5
104725 ENFrom Puppy to DogGaneri, Anita2.60.5
29 ENFrom the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. FrankweilerKonigsburg, E.L.4.75.0
49542 ENFrontier Surgeons: A Story About the Mayo BrothersCrofford, Emily5.91.0
167 ENFrozen FireHouston, James4.95.0
5220 ENFudge-a-ManiaBlume, Judy3.33.0
50384 ENFur-ever Yours, Booker JonesDuffey, Betsy3.82.0
219 ENGaffer Samson's LuckPaton Walsh, Jill4.74.0
220 ENGammage Cup, TheKendall, Carol5.98.0
28734 ENGarbage Monster from Outer Space, TheErickson, John R.4.33.0
14668 ENGargoyles Don't Drive School BusesDadey/Jones3.61.0
44063 ENGathering BlueLowry, Lois5.07.0
221 ENGathering of Days, ABlos, Joan W.6.75.0
48340 ENGawgon and The Boy, TheAlexander, Lloyd5.57.0
30 ENGay-Neck: The Story of a PigeonMukerji, Dhan Gopal6.56.0
86358 ENGenius: A Photobiography of Albert EinsteinDelano, Marfe Ferguson7.62.0
222 ENGentle BenMorey, Walt4.88.0
103586 ENGeorge Did ItJurmain, Suzanne4.70.5
10776 ENGeorge's Marvelous MedicineDahl, Roald4.02.0
82899 ENGeorge vs. George: The American Revolution...Both SidesSchanzer, Rosalyn7.52.0
83231 ENGeorge Washington: An Illustrated BiographyAdler, David A.8.29.0
2008 ENGeorgia Facts and SymbolsMcAuliffe, Emily3.90.5
66268 ENGerm Hunter: A Story About Louis PasteurAlphin, Elaine Marie6.51.0
123673 ENGeronimo Stilton, Secret AgentStilton, Geronimo3.61.0
80840 ENGet Rich Quick Club, TheGutman, Dan4.12.0
17312 ENGet Up and Go!Murphy, Stuart J.2.30.5
61039 ENGet Well, Good KnightThomas, Shelley Moore2.30.5
116583 ENGetting AirGutman, Dan4.15.0
103553 ENGetting in the GameFitzGerald, Dawn5.65.0
263 ENGetting Something on Maggie MarmelsteinSharmat, Marjorie Weinman4.22.0
68167 ENGhost Behind the Wall, TheBurgess, Melvin5.05.0
14944 ENGhost CampStine, R.L.3.13.0
83695 ENGhost ClassJones, Marcia Thornton4.01.0
28295 ENGhost in Room 11, TheWright, Betty Ren4.02.0
415 ENGhost in Tent 19, TheO'Connor, Jim/Jane3.31.0
10778 ENGhost in the Big Brass Bed, TheCoville, Bruce4.66.0
20073 ENGhost in the Third Row, TheCoville, Bruce4.94.0
26732 ENGhost of Fossil Glen, TheDeFelice, Cynthia4.95.0
65662 ENGhost of P.S. 42, TheAsch, Frank4.02.0
10668 ENGhost of Popcorn Hill, TheWright, Betty Ren3.51.0
101953 ENGhost's Grave, TheKehret, Peg5.06.0
9264 ENGhost Ship Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.03.0
17566 ENGhost Town at SundownOsborne, Mary Pope3.01.0
20074 ENGhost Wore Gray, TheCoville, Bruce4.75.0
86633 ENGhosts Be Gone!Jones, Marcia Thornton4.01.0
58130 ENGhosts Don't Ride Wild HorsesDadey, Debbie4.11.0
44199 ENGhosts! Ghostly Tales from FolkloreSchwartz, Alvin2.70.5
87179 ENGhouls Gone WildStine, R.L.3.03.0
78795 ENGiant Meat-Eating DinosaursLessem, Don4.00.5
49276 ENGiant OctopusesZuchora-Walske, Christine2.70.5
5269 ENGift of Magic, ADuncan, Lois6.07.0
103749 ENGila MonstersLockwood, Sophie5.61.0
100077 ENGilda Joyce, Psychic InvestigatorAllison, Jennifer6.510.0
17671 ENGinger Brown: The Nobody BoyWyeth, Sharon Dennis2.51.0
17672 ENGinger Brown: Too Many HousesWyeth, Sharon Dennis2.51.0
31 ENGinger PyeEstes, Eleanor6.09.0
34613 ENGingerbread BabyBrett, Jan3.50.5
9265 ENGiraffe and the Pelly and Me, TheDahl, Roald4.71.0
120040 ENGiraffesIpcizade, Catherine1.80.5
54861 ENGiraffes Can't DanceAndreae, Giles3.80.5
115388 ENGirl, a Boy, and a Monster Cat, AGauthier, Gail3.72.0
223 ENGirl Called Al, AGreene, Constance C.3.83.0
9554 ENGirl from Yamhill, ACleary, Beverly6.511.0
14669 ENGirl Named Helen Keller, ALundell, Margo2.50.5
47228 ENGirl Reporter Blows Lid off Town!Ellerbee, Linda3.75.0
32208 ENGirl Who Chased Away Sorrow: The Diary of Sarah Nita, TheTurner, Ann5.15.0
9608 ENGirl Who Cried Monster, TheStine, R.L.3.63.0
5221 ENGirl Who Loved Wild Horses, TheGoble, Paul4.10.5
48376 ENGirl with 500 Middle Names, TheHaddix, Margaret Peterson3.82.0
102428 ENGirl with the Broken Wing, TheDyer, Heather4.32.0
17313 ENGive Me Half!Murphy, Stuart J.2.20.5
74236 ENGiving ThanksLondon, Jonathan2.70.5
18719 ENGlass Slipper for Rosie, AGiff, Patricia Reilly3.01.0
105680 ENGliding Garter SnakesSilverman, Buffy2.50.5
119759 ENGlitch in Sleep, TheHulme, John6.69.0
87561 ENGnat Stokes and the Foggy Bottom Swamp QueenKeehn, Sally M.5.15.0
17314 ENGo-Around Dollar, TheAdams, Barbara Johnston4.70.5
68457 ENGo Away, DogNodset, Joan L.1.00.5
121111 ENGo Big or Go HomeHobbs, Will4.76.0
45962 ENGo, Dog. Go!Eastman, P.D.1.20.5
15517 ENGo Free or Die: A Story About Harriet TubmanFerris, Jeri4.61.0
17773 ENGo West, Young Women!Karr, Kathleen5.16.0
34929 ENGoblins Don't Play Video GamesDadey/Jones4.21.0
45240 ENGoggles!Keats, Ezra Jack1.80.5
53934 ENGoin' Someplace SpecialMcKissack, Patricia C.4.30.5
169 ENGoing HomeMohr, Nicholasa4.46.0
14670 ENGold Fever!McMorrow, Catherine3.80.5
57042 ENGoldie Is MadPalatini, Maggie0.70.5
63346 ENGoldilocks and the Three BearsWade, Barrie2.20.5
82165 ENGolem's Eye, TheStroud, Jonathan5.924.0
224 ENGone-Away LakeEnright, Elizabeth5.37.0
13395 ENGood Driving, Amelia BedeliaParish, Herman2.10.5
30833 ENGood Liar, TheMaguire, Gregory5.13.0
32 ENGood Master, TheSeredy, Kate4.45.0
61516 ENGood Morning, GorillasOsborne, Mary Pope3.31.0
68181 ENGood Morning SamGay, Marie-Louise0.90.5
79078 ENGood Night, D.W.Brown, Marc1.90.5
39566 ENGood Night, Good KnightThomas, Shelley Moore2.10.5
73765 ENGood Night HarryLewis, Kim1.70.5
20019 ENGood Work, Amelia BedeliaParish, Peggy2.10.5
87416 ENGooney Bird and the Room MotherLowry, Lois3.82.0
46846 ENGoose ChaseKindl, Patrice6.58.0
117214 ENGordon's New ViewAwdry, W.1.20.5
105737 ENGossamerLowry, Lois4.44.0
66053 ENGossieDunrea, Olivier1.10.5
66054 ENGossie and GertieDunrea, Olivier1.00.5
105640 ENGotcha!Gilson, Jamie3.11.0
17673 ENGrace the PirateLasky, Kathryn4.91.0
105020 ENGrandfather BuffaloArnosky, Jim3.50.5
17315 ENGrandfather Tang's StoryTompert, Ann3.70.5
88490 ENGrandpa Gazillion's Number YardKeller, Laurie3.20.5
79530 ENGrasshoppersHall, Margaret1.90.5
10910 ENGreat American Elephant Chase, TheCross, Gillian4.79.0
115 ENGreat Brain, TheFitzgerald, John D.5.27.0
62235 ENGreat Day for Pup: All About Wild Babies, AWorth, Bonnie3.10.5
85408 ENGreat Easter Egg Hunt, TheGarland, Michael3.00.5
116 ENGreat Gilly Hopkins, ThePaterson, Katherine4.65.0
49862 ENGreat Gracie Chase: Stop That Dog!, TheRylant, Cynthia3.10.5
24975 ENGreat Green Notebook of Katie Roberts, TheHest, Amy3.92.0
264 ENGreat Ideas of Lila Fenwick, TheMcMullan, Kate4.84.0
31190 ENGreat Railroad Race: The Diary of Libby West, TheGregory, Kristiana5.75.0
14619 ENGreat Snake Escape, TheCoxe, Molly2.30.5
25153 ENGreat Turkey Walk, TheKarr, Kathleen4.56.0
106667 ENGreat White Sharks up CloseBredeson, Carmen2.60.5
78014 ENGreatest Skating Race: A WWII Story from the Netherlands, TheBorden, Louise4.91.0
17316 ENGreedy Triangle, TheBurns, Marilyn3.90.5
9021 ENGreen Eggs and HamSeuss, Dr.1.50.5
11466 ENGreenwitchCooper, Susan5.36.0
114627 ENGregor and the Code of ClawCollins, Suzanne5.012.0
88381 ENGregor and the Curse of the WarmbloodsCollins, Suzanne4.810.0
106347 ENGregor and the Marks of SecretCollins, Suzanne5.09.0
82278 ENGregor and the Prophecy of BaneCollins, Suzanne4.78.0
71754 ENGregor the OverlanderCollins, Suzanne4.88.0
33 ENGrey King, TheCooper, Susan6.29.0
81705 ENGrim Grotto, TheSnicket, Lemony6.58.0
57666 ENGrizzly Bears (Predators in the Wild)Deady, Kathleen W.4.30.5
5514 ENGrouchy Ladybug, TheCarle, Eric2.80.5
84930 ENGroundhog Day Book of Facts and Fun, TheOld, Wendie C.5.51.0
225 ENGroundhog's HorseRockwood, Joyce4.33.0
123730 ENGully's TravelsSeidler, Tor5.64.0
53488 ENGus and Grandpa at BasketballMills, Claudia2.60.5
87588 ENGuys Write for Guys ReadScieszka, Jon6.29.0
71517 ENGymnastics for Fun!Gruber, Beth5.71.0
14139 ENGypsy Game, TheSnyder, Zilpha Keatley5.28.0
82246 ENHachiko WaitsNewman, Lesléa4.72.0
471 ENHalf MagicEager, Edward5.05.0
108882 ENHalloween Fraidy-CatKlein, Abby3.31.0
20021 ENHalloween HelpersDelton, Judy4.02.0
49408 ENHamster ChaseKeats/Suen2.00.5
80694 ENHamsters, Gerbils, Guinea Pigs...Care for a Small MammalJeffrey, Laura S.5.31.0
48227 ENHamsters (Wonder Books)Klingel/Noyed1.30.5
40133 ENHannah of FairfieldVan Leeuwen, Jean3.62.0
44818 ENHannah's JournalMoss, Marissa4.71.0
105011 ENHanne's QuestDunrea, Olivier4.63.0
110792 ENHansel and GretelDolan, Penny2.20.5
45497 ENHappy and HoneyGodwin, Laura0.50.5
7674 ENHappy Birthday, AddyPorter, Connie4.31.0
53066 ENHappy Birthday, Biscuit!Capucilli, Alyssa Satin1.20.5
6422 ENHappy Birthday, Felicity! A Springtime StoryTripp, Valerie4.21.0
107513 ENHappy Birthday, Hero!Quinn, Zoe5.04.0
20697 ENHappy Birthday, Josefina! A Springtime StoryTripp, Valerie4.31.0
52593 ENHappy Birthday, Kit! A Springtime StoryTripp, Valerie4.71.0
88512 ENHappy Birthday, Mallory!Friedman, Laurie3.72.0
5017 ENHappy Birthday, Molly! A Springtime StoryTripp, Valerie3.51.0
5515 ENHappy Birthday, MoonAsch, Frank2.60.5
5018 ENHappy Birthday, Samantha! A Springtime StoryTripp, Valerie3.71.0
7220 ENHappy Birthday, Thomas!Awdry, W.1.10.5
83698 ENHappy Haunting!Jones, Marcia Thornton4.01.0
104298 ENHappy ThanksgivingMcNamara, Margaret1.60.5
226 ENHarriet the SpyFitzhugh, Louise4.58.0
88537 ENHarry and the Dinosaurs at the MuseumWhybrow, Ian2.30.5
82136 ENHarry and the Dinosaurs Make a Christmas WishWhybrow, Ian2.90.5
76907 ENHarry and the Dinosaurs Say "Raahh!"Whybrow, Ian2.30.5
32081 ENHarry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsRowling, J.K.6.714.0
116230 ENHarry Potter and the Deathly HallowsRowling, J.K.6.934.0
40670 ENHarry Potter and the Goblet of FireRowling, J.K.6.832.0
89154 ENHarry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceRowling, J.K.7.229.0
69785 ENHarry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixRowling, J.K.7.244.0
32082 ENHarry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanRowling, J.K.6.718.0
26759 ENHarry Potter and the Sorcerer's StoneRowling, J.K.5.512.0
26639 ENHat, TheBrett, Jan2.60.5
70123 ENHatching MagicDowner, Ann7.29.0
35319 ENHaunted Bike, TheHerman, Gail2.10.5
74667 ENHaunted Castle on Hallows EveOsborne, Mary Pope3.61.0
14946 ENHaunted School, TheStine, R.L.3.03.0
105976 ENHaunting of Freddy: Book Four in the Golden Hamster Saga, TheReiche, Dietlof5.16.0
81577 ENHave You Met My Ghoulfriend?Stine, R.L.3.23.0
1596 ENHawaii Facts and SymbolsMcAuliffe, Emily3.90.5
114468 ENHayley the Rain FairyMeadows, Daisy4.01.0
71755 ENHazel GreenHirsch, Odo4.75.0
15520 ENHead Full of Notions: A Story About Robert Fulton, ABowen, Andy Russell6.81.0
117 ENHeadless Cupid, TheSnyder, Zilpha Keatley5.38.0
53153 ENHeads UpPeters, Stephanie True4.01.0
107463 ENHeart to Heart with MalloryFriedman, Laurie4.52.0
77515 ENHeartbeatCreech, Sharon5.02.0
106285 ENHeatLupica, Mike5.39.0
75674 ENHelicoptersStille, Darlene R.3.30.5
265 ENHello, My Name Is Scrambled EggsGilson, Jamie4.04.0
100963 ENHelp! A Vampire's Coming!Klein, Abby3.11.0
266 ENHenry and BeezusCleary, Beverly4.64.0
87210 ENHenry and Mudge and the Great GrandpasRylant, Cynthia2.60.5
6119 ENHenry and Mudge and the Happy CatRylant, Cynthia2.70.5
32441 ENHenry and Mudge and the Snowman PlanRylant, Cynthia2.50.5
101934 ENHenry and Mudge and the Tumbling TripRylant, Cynthia2.40.5
17532 ENHenry and Mudge in the Family TreesRylant, Cynthia2.60.5
15000 ENHenry and Mudge in the Green TimeRylant, Cynthia2.40.5
417 ENHenry and RibsyCleary, Beverly4.63.0
418 ENHenry and the ClubhouseCleary, Beverly5.14.0
663 ENHenry and the Paper RouteCleary, Beverly5.34.0
34 ENHenry HugginsCleary, Beverly4.73.0
35 ENHenry Reed, Inc.Robertson, Keith5.58.0
36 ENHenry Reed's Baby-Sitting ServiceRobertson, Keith5.16.0
29260 ENHenry the FourthMurphy, Stuart J.1.50.5
15521 ENHer Piano Sang: A Story About Clara SchumannAllman, Barbara6.71.0
319 ENHerbie Jones and the Class GiftKline, Suzy3.41.0
7573 ENHere Comes the StrikeoutKessler, Leonard2.00.5
227 ENHero and the Crown, TheMcKinley, Robin7.015.0
101245 ENHero and the Minotaur: The Fantastic Adventures of Theseus, TheByrd, Robert5.90.5
109470 ENHero Revealed, TheBoniface, William6.18.0
105276 ENHeroes of Baseball: The Men Who Made It America's Favorite GameLipsyte, Robert7.44.0
56434 ENHey Kid, Want to Buy a Bridge?Scieszka, Jon3.91.0
11578 ENHey, New Kid!Duffey, Betsy3.11.0
101305 ENHi, Fly Guy!Arnold, Tedd1.50.5
108397 ENHibernationHall, Margaret1.80.5
84223 ENHidden Folk: Stories of Fairies...and Other Secret Beings, TheLunge-Larsen, Lise5.81.0
53629 ENHidden Worlds: Looking Through a Scientist's MicroscopeKramer, Stephen7.01.0
58131 ENHide-and-Seek All WeekDe Paola, Tomie2.30.5
49277 ENHiding ToadsDell'Oro, Suzanne Paul2.30.5
74435 ENHigh Hopes: A Photobiography of John F. KennedyHeiligman, Deborah6.42.0
37 ENHigh King, TheAlexander, Lloyd6.111.0
68287 ENHigh Tide in HawaiiOsborne, Mary Pope3.41.0
86435 ENHimeji Castle: Japan's Samurai PastBall, Jacqueline A.4.10.5
56435 ENHippolyta and the Curse of the AmazonsYolen, Jane5.07.0
5223 ENHit-Away Kid, TheChristopher, Matt3.81.0
38 ENHitty: Her First Hundred YearsField, Rachel7.111.0
511 ENHobbit, TheTolkien, J.R.R.6.616.0
6423 ENHobie Hanson, Greatest Hero of the MallGilson, Jamie4.14.0
5224 ENHobie Hanson, You're WeirdGilson, Jamie4.55.0
7730 ENHoboken Chicken Emergency, ThePinkwater, Daniel4.92.0
71518 ENHockey for Fun!Will, Sandra6.11.0
81578 ENHoly Enchilada!Winkler, Henry4.64.0
41494 ENHome for a BunnyBrown, Margaret Wise1.80.5
122268 ENHome on the RangeJones, Miranda4.52.0
29382 ENHome Run HeroHughes, Dean4.43.0
40630 ENHomelessAnderson, Laurie Halse4.03.0
39 ENHomer PriceMcCloskey, Robert6.64.0
118 ENHomesick, My Own StoryFritz, Jean5.16.0
83745 ENHomework HasslesKlein, Abby3.41.0
103771 ENHomework Machine, TheGutman, Dan4.84.0
115368 ENHonestly, Mallory!Friedman, Laurie4.32.0
45501 ENHoney HelpsGodwin, Laura0.60.5
81139 ENHoneysuckle HouseCheng, Andrea3.64.0
26738 ENHonus and Me: A Baseball Card AdventureGutman, Dan4.33.0
34695 ENHoofbeats of DangerHughes, Holly5.34.0
64320 ENHoop GirlzBledsoe, Lucy Jane4.04.0
5471 ENHooray for the Golly Sisters!Byars, Betsy2.40.5
61464 ENHootHiaasen, Carl5.29.0
31662 ENHooway for Wodney WatLester, Helen3.10.5
9023 ENHop on PopSeuss, Dr.1.50.5
44672 ENHope Was HereBauer, Joan5.16.0
29550 ENHorace and Morris but Mostly DoloresHowe, James2.60.5
59512 ENHorace Splatty: The Cupcaked CrusaderDavid, Lawrence4.53.0
26643 ENHork-Bajir Chronicles, TheApplegate, K.A.4.35.0
6270 ENHorrible Harry and the Ant InvasionKline, Suzy3.11.0
6271 ENHorrible Harry and the Christmas SurpriseKline, Suzy2.90.5
125294 ENHorrible Harry and the Dead LettersKline, Suzy3.21.0
59788 ENHorrible Harry and the Dragon WarKline, Suzy3.31.0
74425 ENHorrible Harry and the HolidazeKline, Suzy3.51.0
69043 ENHorrible Harry and the Mud GremlinsKline, Suzy3.51.0
18725 ENHorrible Harry and the Purple PeopleKline, Suzy2.90.5
109524 ENHorrible Harry and the Triple RevengeKline, Suzy3.01.0
44905 ENHorrible Harry at HalloweenKline, Suzy3.21.0
121419 ENHorrible Harry Bugs the Three BearsKline, Suzy3.11.0
54479 ENHorrible Harry Goes to SeaKline, Suzy3.31.0
44204 ENHorrible Harry Goes to the MoonKline, Suzy2.91.0
487 ENHorrible Harry in Room 2BKline, Suzy3.20.5
20665 ENHorrible Harry Moves up to Third GradeKline, Suzy3.21.0
6273 ENHorrible Harry's SecretKline, Suzy2.80.5
105753 ENHorrible Harry Takes the CakeKline, Suzy3.11.0
612 ENHorse and His Boy, TheLewis, C.S.5.88.0
7222 ENHorse in Harry's Room, TheHoff, Syd2.30.5
80695 ENHorses: How to Choose and Care for a HorseJeffrey, Laura S.4.91.0
53273 ENHostile Hospital, TheSnicket, Lemony6.96.0
87582 ENHot Air: The Mostly True Story...First Hot-Air Balloon RidePriceman, Marjorie2.90.5
267 ENHot and Cold Summer, TheHurwitz, Johanna4.23.0
117628 ENHot HandLupica, Mike5.04.0
5906 ENHoudini Box, TheSelznick, Brian5.00.5
88688 ENHoudini: World's Greatest Mystery Man and Escape KingKrull, Kathleen5.00.5
105474 ENHoundsley and CatinaHowe, James2.90.5
109551 ENHoundsley and Catina and the Birthday SurpriseHowe, James2.80.5
25835 ENHour of the OlympicsOsborne, Mary Pope3.31.0
228 ENHouse of Dies Drear, TheHamilton, Virginia4.89.0
40 ENHouse of Sixty Fathers, TheDe Jong, Meindert5.56.0
31067 ENHouse of the Horrible GhostsHayes, Geoffrey3.11.0
5667 ENHouse on the Cliff, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.45.0
80960 ENHouse on the Gulf, TheHaddix, Margaret Peterson4.98.0
86359 ENHow Basketball WorksThomas, Keltie6.33.0
20465 ENHow Can a Frozen Detective Stay Hot on the Trail?Bailey, Linda3.85.0
43230 ENHow Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night?Yolen, Jane1.60.5
17317 ENHow Do You Lift a Lion?Wells, Robert E.3.70.5
77705 ENHow I Found the Strong: A Civil War StoryMcMullan, Margaret4.94.0
42435 ENHow I Survived the Oregon Trail: The Journal of Jesse AdamsWilson, Laura5.21.0
17318 ENHow Many Stars in the Sky?Hort, Lenny2.90.5
17319 ENHow Much Is a Million?Schwartz, David M.3.40.5
17320 ENHow Much Is That Guinea Pig in the Window?Rocklin, Joanne2.60.5
5516 ENHow My Parents Learned to EatFriedman, Ina2.90.5
54084 ENHow Santa Lost His JobKrensky, Stephen3.20.5
113799 ENHow to Cheat a Dragon's CurseCowell, Cressida6.85.0
174 ENHow to Eat Fried WormsRockwell, Thomas3.52.0
66306 ENHow to Save the PlanetTaylor, Barbara7.22.0
106247 ENHow to Speak Dragonese: by Hiccup Horrendous Haddock IIICowell, Cressida6.55.0
115455 ENHow to Steal a DogO'Connor, Barbara4.05.0
78100 ENHow to Train Your Dragon: by Hiccup Horrendous Haddock IIICowell, Cressida6.65.0
123531 ENHow to Twist a Dragon's TaleCowell, Cressida6.95.0
268 ENHow Yossi Beat the Evil UrgeChaikin, Miriam3.71.0
64504 ENHowie Monroe and the Doghouse of DoomHowe, James4.91.0
5021 ENHowliday InnHowe, James4.04.0
14671 ENHowling for HomeCarris, Joan3.41.0
34793 ENHuckabuck Family and How They Raised Popcorn in Nebraska..., TheSandburg, Carl4.40.5
269 ENHugh PineVanDeWetering, Jan4.82.0
56867 ENHumphrey's BedtimeHunter, Sally1.60.5
41 ENHundred and One Dalmatians, TheSmith, Dodie5.47.0
42 ENHundred Dresses, TheEstes, Eleanor5.41.0
66254 ENHunting SharksNelson, Kristin L.2.80.5
83179 ENHurray for Today! All About HolidaysWorth, Bonnie4.10.5
43 ENHurry Home, CandyDe Jong, Meindert5.07.0
86602 ENI Am an AnkylosaurusWallace, Karen2.10.5
9027 ENI Am Not Going to Get Up Today!Seuss, Dr.2.10.5
32746 ENI, Amber BrownDanziger, Paula3.72.0
106069 ENI Can Name 50 Trees Today! All About TreesWorth, Bonnie3.60.5
9029 ENI Can Read with My Eyes Shut!Seuss, Dr.2.20.5
51815 ENI, Freddy: Book One in the Golden Hamster SagaReiche, Dietlof5.14.0
17674 ENI Hate My Best FriendRosner, Ruth3.81.0
44 ENI, Juan de ParejaBorton de Treviño, Elizabeth6.57.0
31849 ENI Like MessLeonard, Marcia0.60.5
18631 ENI'll Always Love YouWilhelm, Hans2.60.5
50086 ENI Love Going Through This BookBurleigh, Robert1.80.5
69615 ENI Love My MamaKavanagh, Peter2.40.5
84979 ENI Love the RainBridges, Margaret Park1.40.5
77126 ENI'm Too Fond of My Fur!Stilton, Geronimo3.51.0
26991 ENI Need a SnakeJonell, Lynne2.30.5
31598 ENI See, You SawKarlin, Nurit0.40.5
270 ENI Should Worry, I Should CareChaikin, Miriam3.73.0
58876 ENI Stink!McMullan, Kate1.60.5
76672 ENI Took the Moon for a WalkCurtis, Carolyn2.10.5
32022 ENI Was a Sixth Grade AlienCoville, Bruce4.74.0
25295 ENI Was a Third Grade Science ProjectAuch, Mary Jane3.72.0
50945 ENI Was a Third Grade SpyAuch, Mary Jane3.32.0
123748 ENI Will Surprise My Friend!Willems, Mo0.80.5
86446 ENIce DriftTaylor, Theodore5.75.0
79913 ENIda B...and Her Plans to Maximize Fun...Save the WorldHannigan, Katherine5.35.0
42047 ENIdaho Facts and SymbolsKule, Elaine A.4.10.5
69209 ENIf I Ran the Rain ForestWorth, Bonnie3.30.5
86058 ENIf the Shoe FitsMason, Jane B.5.24.0
9570 ENIf You Give a Mouse a CookieNumeroff, Laura2.70.5
100773 ENIf You Give a Pig a PartyNumeroff, Laura2.20.5
17321 ENIf You Made a MillionSchwartz, David M.4.10.5
5022 ENIggie's HouseBlume, Judy3.53.0
103750 ENIguanasLockwood, Sophie5.51.0
104877 ENIguanodon (Capstone Press)Riehecky, Janet1.90.5
2009 ENIllinois Facts and SymbolsMcAuliffe, Emily3.40.5
5517 ENImogene's AntlersSmall, David2.60.5
20232 ENIn a Dark, Dark Room and Other Scary StoriesSchwartz, Alvin2.50.5
104714 ENIn Business with MalloryFriedman, Laurie3.82.0
5225 ENIn the Dinosaur's PawGiff, Patricia Reilly2.51.0
229 ENIn the Year of the Boar and Jackie RobinsonLord, Bette Bao4.64.0
17322 ENInch by InchLionni, Leo1.80.5
119 ENIncident at Hawk's HillEckert, Allan7.29.0
83267 ENIncredible Dash, TheShealy, Dennis R.2.60.5
72194 ENIncredible Hunt for the Giant Squid, TheMatsen, Brad5.21.0
230 ENIncredible Journey, TheBurnford, Sheila7.65.0
72193 ENIncredible Quest to Find the Titanic, TheMatsen, Brad5.31.0
103726 ENIndependence DayHeinrichs, Ann3.50.5
231 ENIndian in the Cupboard, TheBanks, Lynne Reid4.66.0
2010 ENIndiana Facts and SymbolsMcAuliffe, Bill3.70.5
81579 ENIndigo's StarMcKay, Hilary4.97.0
80122 ENIndy 500: The Inside TrackPimm, Nancy Roe5.61.0
12463 ENInfield HitDygard, Thomas J.5.15.0
71683 ENInkheartFunke, Cornelia5.423.0
100861 ENInkspellFunke, Cornelia5.629.0
74860 ENInside Your Outside! All About the Human BodyRabe, Tish3.70.5
67278 ENInto the WildHunter, Erin5.610.0
113692 ENInvention of Hugo Cabret: A Novel in Words and Pictures, TheSelznick, Brian5.14.0
81997 ENInvisible Fran, TheBenton, Jim5.21.0
31060 ENInvisible Island, TheRoy, Ron3.61.0
14672 ENInvisible StanleyBrown, Jeff3.31.0
42048 ENIowa Facts and SymbolsKule, Elaine A.4.00.5
44206 ENIris and WalterGuest, Elissa Haden2.50.5
84663 ENIris and Walter and the Field TripGuest, Elissa Haden2.60.5
17776 ENIron Ring, TheAlexander, Lloyd4.810.0
77859 ENIronwood Tree, TheDiTerlizzi, Tony4.31.0
17323 ENIs a Blue Whale the Biggest Thing There Is?Wells, Robert E4.30.5
47808 ENIs a Camel a Mammal?Rabe, Tish3.50.5
104751 ENIsaac NewtonKrull, Kathleen7.33.0
81654 ENIshReynolds, Peter H.2.10.5
45121 ENIsland of the AuntsIbbotson, Eva5.99.0
45 ENIsland of the Blue DolphinsO'Dell, Scott5.46.0
57591 ENIsland of the LoonsHyde, Dayton O.7.06.0
60568 ENIt Came from Beneath the Bed!Howe, James4.11.0
9611 ENIt Came from Beneath the Sink!Stine, R.L.3.12.0
11420 ENIt Goes Eeeeeeeeeeeee!Gilson, Jamie2.91.0
87211 ENIt's a Baby, Andy RussellAdler, David A.3.12.0
55323 ENIt's a Fair Day, Amber BrownDanziger, Paula2.80.5
2122 ENIt's All Greek to MeScieszka, Jon3.71.0
7732 ENIt's an Aardvark-Eat-Turtle WorldDanziger, Paula3.83.0
101298 ENIt's Graduation Day!Maccarone, Grace1.40.5
83799 ENIt's Halloween, You 'Fraidy Mouse!Stilton, Geronimo3.11.0
49411 ENIt's Justin Time, Amber BrownDanziger, Paula2.80.5
46 ENIt's Like This, CatNeville, Emily Cheney4.75.0
31659 ENIt's My Birthday, Too!Jonell, Lynne2.00.5
5274 ENIt's Not the End of the WorldBlume, Judy3.44.0
67295 ENItalyDe Capua, Sarah4.50.5
105488 ENIvy and BeanBarrows, Annie3.21.0
117709 ENIvy and Bean Break the Fossil RecordBarrows, Annie3.11.0
122599 ENIvy and Bean Take Care of the BabysitterBarrows, Annie3.11.0
110580 ENIvy & Bean and the Ghost That Had to GoBarrows, Annie3.61.0
83880 ENJ.R.R. TolkienCollins, David R.5.62.0
73392 ENJack Adrift: Fourth Grade Without a ClueGantos, Jack4.96.0
63347 ENJack and the BeanstalkMoore, Maggie2.50.5
42809 ENJack Black & the Ship of ThievesHughes, Carol5.27.0
64151 ENJack: The Early Years of John F. KennedyCooper, Ilene7.86.0
40653 ENJackie & MeGutman, Dan4.34.0
14673 ENJackie RobinsonRudeen, Kenneth4.61.0
101345 ENJackie Robinson: Baseball's Great PioneerGlaser, Jason3.80.5
85731 ENJackie Robinson: Strong Inside and OutKids, Editors of Time for4.91.0
120 ENJacob Have I LovedPaterson, Katherine5.78.0
271 ENJacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded FangRichler, Mordecai5.22.0
45169 ENJaguarsStille, Darlene R.4.00.5
64749 ENJahanara: Princess of PrincessesLasky, Kathryn6.05.0
19921 ENJake and the CopycatsRocklin, Joanne2.20.5
50946 ENJake Drake, Bully BusterClements, Andrew3.51.0
60714 ENJake Drake, Class ClownClements, Andrew3.41.0
51897 ENJake Drake, Know-It-AllClements, Andrew4.12.0
232 ENJames and the Giant PeachDahl, Roald4.84.0
709 ENJane Eyre (Unabridged)Brontë, Charlotte7.933.0
41791 ENJanitor's Boy, TheClements, Andrew5.44.0
233 ENJar of Dreams, AUchida, Yoshiko5.04.0
14674 ENJasmine & RexHanel, Wolfram3.00.5
76138 ENJason and the Gorgon's BloodYolen, Jane5.18.0
3050 ENJasper's BeanstalkButterworth/Inkpen1.70.5
16924 ENJean and JohnnyCleary, Beverly5.68.0
272 ENJelly BellySmith, Robert Kimmel4.14.0
17675 ENJenius: The Amazing Guinea PigKing-Smith, Dick4.81.0
176 ENJennifer, Hecate, Macbeth,...and Me, ElizabethKonigsburg, E.L.4.53.0
5940 ENJennifer Murdley's ToadCoville, Bruce4.64.0
14675 ENJennifer, TooHavill, Juanita2.91.0
6276 ENJenny Archer, AuthorConford, Ellen3.61.0
5918 ENJeremy Thatcher, Dragon HatcherCoville, Bruce4.94.0
36034 ENJeremy: The Tale of an Honest BunnyKaron, Jan4.51.0
120214 ENJim & Me: A Baseball Card AdventureGutman, Dan4.26.0
88020 ENJimmy Coates, Assassin?Craig, Joe5.09.0
21610 ENJo's Boys (Unabridged)Alcott, Louisa May8.818.0
88392 ENJoe Louis: America's FighterAdler, David A.4.70.5
45124 ENJoey Pigza Loses ControlGantos, Jack4.97.0
29525 ENJoey Pigza Swallowed the KeyGantos, Jack4.95.0
85732 ENJohn F. Kennedy: The Making of a LeaderKids, Editors of Time for5.71.0
105277 ENJohn, Paul, George & BenSmith, Lane3.70.5
55200 ENJohn's Story: 1775Nixon, Joan Lowery5.84.0
41246 ENJohnny HangtimeGutman, Dan5.15.0
68469 ENJohnny's in the BasementSachar, Louis3.33.0
47 ENJohnny TremainForbes, Esther5.913.0
124115 ENJonas Brothers, TheMattern, Joanne4.90.5
17625 ENJosefina Learns a Lesson: A School StoryTripp, Valerie4.52.0
17626 ENJosefina's Surprise: A Christmas StoryTripp, Valerie4.61.0
20696 ENJosefina Saves the Day: A Summer StoryTripp, Valerie4.21.0
10527 ENJosefina Story Quilt, TheCoerr, Eleanor2.70.5
35829 ENJoseph Had a Little OvercoatTaback, Simms1.70.5
32161 ENJosie PoeDuey, Kathleen4.74.0
44831 ENJournal of Augustus Pelletier: The Lewis & Clark Expedition, TheLasky, Kathryn5.65.0
32209 ENJournal of Ben Uchida, Citizen 13559: Mirror Lake...Camp, TheDenenberg, Barry5.24.0
64753 ENJournal of Jedediah Barstow: An Emigrant on the Oregon Trail, TheLevine, Ellen5.35.0
52608 ENJournal of Jesse Smoke: A Cherokee Boy, TheBruchac, Joseph6.26.0
31189 ENJournal of Joshua Loper: A Black Cowboy, TheMyers, Walter Dean5.04.0
59356 ENJournal of Patrick Seamus Flaherty: United States...Corps, TheWhite, Ellen Emerson5.97.0
34709 ENJournal of Scott Pendleton Collins: A World War II Soldier, TheMyers, Walter Dean5.04.0
27945 ENJournal of William Thomas Emerson: A ...War Patriot, TheDenenberg, Barry5.64.0
48 ENJourney from Peppermint StreetDe Jong, Meindert5.08.0
86245 ENJourney of the One and Only Declaration of Independence, TheSt. George, Judith5.40.5
234 ENJourney OutsideSteele, Mary5.75.0
105026 ENJourney: Stories of Migration, TheRylant, Cynthia5.71.0
88682 ENJourney That Saved Curious George, TheBorden, Louise6.11.0
87365 ENJourney to JamestownRuby, Lois5.46.0
17627 ENJourney to the New World: The Diary of Remember Patience..., ALasky, Kathryn6.04.0
58234 ENJourney to the River SeaIbbotson, Eva5.612.0
108424 ENJudy Moody: Around the World in 8 1/2 DaysMcDonald, Megan3.32.0
89010 ENJudy Moody Declares IndependenceMcDonald, Megan3.42.0
56498 ENJudy Moody Gets Famous!McDonald, Megan3.51.0
125144 ENJudy Moody Goes to CollegeMcDonald, Megan3.71.0
80135 ENJudy Moody, M.D.: The Doctor Is In!McDonald, Megan3.22.0
70047 ENJudy Moody Predicts the FutureMcDonald, Megan3.11.0
62253 ENJudy Moody Saves the WorldMcDonald, Megan3.61.0
48375 ENJudy Moody Was in a Mood. Not a Good Mood. A Bad Mood.McDonald, Megan3.51.0
123049 ENJulia Gillian (and the Art of Knowing)McGhee, Alison5.24.0
667 ENJulian, Dream DoctorCameron, Ann2.91.0
273 ENJulian's Glorious SummerCameron, Ann3.11.0
11720 ENJulieGeorge, Jean Craighead5.06.0
49 ENJulie of the WolvesGeorge, Jean Craighead5.86.0
73767 ENJuliet Dove, Queen of LoveCoville, Bruce5.07.0
5518 ENJulius, the Baby of the WorldHenkes, Kevin3.00.5
5519 ENJumanjiVan Allsburg, Chris3.90.5
107304 ENJunie B., First Grader: Aloha-ha-ha!Park, Barbara2.81.0
57153 ENJunie B., First Grader (at Last!)Park, Barbara2.61.0
80959 ENJunie B., First Grader: Boo...and I Mean It!Park, Barbara2.91.0
61519 ENJunie B., First Grader: Boss of LunchPark, Barbara2.81.0
68705 ENJunie B., First Grader: Cheater PantsPark, Barbara3.11.0
73514 ENJunie B., First Grader: One-Man BandPark, Barbara3.01.0
80075 ENJunie B., First Grader: ShipwreckedPark, Barbara3.11.0
64031 ENJunie B., First Grader: Toothless WonderPark, Barbara2.81.0
100621 ENJunie B...Jingle Bells, Batman Smells! (P.S. So Does May)Park, Barbara2.81.0
6323 ENJunie B. Jones and a Little Monkey BusinessPark, Barbara2.91.0
9266 ENJunie B. Jones and Her Big Fat MouthPark, Barbara3.01.0
14676 ENJunie B. Jones and Some Sneaky Peeky SpyingPark, Barbara2.91.0
14677 ENJunie B. Jones and That Meanie Jim's BirthdayPark, Barbara2.81.0
32900 ENJunie B. Jones and the Mushy Gushy ValentimePark, Barbara2.91.0
6324 ENJunie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly BusPark, Barbara2.91.0
14678 ENJunie B. Jones and the Yucky Blucky FruitcakePark, Barbara2.71.0
17570 ENJunie B. Jones Has a Monster Under Her BedPark, Barbara2.71.0
44907 ENJunie B. Jones Has a Peep in Her PocketPark, Barbara2.91.0
24936 ENJunie B. Jones Is a Beauty Shop GuyPark, Barbara2.81.0
49412 ENJunie B. Jones Is a Graduation GirlPark, Barbara3.01.0
17571 ENJunie B. Jones Is a Party AnimalPark, Barbara2.81.0
31061 ENJunie B. Jones Is Almost a Flower GirlPark, Barbara2.71.0
44908 ENJunie B. Jones Is Captain Field DayPark, Barbara2.81.0
17572 ENJunie B. Jones Is Not a CrookPark, Barbara3.01.0
12775 ENJunie B. Jones Loves Handsome WarrenPark, Barbara2.71.0
28323 ENJunie B. Jones Smells Something FishyPark, Barbara2.61.0
70345 ENJupiterAdamson, Thomas K.1.80.5
114472 ENJust GraceHarper, Charise Mericle4.82.0
87502 ENJust Keep SwimmingLagonegro, Melissa0.80.5
20231 ENJust So Stories (Unabridged)Kipling, Rudyard6.45.0
177 ENJustin and the Best Biscuits in the WorldWalter, Mildred Pitts3.93.0
235 ENJustin Morgan Had a HorseHenry, Marguerite5.85.0
72263 ENKaileyKoss, Amy Goldman4.63.0
42049 ENKansas Facts and SymbolsDeady, Kathleen W.4.30.5
50 ENKatie JohnCalhoun, Mary4.24.0
62887 ENKaya and Lone Dog: A Friendship StoryShaw, Janet4.82.0
62889 ENKaya's Escape! A Survival StoryShaw, Janet4.72.0
14679 ENKeisha to the RescueReed, Teresa4.92.0
42050 ENKentucky Facts and SymbolsDeady, Kathleen W.3.80.5
88491 ENKer-Splash!O'Connor, George1.20.5
274 ENKevin Corbett Eats FliesHermes, Patricia3.65.0
5226 ENKey to the TreasureParish, Peggy3.22.0
14626 ENKick, Pass, and RunKessler, Leonard1.70.5
43418 ENKid Who Became President, TheGutman, Dan4.95.0
17779 ENKid Who Ran for President, TheGutman, Dan4.73.0
512 ENKidnappedStevenson, Robert Louis7.614.0
44931 ENKidnapped King, TheRoy, Ron3.41.0
24908 ENKidnappers: A Mystery, TheRoberts, Willo Davis4.85.0
32558 ENKids on Strike!Bartoletti, Susan Campbell7.06.0
103778 ENKiller Whale's World, AArnold, Caroline3.90.5
34558 ENKing ArthurKrensky, Stephen3.81.0
45246 ENKing Bidgood's in the BathtubWood, Audrey1.70.5
74741 ENKing CobraEckart, Edana1.40.5
34721 ENKing of ShadowsCooper, Susan6.28.0
83157 ENKing of Show-and-Tell, TheKlein, Abby3.11.0
70162 ENKing of the KootiesDadey, Debbie3.81.0
51 ENKing of the WindHenry, Marguerite5.45.0
669 ENKirsten's SurpriseShaw, Janet3.91.0
5227 ENKirsten Saves the DayShaw, Janet3.71.0
5520 ENKiss for Little Bear, AMinarik, Else Holmelund1.40.5
44909 ENKiss of the MermaidMayer/Farber/Sansevere3.20.5
37032 ENKit Learns a Lesson: A School StoryTripp, Valerie4.52.0
37033 ENKit's Surprise: A Christmas StoryTripp, Valerie4.42.0
52598 ENKit Saves the Day: A Summer StoryTripp, Valerie4.41.0
48231 ENKittens (Wonder Books)Klingel/Noyed1.10.5
275 ENKitty in the MiddleDelton, Judy4.63.0
236 ENKneeknock RiseBabbitt, Natalie4.42.0
6327 ENKnight at Dawn, TheOsborne, Mary Pope2.91.0
51847 ENKnight's CastleEager, Edward5.36.0
57573 ENKnights and Castles: A Nonfiction Companion...The Knight at DawnOsborne, Will5.11.0
65670 ENKnights of Silversnow, TheAbbott, Tony3.82.0
8532 ENKnights of the Kitchen TableScieszka, Jon3.81.0
124997 ENKnucklehead: Tall Tales..True Stories of Growing up ScieszkaScieszka, Jon4.62.0
82297 ENKnuffle Bunny: A Cautionary TaleWillems, Mo1.60.5
5228 ENKoko's KittenPatterson, Francine3.50.5
9069 ENKomodo!Sis, Peter1.80.5
74742 ENKomodo DragonEckart, Edana1.50.5
17676 ENKwanzaa Contest, TheMoore/Taylor3.31.0
104960 ENLacrosse for Fun!Will, Sandra5.81.0
44910 ENLady LollipopKing-Smith, Dick4.91.0
79532 ENLadybugsHall, Margaret1.50.5
31641 ENLandry News, TheClements, Andrew6.04.0
109086 ENLarklightReeve, Philip7.013.0
121 ENLassie Come-HomeKnight, Eric5.49.0
619 ENLast Battle, TheLewis, C.S.5.67.0
109784 ENLast Dragon, TheDe Mari, Silvana6.514.0
82274 ENLast Holiday Concert, TheClements, Andrew5.44.0
85215 ENLast Shot: A Final Four MysteryFeinstein, John4.89.0
115808 ENLawn BoyPaulsen, Gary4.32.0
80737 ENLeaping Beauty: And Other Animal Fairy TalesMaguire, Gregory4.94.0
47371 ENLeaping GrasshoppersZuchora-Walske, Christine2.50.5
100624 ENLegend of Captain Crow's Teeth, TheColfer, Eoin3.81.0
30337 ENLegend of Luke, TheJacques, Brian5.716.0
87214 ENLegend of Spud Murphy, TheColfer, Eoin3.81.0
5521 ENLegend of the Indian Paintbrush, TheDe Paola, Tomie4.40.5
114834 ENLegend of the Worst Boy in the WorldColfer, Eoin4.41.0
276 ENLemming Condition, TheArkin, Alan4.31.0
5229 ENLemonade Trick, TheCorbett, Scott4.93.0
114227 ENLemonade War, TheDavies, Jacqueline4.14.0
59380 ENLemony Snicket: The Unauthorized AutobiographySnicket, Lemony7.33.0
62746 ENLemursFrost, Helen1.90.5
5522 ENLeo the Late BloomerKraus, Robert1.20.5
88782 ENLeonardo, the Terrible MonsterWillems, Mo2.30.5
108400 ENLet's Do Karate!Lindeen, Carol K.2.10.5
68225 ENLet's Get Ready for Memorial DayDouglas, Lloyd G.1.80.5
100579 ENLet's Get This Party Haunted!Stine, R.L.3.13.0
16388 ENLet's Go, Froggy!London, Jonathan1.90.5
107591 ENLet's Go, Pegasus! A Greek MythMarzollo, Jean2.80.5
105109 ENLet's Play Baseball!DeGezelle, Terri1.70.5
105110 ENLet's Play Basketball!Lindeen, Carol K.1.70.5
108403 ENLet's Play Football!Mader, Jan1.50.5
105111 ENLet's Play Soccer!Adamson, Heather1.70.5
85036 ENLet's Talk About RaceLester, Julius3.00.5
237 ENLet the Circle Be UnbrokenTaylor, Mildred D.5.715.0
74625 ENLetters Are Lost, TheErnst, Lisa Campbell1.70.5
114887 ENLetters from RapunzelHolmes, Sara Lewis5.34.0
8533 ENLetters from RifkaHesse, Karen4.24.0
66726 ENLewis and Clark and Me: A Dog's TaleMyers, Laurie4.01.0
29375 ENLiar, LiarDeClements, Barthe4.04.0
36620 ENLiar, Liar, Pants on FireKorman, Gordon3.21.0
66269 ENLiberty or Death: A Story About Patrick HenryMcPherson, Stephanie Sammartino6.31.0
103209 ENLiberty or Death: The American Revolution, 1763-1783Maestro, Betsy7.31.0
17324 ENLibrarian Who Measured the Earth, TheLasky, Kathryn5.80.5
24962 ENLibrary Card, TheSpinelli, Jerry4.34.0
21186 ENLife Is FunCarlson, Nancy1.50.5
122 ENLight in the Forest, TheRichter, Conrad5.55.0
32207 ENLight in the Storm: The Civil War Diary of Amelia Martin, AHesse, Karen5.34.0
41402 ENLighthouse Mermaid, TheKarr, Kathleen3.11.0
109672 ENLightning Strikes!Quinn, Zoe5.34.0
89885 ENLightning Thief, TheRiordan, Rick4.713.0
9267 ENLights, Action, Land-Ho!Delton, Judy3.51.0
106026 ENLilly's Big DayHenkes, Kevin3.60.5
73956 ENLily B. on the Brink of CoolKimmel, Elizabeth Cody5.67.0
17781 ENLily's CrossingGiff, Patricia Reilly4.65.0
238 ENLincoln: A PhotobiographyFreedman, Russell7.75.0
5232 ENLine DriveHughes, Dean3.92.0
25891 ENLine in the Sand: The Alamo Diary of Lucinda Lawrence, AGarland, Sherry5.66.0
14680 ENLion in the Box: A Christmas Story, TheDe Angeli, Marguerite4.32.0
88276 ENLion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (Abridged), TheOram, Hiawyn4.50.5
52 ENLion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, TheLewis, C.S.5.76.0
44911 ENLionel and LouiseKrensky, Stephen2.40.5
44912 ENLionel at SchoolKrensky, Stephen2.80.5
120041 ENLionsIpcizade, Catherine1.50.5
18727 ENLions at LunchtimeOsborne, Mary Pope3.01.0
100864 ENLisa Leslie: Slam Dunk QueenSavage, Jeff6.32.0
106310 ENListen!Tolan, Stephanie S.5.46.0
11026 ENListening to Crickets: A Story About Rachel CarsonRansom, Candice F.6.01.0
7325 ENLittle Bear's FriendMinarik, Else Holmelund2.20.5
7326 ENLittle Bear's VisitMinarik, Else Holmelund2.30.5
48702 ENLittle Bunny's Easter SurpriseModesitt, Jeanne3.10.5
86361 ENLittle Camp of HorrorsStine, R.L.3.33.0
40731 ENLittle Critter Sleeps OverMayer, Mercer1.00.5
82930 ENLittle Gentleman, ThePearce, Philippa5.44.0
58772 ENLittle HorseByars, Betsy3.20.5
82336 ENLittle Horse on His OwnByars, Betsy2.90.5
53 ENLittle House on the PrairieWilder, Laura Ingalls4.98.0
5230 ENLittle House, TheBurton, Virginia Lee4.20.5
537 ENLittle MenAlcott, Louisa May8.119.0
72166 ENLittle Mermaid, TheBlackaby, Susan3.00.5
43616 ENLittle Miss SpiderKirk, David2.80.5
123 ENLittle Prince, TheSaint-Exupery, Antoine de5.02.0
124 ENLittle Princess (Unabridged), ABurnett, Frances Hodgson6.011.0
108449 ENLittle Red Hen, ThePinkney, Jerry3.10.5
63351 ENLittle Red Riding HoodMoore, Maggie2.50.5
87522 ENLittle Stevie WonderTroupe, Quincy4.30.5
77205 ENLittle Vampire Does Kung Fu!Sfar, Joann2.80.5
77206 ENLittle Vampire Goes to SchoolSfar, Joann2.80.5
40600 ENLittle White DuckWhippo, Walt1.90.5
31139 ENLittle Witch Goes to SchoolHautzig, Deborah2.80.5
46462 ENLittle Wolf, Big WolfNovak, Matt2.40.5
513 ENLittle Women (Book I and II) (Unabridged)Alcott, Louisa May7.933.0
5231 ENLittles, ThePeterson, John3.31.0
44820 ENLives of Extraordinary WomenKrull, Kathleen8.53.0
26763 ENLives of the ArtistsKrull, Kathleen7.83.0
17370 ENLives of the AthletesKrull, Kathleen7.93.0
277 ENLizard MusicPinkwater, Daniel4.95.0
67659 ENLizardsTrueit, Trudi Strain4.90.5
25212 ENLocked in the Library!Brown, Marc3.11.0
5523 ENLon Po Po: A Red-Riding Hood Story from ChinaYoung, Ed3.50.5
18500 ENLone WolfFranklin, Kristine L.4.26.0
34971 ENLong-Arm QuarterbackChristopher, Matt4.73.0
32245 ENLook out Kindergarten, Here I Come!Carlson, Nancy2.30.5
76898 ENLooking for Seabirds: Journal from an Alaskan VoyageWebb, Sophie7.41.0
58774 ENLoose ToothKeats/Suen2.00.5
101372 ENLords of the Sea: The Vikings Explore the North AtlanticLassieur, Allison3.30.5
106502 ENLost and FoundJeffers, Oliver2.90.5
123158 ENLost and FoundClements, Andrew5.04.0
76151 ENLost and Found PuppyGoldowsky, Jill L.0.90.5
4194 ENLoudmouth George and the New NeighborsCarlson, Nancy1.90.5
73894 ENLouieKeats, Ezra Jack1.70.5
76029 ENLouie's SearchKeats, Ezra Jack1.90.5
31153 ENLouise Goes WildKrensky, Stephen3.21.0
46463 ENLouise, Soccer Star?Krensky, Stephen3.61.0
2011 ENLouisiana Facts and SymbolsMcAuliffe, Emily3.60.5
5427 ENLove, from the Fifth-Grade CelebrityGiff, Patricia Reilly4.73.0
52616 ENLove That DogCreech, Sharon4.51.0
6280 ENLove You, SoldierHest, Amy3.41.0
82271 ENLovingly AliceNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.35.0
89152 ENLow-Down, Bad-Day Blues, TheBarnes, Derrick D.1.50.5
85476 ENLowji Discovers AmericaFleming, Candace3.13.0
16925 ENLuckiest Girl, TheCleary, Beverly5.910.0
5233 ENLucky Baseball Bat, TheChristopher, Matt3.21.0
84514 ENLucky Days with Mr. and Mrs. GreenBaker, Keith2.60.5
673 ENLucky Dog DaysDelton, Judy2.91.0
44932 ENLucky Lottery, TheRoy, Ron3.81.0
17677 ENLucky StarsAdler, David A.2.91.0
40734 ENLucy on the LooseCooper, Ilene2.81.0
88575 ENLucy Rose: Big on PlansKelly, Katy4.94.0
82842 ENLucy Rose, Here's the Thing About MeKelly, Katy5.14.0
88626 ENLunch MoneyClements, Andrew5.26.0
72265 ENLunch Walks Among UsBenton, Jim5.01.0
43130 ENLunchroom of Doom, ThePinkwater, Daniel4.31.0
125 ENM.C. Higgins, the GreatHamilton, Virginia4.410.0
51483 ENMadame Amelia Tells All/Amelia Tells AllMoss, Marissa4.31.0
43333 ENMadlenkaSis, Peter1.40.5
88517 ENMagic by the BookBernstein, Nina6.87.0
51848 ENMagic by the LakeEager, Edward5.05.0
9268 ENMagic Finger, TheDahl, Roald3.10.5
17678 ENMagic MoneyAdler, David A.2.91.0
32199 ENMagic or Not?Eager, Edward4.75.0
43131 ENMagic Pretzel, ThePinkwater, Daniel3.81.0
34856 ENMagic School Bus Gets Programmed, TheCole/White4.30.5
622 ENMagician's Nephew, TheLewis, C.S.5.46.0
86518 ENMagykSage, Angie6.018.0
1597 ENMaine Facts and SymbolsMcAuliffe, Emily4.20.5
89218 ENMaisy Goes to the LibraryCousins, Lucy1.60.5
76767 ENMake a Wish!Jones, Miranda3.81.0
6281 ENMake Like a Tree and LeaveDanziger, Paula4.53.0
5524 ENMake Way for DucklingsMcCloskey, Robert4.10.5
112643 ENMallory on BoardFriedman, Laurie4.43.0
77035 ENMallory on the MoveFriedman, Laurie3.12.0
84389 ENMallory vs. MaxFriedman, Laurie3.42.0
46719 ENMama Cat Has Three KittensFleming, Denise1.60.5
17679 ENMama's Birthday SurpriseSpurr, Elizabeth3.91.0
40632 ENMan of the FamilyKarr, Kathleen4.54.0
40633 ENManatee BluesAnderson, Laurie Halse4.13.0
32203 ENMany Troubles of Andy Russell, TheAdler, David A.3.73.0
54165 ENMaria's Story: 1773Nixon, Joan Lowery6.04.0
40137 ENMarie Antoinette: Princess of VersaillesLasky, Kathryn6.27.0
16395 ENMarigold and Grandma on the TownCalmenson, Stephanie2.50.5
86214 ENMaritcha: A Nineteenth-Century American GirlBolden, Tonya7.71.0
15526 ENMark TWAIN! A Story About Samuel ClemensCollins, David R.6.01.0
17680 ENMarmee's Surprise: A Little Women StoryKulling, Monica2.90.5
70347 ENMarsAdamson, Thomas K.2.30.5
14681 ENMartians Don't Take TemperaturesDadey/Jones3.61.0
89979 ENMartin Bridge on the Lookout!Kerrin, Jessica Scott3.71.0
86665 ENMartin Bridge Ready for Takeoff!Kerrin, Jessica Scott3.61.0
57412 ENMartin's Big Words: The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.Rappaport, Doreen3.40.5
42810 ENMarvin and the Meanest GirlKline, Suzy3.41.0
9035 ENMarvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now!Seuss, Dr.1.10.5
31069 ENMarvin Redpost: A Flying Birthday Cake?Sachar, Louis3.21.0
9269 ENMarvin Redpost: Alone in His Teacher's HouseSachar, Louis2.91.0
28330 ENMarvin Redpost: Class PresidentSachar, Louis3.41.0
9270 ENMarvin Redpost: Is He a Girl?Sachar, Louis2.81.0
6332 ENMarvin Redpost: Why Pick on Me?Sachar, Louis2.71.0
32014 ENMary Moon Is MissingGiff, Patricia Reilly3.92.0
54 ENMary PoppinsTravers, P.L.6.16.0
58029 ENMary, Queen of Scots: Queen Without a CountryLasky, Kathryn6.06.0
40575 ENMaryland Facts and SymbolsDubois, Muriel L.4.10.5
2012 ENMassachusetts Facts and SymbolsMcAuliffe, Emily3.60.5
55 ENMaster Puppeteer, ThePaterson, Katherine5.47.0
125321 ENMasterpieceBroach, Elise4.88.0
56 ENMatchlock Gun, TheEdmonds, Walter D.5.11.0
17325 ENMath in the Bath (and Other Fun Places, Too!)Atherlay, Sara1.70.5
5429 ENMatildaDahl, Roald5.06.0
43469 ENMatilda BoneCushman, Karen5.75.0
101373 ENMatthew Henson: Arctic AdventurerHoena, B.A.3.90.5
45148 ENMax Cleans UpWells, Rosemary2.60.5
76701 ENMax's LogbookMoss, Marissa3.71.0
109414 ENMax's WordsBanks, Kate2.60.5
101829 ENMay Bird and the Ever AfterAnderson, Jodi Lynn5.112.0
5525 ENMay I Bring a Friend?de Regniers, Beatrice Schenk2.70.5
116909 ENMayflower Treasure HuntRoy, Ron4.12.0
71689 ENMayor of Central Park, TheAvi4.14.0
30672 ENMcBroom Tells the TruthFleischman, Sid3.90.5
11479 ENMcMummyByars, Betsy4.24.0
71260 ENMe Oh MayaScieszka, Jon3.61.0
39876 ENMe TarzanByars, Betsy4.62.0
7580 ENMean SoupEveritt, Betsy1.70.5
71437 ENMeanest Doll in the World, TheMartin/Godwin4.65.0
19888 ENMeanest Thing to Say, TheCosby, Bill2.20.5
122271 ENMeanie GenieJones, Miranda4.52.0
119364 ENMeerkatsRake, Jody Sullivan1.40.5
7682 ENMeet AddyPorter, Connie4.01.0
113424 ENMeet Alex Rodriguez: Baseball's Lightning RodSmithwick, John5.00.5
31164 ENMeet Calliope DayHaddad, Charles3.63.0
113425 ENMeet David Ortiz: Baseball's Top SluggerSmithwick, John4.90.5
6430 ENMeet Felicity, an American Girl: 1774Tripp, Valerie4.21.0
17632 ENMeet Josefina, an American GirlTripp, Valerie4.12.0
425 ENMeet KirstenShaw, Janet3.81.0
113427 ENMeet LeBron James: Basketball's King JamesSmithwick, John5.10.5
426 ENMeet Molly, an American GirlTripp, Valerie4.21.0
64202 ENMeet Mr. and Mrs. GreenBaker, Keith2.70.5
10131 ENMeet the AustinsL'Engle, Madeleine5.38.0
84287 ENMeet the GeckoVan Draanen, Wendelin3.42.0
9271 ENMeg Mackintosh...Case of the Missing Babe Ruth BaseballLandon, Lucinda3.60.5
9272 ENMeg Mackintosh...Mystery at Camp CreepyLandon, Lucinda4.11.0
9273 ENMeg Mackintosh...Mystery in the Locked LibraryLandon, Lucinda3.51.0
104878 ENMegalodonRiehecky, Janet1.60.5
570 ENMegan's IslandRoberts, Willo Davis5.07.0
14682 ENMegan's MasqueradeMagraw, Trisha5.72.0
71855 ENMeow Means MischiefNagda, Ann Whitehead3.32.0
70348 ENMercuryAdamson, Thomas K.2.30.5
107765 ENMercy Watson Fights CrimeDiCamillo, Kate2.60.5
106376 ENMercy Watson Goes for a RideDiCamillo, Kate2.70.5
115901 ENMercy Watson: Princess in DisguiseDiCamillo, Kate2.70.5
123159 ENMercy Watson Thinks Like a PigDiCamillo, Kate2.80.5
88160 ENMercy Watson to the RescueDiCamillo, Kate2.70.5
16916 ENMerlinYolen, Jane4.92.0
35312 ENMermaid IslandFrith, Margaret2.00.5
571 ENMermaid Summer, TheHunter, Mollie6.15.0
5526 ENMerry Christmas, Amelia BedeliaParish, Peggy2.10.5
83801 ENMerry Christmas, Geronimo!Stilton, Geronimo3.21.0
5623 ENMessage in the Hollow Oak, TheKeene, Carolyn5.36.0
77348 ENMessengerLowry, Lois4.95.0
40548 ENMexicoGray, Shirley W.4.50.5
2013 ENMichigan Facts and SymbolsMcAuliffe, Emily3.50.5
68470 ENMickey & Me : A Baseball Card AdventureGutman, Dan4.34.0
57 ENMiddle Moffat, TheEstes, Eleanor4.66.0
116694 ENMiddle School Is Worse Than Meatloaf: A Year Told Through StuffHolm, Jennifer L.4.71.0
68471 ENMidnight for Charlie BoneNimmo, Jenny4.810.0
34516 ENMidnight MagicAvi4.76.0
17578 ENMidnight on the MoonOsborne, Mary Pope2.81.0
46465 ENMidnight SnackMayer/Farber/Sansevere0.90.5
84791 ENMilitary HelicoptersDoeden, Matt2.70.5
59231 ENMilitary HelicoptersBudd, E.S.2.50.5
72355 ENMillion Dollar Goal, TheGutman, Dan4.84.0
57150 ENMillion Dollar Kick, TheGutman, Dan4.75.0
26736 ENMillion Dollar Shot, TheGutman, Dan4.23.0
77676 ENMimmy and Sophie All Around the TownCohen, Miriam2.90.5
70021 ENMind GamesGrunwell, Jeanne Marie5.13.0
31542 ENMine's the BestBonsall, Crosby0.50.5
105022 ENMinerva Louise and the Colorful EggsStoeke, Janet Morgan1.70.5
58880 ENMinerva Louise and the Red TruckStoeke, Janet Morgan1.50.5
2014 ENMinnesota Facts and SymbolsMcAuliffe, Bill3.70.5
45509 ENMinnie and Moo and the Musk of ZorroCazet, Denys2.10.5
32164 ENMinnie and Moo Go to the MoonCazet, Denys2.00.5
36431 ENMinnie and Moo Save the EarthCazet, Denys2.00.5
65666 ENMinnie and Moo: Will You Be My Valentine?Cazet, Denys2.50.5
428 ENMinstrel in the Tower, TheSkurzynski, Gloria4.21.0
79565 ENMiracle: The True Story of the Wreck of the Sea VentureKarwoski, Gail Langer7.12.0
59 ENMiracles on Maple HillSorensen, Virginia4.97.0
102971 ENMiraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, TheDiCamillo, Kate4.42.0
64750 ENMirror, Mirror on the Wall: The Diary of Bess BrennanDenenberg, Barry6.04.0
41284 ENMiserable Mill, TheSnicket, Lemony6.25.0
278 ENMishmashCone, Molly4.22.0
106377 ENMiss Bindergarten Celebrates the Last Day of KindergartenSlate, Joseph1.90.5
61668 ENMiss Bindergarten Plans a Circus with KindergartenSlate, Joseph1.90.5
54249 ENMiss Bindergarten Takes a Field Trip with KindergartenSlate, Joseph1.70.5
79640 ENMiss Daisy Is Crazy!Gutman, Dan4.31.0
126 ENMiss HickoryBailey, Carolyn Sherwin5.94.0
110169 ENMiss Holly Is Too Jolly!Gutman, Dan4.01.0
102956 ENMiss Lazar Is Bizarre!Gutman, Dan3.81.0
5234 ENMiss Nelson Is Missing!Allard, Harry2.70.5
84980 ENMiss Small Is off the Wall!Gutman, Dan3.61.0
117089 ENMiss Suki Is Kooky!Gutman, Dan3.81.0
17681 ENMissing Fossil Mystery, TheHerman, Emily3.71.0
46482 ENMissing Mummy, TheRoy, Ron4.01.0
42051 ENMississippi Facts and SymbolsGibson, Karen Bush4.20.5
1598 ENMissouri Facts and SymbolsMcAuliffe, Emily4.10.5
70137 ENMister MondayNix, Garth5.912.0
60 ENMisty of ChincoteagueHenry, Marguerite5.34.0
6336 ENMitch and AmyCleary, Beverly6.26.0
279 ENMitzi's Honeymoon with Nana PottsWilliams, Barbara4.03.0
44052 ENMixed-Up Chameleon, TheCarle, Eric1.80.5
47426 ENMoffat Museum, TheEstes, Eleanor5.08.0
61 ENMoffats, TheEstes, Eleanor5.26.0
17682 ENMole and Shrew All Year ThroughKoller, Jackie French3.51.0
54484 ENMolly Gets MadKline, Suzy3.21.0
485 ENMolly Learns a Lesson: A School StoryTripp, Valerie3.71.0
5235 ENMolly Saves the DayTripp, Valerie3.71.0
47510 ENMom PieJonell, Lynne1.80.5
47511 ENMommy Go Away!Jonell, Lynne1.20.5
86064 ENMona Mousa Code, TheStilton, Geronimo3.51.0
82854 ENMonkey BusinessEdwards, Wallace3.90.5
9613 ENMonster BloodStine, R.L.4.13.0
46599 ENMonster MathMiranda, Anne1.80.5
5947 ENMonster's Ring, TheCoville, Bruce3.92.0
108464 ENMonster Trucks (Mighty Machines)Doeden, Matt2.10.5
54106 ENMonsters of Morley Manor, TheCoville, Bruce5.37.0
1599 ENMontana Facts and SymbolsSateren, Shelley Swanson4.00.5
17326 ENMoon Jump: A CountdownBrown, Paula1.90.5
19200 ENMoon WindowCurry, Jane Louise5.96.0
32442 ENMoonbear's DreamAsch, Frank2.40.5
78467 ENMoose MasterStanley, George Edward2.80.5
11179 ENMore Spaghetti, I Say!Gelman, Rita Golden1.20.5
6674 ENMorning GirlDorris, Michael4.92.0
46095 ENMorris's Disappearing BagWells, Rosemary2.40.5
109416 ENMoses: When Harriet Tubman Led Her People to FreedomWeatherford, Carole Boston4.00.5
104891 ENMosquitoesHall, Margaret1.90.5
17327 ENMother Goose MathBolam, Emily2.40.5
77915 ENMother, May I?Plourde, Lynn1.30.5
5486 ENMother, Mother, I Want AnotherPolushkin, Maria1.70.5
103728 ENMother’s DayHeinrichs, Ann3.50.5
85404 ENMother TeresaDemi6.71.0
84792 ENMothsHoward, Fran1.70.5
77036 ENMotorcyclesHill, Lee Sullivan2.20.5
108465 ENMotorcyclesDoeden, Matt1.40.5
23807 ENMouse and His Child, TheHoban, Russell6.68.0
182 ENMouse and the Motorcycle, TheCleary, Beverly5.13.0
44043 ENMouse CountWalsh, Ellen Stoll2.00.5
115226 ENMouse Island Marathon, TheStilton, Geronimo3.81.0
105023 ENMove!Jenkins, Steve1.90.5
121665 ENMoving DayCabot, Meg5.06.0
115048 ENMoxy Maxwell Does Not Love Stuart LittleGifford, Peggy5.21.0
4368 ENMr. Blue Jeans: A Story About Levi StraussWeidt, Maryann N.6.21.0
101363 ENMr. Chickee's Funny MoneyCurtis, Christopher Paul5.35.0
103837 ENMr. Docker Is off His Rocker!Gutman, Dan3.61.0
23621 ENMr Gumpy's Motor CarBurningham, John1.80.5
29237 ENMr. Gumpy's OutingBurningham, John1.70.5
87383 ENMr. Hynde Is out of His MindGutman, Dan3.81.0
79641 ENMr. Klutz Is Nuts!Gutman, Dan4.41.0
53459 ENMr. Lincoln's WayPolacco, Patricia3.70.5
119702 ENMr. Louie Is Screwy!Gutman, Dan3.61.0
112348 ENMr. Macky Is Wacky!Gutman, Dan3.71.0
58 ENMr. Popper's PenguinsAtwater, Richard/Florence5.63.0
14426 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Bake the CakeRylant, Cynthia2.80.5
59517 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Catch the ColdRylant, Cynthia2.30.5
46467 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Feed the FishRylant, Cynthia2.20.5
35325 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Paint the PorchRylant, Cynthia2.80.5
11647 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Pour the TeaRylant, Cynthia2.80.5
14429 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Row the BoatRylant, Cynthia2.70.5
115860 ENMr. Putter & Tabby See the StarsRylant, Cynthia2.70.5
107766 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Spin the YarnRylant, Cynthia3.00.5
68289 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Stir the SoupRylant, Cynthia2.50.5
19232 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Toot the HornRylant, Cynthia2.60.5
12481 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Walk the DogRylant, Cynthia2.80.5
78747 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Write the BookRylant, Cynthia3.10.5
18777 ENMr. Revere and ILawson, Robert7.55.0
7335 ENMrs. Brice's MiceHoff, Syd2.30.5
70036 ENMrs. Chicken and the Hungry CrocodilePaye/Lippert2.30.5
101364 ENMrs. Cooney Is Loony!Gutman, Dan3.51.0
124641 ENMrs. Dole Is out of Control!Gutman, Dan3.91.0
62 ENMrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH/The Secret of NIMHO'Brien, Robert C.5.18.0
105639 ENMrs. Kormel Is Not Normal!Gutman, Dan3.81.0
109528 ENMrs. Patty Is Batty!Gutman, Dan3.81.0
63 ENMrs. Piggle-WiggleMacDonald, Betty5.23.0
83937 ENMrs. Roopy Is Loopy!Gutman, Dan3.91.0
118271 ENMrs. Yonkers Is Bonkers!Gutman, Dan3.91.0
115027 ENMs. Coco Is Loco!Gutman, Dan3.91.0
89721 ENMs. Frizzle's Adventures: Imperial ChinaCole, Joanna3.60.5
83938 ENMs. Hannah Is Bananas!Gutman, Dan3.61.0
121150 ENMs. Krup Cracks Me Up!Gutman, Dan3.51.0
101365 ENMs. LaGrange Is Strange!Gutman, Dan3.81.0
109319 ENMs. Todd Is Odd!Gutman, Dan3.91.0
677 ENMuch Ado About AldoHurwitz, Johanna4.81.0
17328 ENMuch Bigger Than MartinKellogg, Steven2.50.5
5527 ENMud Pony, TheCohen, Caron Lee3.70.5
34562 ENMuffy's Secret AdmirerKrensky, Stephen3.31.0
429 ENMuggie MaggieCleary, Beverly4.51.0
46468 ENMummies and Pyramids...Companion to Mummies in the MorningOsborne, Will4.91.0
14683 ENMummies Don't Coach SoftballDadey/Jones3.81.0
10644 ENMummies in the MorningOsborne, Mary Pope2.71.0
75348 ENMummies, Pyramids, and Pharaohs: A Book About Ancient EgyptGibbons, Gail5.20.5
573 ENMummy, the Will, and the Crypt, TheBellairs, John5.36.0
108289 ENMummy with No Name, TheStilton, Geronimo3.71.0
280 ENMustardGraeber, Charlotte3.11.0
85580 ENMy Best FriendRodman, Mary Ann2.20.5
14954 ENMy Best Friend Is InvisibleStine, R.L.2.82.0
16398 ENMy Brother, AntByars, Betsy1.70.5
43739 ENMy Brother Made Me Do ItKehret, Peg5.44.0
40138 ENMy Brother's Keeper: Virginia's DiaryOsborne, Mary Pope4.32.0
127 ENMy Brother Sam Is DeadCollier, James/Christopher4.97.0
53208 ENMy CarBarton, Byron0.90.5
46820 ENMy CatFoley, Cate0.90.5
46400 ENMy DogHughes, Sarah1.30.5
46311 ENMy Dog, My HeroByars/Duffey/Myers4.11.0
486 ENMy Father's DragonGannett, Ruth Stiles5.61.0
281 ENMy Friend the VampireSommer-Bodenburg, Angela4.24.0
9616 ENMy Hairiest AdventureStine, R.L.3.53.0
31191 ENMy Heart Is on the Ground: The Diary of Nannie Little RoseRinaldi, Ann4.35.0
28793 ENMy Life as a Fifth-Grade ComedianLevy, Elizabeth3.65.0
77399 ENMy LightBang, Molly3.00.5
31601 ENMy Loose ToothKrensky, Stephen1.00.5
5236 ENMy Mom Made Me Go to CampDelton, Judy2.10.5
73830 ENMy Name Is Stilton, Geronimo StiltonStilton, Geronimo3.21.0
114250 ENMy, Oh My-A Butterfly! All About ButterfliesRabe, Tish3.50.5
26647 ENMy Own Two FeetCleary, Beverly7.111.0
89124 ENMy Pony JackMeister, Cari1.00.5
183 ENMy Robot BuddySlote, Alfred3.61.0
44821 ENMy Secret War: The World War II Diary of Madeline BeckOsborne, Mary Pope5.54.0
64 ENMy Side of the MountainGeorge, Jean Craighead5.26.0
17329 ENMy Silly Book of CountingAmerikaner, Susan2.60.5
17683 ENMy Sister the Sausage RollHolmes, Barbara Ware3.51.0
5433 ENMy Teacher Is an AlienCoville, Bruce5.33.0
184 ENMy Trip to Alpha ISlote, Alfred4.31.0
5528 ENMy Visit to the DinosaursAliki3.20.5
109418 ENMy Wobbly Tooth Must Not Ever Never Fall OutChild, Lauren2.70.5
53920 ENMy WorldBrown, Margaret Wise0.80.5
20621 ENMysteries on Monroe StreetBelton, Sandra4.35.0
20324 ENMysterious Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, TheDoyle, Arthur Conan7.911.0
113801 ENMysterious Benedict Society, TheStewart, Trenton Lee5.618.0
120397 ENMysterious Case of the Allbright Academy, TheStanley, Diane5.68.0
116470 ENMysterious Cheese Thief, TheStilton, Geronimo3.81.0
74152 ENMysterious Disappearance of Leon (I Mean Noel), TheRaskin, Ellen4.94.0
53440 ENMysterious Matter of I.M. Fine, TheStanley, Diane4.56.0
5626 ENMystery at Lilac Inn, TheKeene, Carolyn5.36.0
9274 ENMystery at Snowflake Inn, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.92.0
9275 ENMystery at the Dog Show, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.02.0
14684 ENMystery at the Fair, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.92.0
9276 ENMystery Horse, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.23.0
9277 ENMystery in the Snow, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.32.0
9278 ENMystery in Washington, D.C., TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.02.0
56731 ENMystery of Stone Circles, TheMason, Paul7.01.0
56732 ENMystery of the Death of the Dinosaurs, TheOxlade, Chris7.11.0
9279 ENMystery of the Hidden Beach, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.22.0
9280 ENMystery of the Lost Village, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.12.0
9281 ENMystery of the Missing Cat, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.72.0
14685 ENMystery of the Missing Dog, TheLevy, Elizabeth3.00.5
9282 ENMystery of the Phantom Pony, TheHall, Lynn4.01.0
9283 ENMystery of the Purple Pool, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.02.0
9284 ENMystery of the Singing Ghost, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.62.0
25214 ENMystery of the Stolen Bike, TheBrown, Marc3.11.0
17684 ENMystery of the Tooth GremlinGraves, Bonnie3.51.0
9285 ENMystery on the Ice, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.92.0
118321 ENName of This Book Is Secret, TheBosch, Pseudonymous5.69.0
5529 ENNana Upstairs & Nana DownstairsDe Paola, Tomie3.40.5
5530 ENNapping House, TheWood, Audrey2.80.5
104717 ENNatalie's SecretMorgan, Melissa J.4.95.0
5237 ENNate the Great and the Missing KeySharmat, Marjorie Weinman2.90.5
32169 ENNate the Great and the Monster MessSharmat, Marjorie Weinman2.90.5
9286 ENNate the Great and the Mushy ValentineSharmat, Marjorie Weinman3.00.5
9287 ENNate the Great and the Stolen BaseSharmat, Marjorie Weinman2.90.5
13880 ENNate the Great and the Tardy TortoiseSharmat, Marjorie Weinman2.50.5
40706 ENNate the Great, San Francisco DetectiveSharmat, Marjorie Weinman2.60.5
540 ENNational VelvetBagnold, Enid5.511.0
47470 ENNatural Writer: A Story About Marjorie Kinnan RawlingsCook/Smith5.91.0
2015 ENNebraska Facts and SymbolsMcAuliffe, Emily3.60.5
14686 ENNelson in LoveSmith, Janice Lee5.01.0
70349 ENNeptuneAdamson, Thomas K.1.70.5
5238 ENNettie's Trip SouthTurner, Ann3.60.5
42052 ENNevada Facts and SymbolsGibson, Karen Bush3.90.5
88828 ENNever Cry Woof! A Dog-U-DramaWattenberg, Jane2.40.5
66248 ENNew Fire Truck, TheMayer, Mercer1.50.5
47866 ENNew Frog: My First Look at the Life Cycle of an Amphibian, AHickman, Pamela3.70.5
83700 ENNew Ghoul in SchoolJones, Marcia Thornton3.81.0
40576 ENNew Hampshire Facts and SymbolsDubois, Muriel L.4.10.5
1600 ENNew Jersey Facts and SymbolsSateren, Shelley Swanson4.10.5
1601 ENNew Mexico Facts and SymbolsSateren, Shelley Swanson3.80.5
55250 ENNew Neighbors for NoraHurwitz, Johanna4.31.0
56930 ENNew PetYaccarino, Dan3.80.5
43494 ENNew Shoes, Red ShoesRollings, Susan0.90.5
2016 ENNew York Facts and SymbolsMcAuliffe, Emily3.50.5
63327 ENNew York's BravestOsborne, Mary Pope2.80.5
58084 ENNewts (Ooey-Gooey Animals)Schaefer, Lola M.1.80.5
70566 ENNiagara Falls, or Does It?Winkler, Henry4.33.0
104992 ENNight Before Thanksgiving, TheWing, Natasha3.10.5
9288 ENNight Bird: A Story of the Seminole IndiansKudlinski, Kathleen V.3.51.0
34692 ENNight Flyers, TheJones, Elizabeth McDavid5.05.0
9617 ENNight in Terror Tower, AStine, R.L.3.53.0
9955 ENNight of the Full MoonWhelan, Gloria4.21.0
53492 ENNight of the Living GerbilLevy, Elizabeth3.81.0
105864 ENNight of the New MagiciansOsborne, Mary Pope4.02.0
10680 ENNight of the NinjasOsborne, Mary Pope2.71.0
628 ENNight of the TwistersRuckman, Ivy4.74.0
59746 ENNight TrainStutson, Caroline1.20.5
282 ENNighty-NightmareHowe, James4.22.0
34930 ENNinjas Don't Bake Pumpkin PiesDadey, Debbie4.11.0
71431 ENNinjas, Piranhas, and GalileoSmith, Greg Leitich5.25.0
117965 ENNixie's Song, TheDiTerlizzi, Tony4.22.0
39818 ENNo Copycats Allowed!Graves, Bonnie3.10.5
17330 ENNo Fair!Holtzman, Caren1.40.5
7287 ENNo Mail for MitchellSiracusa, Catherine2.00.5
48259 ENNo More Dead DogsKorman, Gordon4.55.0
14687 ENNo Room for FrancieMacdonald, Maryann2.81.0
115396 ENNo TalkingClements, Andrew5.04.0
239 ENNoonday Friends, TheStolz, Mary4.86.0
49417 ENNora and Mrs. Mind-Your-Own-BusinessHurwitz, Johanna4.01.0
1602 ENNorth Carolina Facts and SymbolsSateren, Shelley Swanson4.00.5
42053 ENNorth Dakota Facts and SymbolsGibson, Karen Bush4.00.5
36700 ENNory Ryan's SongGiff, Patricia Reilly4.35.0
108425 ENNot Afraid of DogsPitzer, Susanna2.20.5
240 ENNot-Just-Anybody Family, TheByars, Betsy4.64.0
8542 ENNot-So-Jolly Roger, TheScieszka, Jon3.81.0
48680 ENNotes from a Liar and Her DogCholdenko, Gennifer3.87.0
185 ENNothing's Fair in Fifth GradeDeClements, Barthe3.74.0
83181 ENNow You See It...Vande Velde, Vivian6.18.0
53921 ENNursery CrimesGeisert, Arthur3.10.5
283 ENNutty for PresidentHughes, Dean4.84.0
2290 ENOceans (Nature Books)Ward, Kristin1.50.5
84104 ENOctopus, TheCazet, Denys2.10.5
84766 ENOctopusesLindeen, Carol K.1.50.5
83512 ENOdd Boy Out: Young Albert EinsteinBrown, Don4.60.5
46287 ENOdysseus in the Serpent MazeYolen, Jane5.07.0
31586 ENOh, Cats!Buck, Nola0.40.5
58776 ENOh No, Noah!Hurwitz, Johanna3.92.0
65309 ENOh Say Can You Say Di-no-saur? All About DinosaursWorth, Bonnie3.00.5
79080 ENOh Say Can You Say What's the Weather Today? All About WeatherRabe, Tish3.70.5
62257 ENOh Say Can You Seed?Worth, Bonnie3.70.5
86314 ENOh the Pets You Can Get! All About Our Animal FriendsRabe, Tish3.50.5
15530 ENOh, the Places He Went: A Story About Dr. SeussWeidt, Maryann N.5.81.0
62258 ENOh, the Things You Can Do That Are Good for You!Rabe, Tish3.60.5
2017 ENOhio Facts and SymbolsMcAuliffe, Emily3.60.5
42054 ENOklahoma Facts and SymbolsGibson, Karen Bush4.20.5
6080 ENOld Black FlyAylesworth, Jim1.40.5
101238 ENOld Country, TheGerstein, Mordicai4.44.0
24593 ENOld-Fashioned Girl (Unabridged), AnAlcott, Louisa May8.218.0
65 ENOld Mother West WindBurgess, Thornton5.23.0
82156 ENOld Willis Place: A Ghost Story, TheHahn, Mary Downing4.27.0
66 ENOld YellerGipson, Fred5.05.0
7336 ENOliverHoff, Syd2.10.5
284 ENOliver Dibbs to the Rescue!Steiner, Barbara4.04.0
107556 ENOliver Pig and the Best Fort EverVan Leeuwen, Jean2.40.5
9289 ENOliver Pig at SchoolVan Leeuwen, Jean2.50.5
77954 ENOliver the Mighty PigVan Leeuwen, Jean2.40.5
44266 ENOliviaFalconer, Ian2.00.5
106128 ENOlivia Forms a BandFalconer, Ian2.40.5
52402 ENOlivia Saves the CircusFalconer, Ian1.90.5
72911 ENOllieDunrea, Olivier0.90.5
72912 ENOllie the StomperDunrea, Olivier0.90.5
11559 ENOlympic DreamChristopher, Matt4.95.0
65310 ENOn Beyond Bugs! All About InsectsRabe, Tish3.60.5
128 ENOn My HonorBauer, Marion Dane4.72.0
74241 ENOn Noah's ArkBrett, Jan1.80.5
67 ENOn the Banks of Plum CreekWilder, Laura Ingalls4.68.0
100093 ENOn the Bike with...Lance ArmstrongStout, Glenn6.94.0
77877 ENOn the Court with...Jennifer CapriatiChristopher, Matt6.83.0
83055 ENOn the Court with...Yao MingStout, Glenn7.13.0
630 ENOn the Far Side of the MountainGeorge, Jean Craighead4.56.0
67172 ENOn the Field with...Alex RodriguezStout, Glen6.33.0
35576 ENOn the Field with...Mia HammChristopher, Matt7.04.0
106491 ENOn the Go with Mr. and Mrs. GreenBaker, Keith2.70.5
67173 ENOn the Halfpipe with...Tony HawkStout, Glenn7.93.0
67276 ENOn the Ice with...Mario LemieuxChristopher, Matt7.13.0
35572 ENOn the Ice with...Tara LipinskiChristopher, Matt7.03.0
75660 ENOn This Spot: An Expedition Back Through TimeGoodman, Susan E.4.60.5
103997 ENOnce Upon a Cool Motorcycle DudeO'Malley, Kevin3.10.5
85752 ENOnce Upon a CurseBaker, E.D.5.69.0
82985 ENOne Dark and Dreadful NightCecil, Randy3.20.5
14688 ENOne Day in the DesertGeorge, Jean Craighead5.51.0
14689 ENOne Day in the PrairieGeorge, Jean Craighead5.01.0
241 ENOne-Eyed CatFox, Paula5.47.0
9042 ENOne Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue FishSeuss, Dr.1.70.5
121137 ENOne Hundredth Day of School, TheKlein, Abby3.01.0
679 ENOne in the Middle Is the Green Kangaroo, TheBlume, Judy2.50.5
106211 ENOne Left Behind, TheRoberts, Willo Davis5.45.0
41435 ENOne Lighthouse, One MoonLobel, Anita1.70.5
49756 ENOne Lonely Sea HorseFreymann/Elffers1.80.5
85424 ENOne Night in Doom HouseStine, R.L.3.33.0
5239 ENOne of the Third Grade ThonkersNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.14.0
43741 ENOne Small DogHurwitz, Johanna4.42.0
68 ENOnion JohnKrumgold, Joseph4.58.0
14690 ENOnion SundaesAdler, David A.3.31.0
19237 ENOoey GooeyMayer/Farber/Sansevere2.00.5
78469 ENOperation Spy SchoolStanley, George Edward3.30.5
46407 ENOrange in My WorldWinne, Joanne1.20.5
62265 ENOrange Outlaw, TheRoy, Ron3.61.0
5078 ENOrdinary Princess, TheKaye, M.M.6.44.0
2018 ENOregon Facts and SymbolsMcAuliffe, Emily3.90.5
5222 ENOriginal Adventures of Hank the Cowdog, TheErickson, John R.4.53.0
43742 ENOrwell's LuckJennings, Richard6.05.0
2312 ENOscar de la Hoya: Gold-Medal BoxerKirkpatrick, Rob1.70.5
53694 ENOther Side of Truth, TheNaidoo, Beverley5.39.0
488 ENOtherwise Known as Sheila the GreatBlume, Judy3.54.0
6482 ENOtis SpoffordCleary, Beverly4.64.0
77179 ENOtto and the Flying TwinsHaptie, Charlotte4.78.0
123129 ENOttoline and the Yellow CatRiddell, Chris4.31.0
35294 ENOur Only May AmeliaHolm, Jennifer L.4.87.0
6007 ENOur Sixth-Grade Sugar BabiesBunting, Eve3.94.0
44826 ENOur Strange New Land: Elizabeth's Diary...Virginia,1609Hermes, Patricia3.22.0
66206 ENOur Tree HouseMayer, Mercer1.40.5
102396 ENOut of OrderHicks, Betty4.14.0
18783 ENOut of the DustHesse, Karen5.33.0
102721 ENOut Standing in My FieldJennings, Patrick4.35.0
129 ENOver Sea, Under StoneCooper, Susan5.412.0
34690 ENOwen Foote, FrontiersmanGreene, Stephanie4.72.0
34687 ENOwen Foote, Second Grade StrongmanGreene, Stephanie3.31.0
32700 ENOwen Foote, Soccer StarGreene, Stephanie3.11.0
55841 ENOwen Foote, Super SpyGreene, Stephanie3.62.0
5531 ENOwl and the Pussycat, TheLear, Edward2.50.5
5532 ENOwl MoonYolen, Jane3.20.5
9575 ENP.J. Funnybunny Camps OutSadler, Marilyn1.70.5
20090 ENP.S. Longer Letter LaterDanziger, Paula4.55.0
5533 ENPain and the Great One, TheBlume, Judy3.10.5
86382 ENPajama DayPlourde, Lynn3.70.5
83123 ENPandora of Athens: 399 B.CDenenberg, Barry7.13.0
109628 ENPandora's Box: A Greek MythMarzollo, Jean2.50.5
78576 ENPapa SmallLenski, Lois1.90.5
44044 ENPaperwhiteWallace, Nancy Elizabeth1.80.5
89972 ENParade for Sam, ALabatt, Mary1.70.5
4369 ENParks for the PeopleDunlap, Julie6.21.0
14481 ENPassagerYolen, Jane5.12.0
2051 ENPassenger TrainsLassieur, Allison3.20.5
17586 ENPatrick Doyle Is Full of BlarneyArmstrong, Jennifer3.71.0
77129 ENPaws Off, Cheddarface!Stilton, Geronimo3.41.0
17685 ENPeanut Butter Gang, TheSiracusa, Catherine2.60.5
78985 ENPearl and Wagner: Three SecretsMcMullan, Kate2.20.5
106336 ENPearl the Cloud FairyMeadows, Daisy4.21.0
7638 ENPee Wee Christmas, ADelton, Judy3.11.0
83084 ENPeedieDunrea, Olivier1.40.5
49287 ENPeeking Prairie DogsZuchora-Walske, Christine2.40.5
63698 ENPeeWee & PlushHurwitz, Johanna4.52.0
44209 ENPeeWee's TaleHurwitz, Johanna4.72.0
14846 ENPenalty ShotChristopher, Matt5.23.0
88005 ENPenderwicks: A Summer Tale of Four Sisters...Interesting Boy, TheBirdsall, Jeanne4.78.0
75596 ENPenguinsSwanson, Diane5.70.5
115703 ENPenguinsNuzzolo, Deborah2.00.5
70384 ENPenguins and Their ChicksHall, Margaret1.90.5
2019 ENPennsylvania Facts and SymbolsMcAuliffe, Emily3.70.5
101791 ENPenultimate Peril, TheSnicket, Lemony7.47.0
80066 ENPeople of Sparks, TheDuPrau, Jeanne4.911.0
82157 ENPepins and Their Problems, TheHorvath, Polly5.84.0
48106 ENPepito the BraveBeck, Scott1.40.5
117731 ENPerfect Cat-Sitter, TheNagda, Ann Whitehead4.02.0
64516 ENPerfect Place: Joshua's Oregon Trail Diary, AHermes, Patricia3.82.0
85483 ENPerfect Wizard: Hans Christian Andersen, TheYolen, Jane5.20.5
34832 ENPerloo the BoldAvi4.97.0
85135 ENPet for a Princess, ALagonegro, Melissa1.20.5
110341 ENPeter Pan in ScarletMcCaughrean, Geraldine5.99.0
517 ENPeter Pan/Peter Pan and Wendy (Unabridged)Barrie, James M.7.28.0
16869 ENPeter's ChairKeats, Ezra Jack1.80.5
79545 ENPets ABC: An Alphabet BookDahl, Michael2.50.5
79704 ENPhaeton and the Chariot of the SunCadnum, Michael7.43.0
10043 ENPhantom of the Opera (Unabridged), TheLeroux, Gaston7.112.0
83802 ENPhantom of the Subway, TheStilton, Geronimo3.51.0
130 ENPhantom Tollbooth, TheJuster, Norton6.77.0
31075 ENPhantoms Don't Drive Sports CarsDadey, Debbie4.01.0
131 ENPhilip Hall Likes Me. I Reckon Maybe.Greene, Bette5.04.0
106819 ENPhineas L. MacGuire...Erupts! The First ExperimentDowell, Frances O'Roark5.02.0
117264 ENPhineas L. MacGuire...Gets Slimed!Dowell, Frances O'Roark5.33.0
24904 ENPhoebe the SpyGriffin, Judith Berry4.31.0
48107 ENPicnicInkpen, Mick1.60.5
7339 ENPicture for Harold's Room, AJohnson, Crockett2.30.5
61467 ENPictures of Hollis WoodsGiff, Patricia Reilly4.45.0
34626 ENPie Rats Ahoy!Scarry, Richard2.10.5
110802 ENPied Piper of Hamelin, TheAdeney, Anne1.70.5
31066 ENPigs and RobbersWorth, Bonnie2.50.5
17331 ENPigs Go to Market: Fun with Math and ShoppingAxelrod, Amy3.10.5
17332 ENPigs in the Pantry: Fun with Math and CookingAxelrod, Amy3.20.5
17333 ENPigs on a Blanket: Fun with Math and TimeAxelrod, Amy2.90.5
17334 ENPigs Will Be Pigs: Fun with Math and MoneyAxelrod, Amy2.70.5
9290 ENPiles of PetsDelton, Judy3.51.0
100598 ENPilgrims: A Nonfiction Companion to Thanksgiving on ThursdayOsborne, Mary Pope4.21.0
242 ENPinballs, TheByars, Betsy3.83.0
44653 ENPinkerton, Behave!Kellogg, Steven1.50.5
17686 ENPinky and Rex and the BullyHowe, James3.20.5
17687 ENPinky and Rex and the Double-Dad WeekendHowe, James3.60.5
49418 ENPinky and Rex and the Just-Right PetHowe, James3.50.5
30514 ENPinky and Rex Go to CampHowe, James3.50.5
43410 ENPinky PyeEstes, Eleanor5.99.0
335 ENPioneer CatHooks, William3.31.0
17688 ENPioneer SistersWilder/Peterson3.41.0
69 ENPippi LongstockingLindgren, Astrid5.24.0
51906 ENPirates: A Nonfiction Companion to Pirates Past NoonOsborne, Will4.91.0
9291 ENPirates Past NoonOsborne, Mary Pope2.81.0
69332 ENPizza for SamLabatt, Mary1.70.5
65701 ENPizza KittensVoake, Charlotte1.90.5
9292 ENPizza Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.13.0
70236 ENPlace for Zero: A Math Adventure, ALoPresti, Angeline Sparagna3.80.5
132 ENPlanet of Junior Brown, TheHamilton, Virginia5.17.0
102080 ENPlanets!Kids, Editors of Time for3.30.5
110331 ENPlants!Kids, Editors of Time for2.00.5
6087 ENPlay Ball, Amelia BedeliaParish, Peggy2.30.5
4370 ENPlay's the Thing, TheTurk, Ruth6.71.0
42453 ENPlaymaker, TheCheaney, J. B.7.014.0
115419 ENPluto: A Dwarf PlanetAdamson, Thomas K.2.10.5
5534 ENPocket For Corduroy, AFreeman, Don3.70.5
4371 ENPocketful of Goobers: A Story About George Washington Carver, AMitchell, Barbara5.01.0
59168 ENPoint BlankHorowitz, Anthony4.88.0
77037 ENPolar BearsCotton, Jacqueline S.2.50.5
18742 ENPolar Bears Past BedtimeOsborne, Mary Pope3.31.0
5240 ENPolar Express, TheVan Allsburg, Chris3.80.5
101183 ENPonies and FoalsPetty, Kate4.40.5
84265 ENPony for a Princess, APosner-Sanchez, Andrea1.90.5
108133 ENPony ProblemsKeene, Carolyn3.92.0
39819 ENPony TroubleGasque, Dale Blackwell3.91.0
11548 ENPool of Fire, TheChristopher, John7.08.0
25094 ENPoppletonRylant, Cynthia2.70.5
25092 ENPoppleton and FriendsRylant, Cynthia2.60.5
25095 ENPoppleton EverydayRylant, Cynthia2.00.5
45226 ENPoppleton Has FunRylant, Cynthia2.70.5
54485 ENPoppleton in WinterRylant, Cynthia2.50.5
14795 ENPoppyAvi4.54.0
29505 ENPoppy and RyeAvi4.35.0
100775 ENPoppy's ReturnAvi4.15.0
10536 ENPorcupine's Pajama PartyHarshman, Terry Webb2.50.5
106295 ENPossum Always Rings Twice, TheHale, Bruce3.62.0
66256 ENPouncing BobcatsRiley, Joelle2.20.5
48512 ENPower of UN, TheEtchemendy, Nancy4.85.0
70 ENPrairie SchoolLenski, Lois4.07.0
46472 ENPrairie SchoolAvi3.10.5
79533 ENPraying MantisesHall, Margaret1.90.5
41627 ENPraying to A.L.Caseley, Judith5.67.0
101290 ENPrehistoric Actual SizeJenkins, Steve6.10.5
59360 ENPresent for Mom, AFrench, Vivian2.30.5
88450 ENPresident George WashingtonAdler, David A.3.30.5
47473 ENPresident of the Underground Railroad: A Story About Levi CoffinSwain, Gwenyth5.91.0
634 ENPrince CaspianLewis, C.S.5.77.0
120502 ENPrince of UnderwhereHale, Bruce2.82.0
104732 ENPrincess AcademyHale, Shannon6.010.0
6436 ENPrincess and the Goblins, TheMacDonald, George6.18.0
72167 ENPrincess and the Pea, TheBlackaby, Susan2.30.5
41277 ENPrincess Sonora and the Long SleepLevine, Gail Carson4.12.0
41124 ENPrincess TestLevine, Gail Carson4.01.0
14529 ENPrivate Notebook of Katie Roberts, Age 11, TheHest, Amy3.51.0
5535 ENPromise Is a Promise, AMunsch, Robert N.4.00.5
104879 ENPteranodonRiehecky, Janet1.60.5
9293 ENPudmuddlesYork, Carol Beach4.50.5
42055 ENPuerto Rico Facts and SymbolsFeeney, Kathy3.90.5
42619 ENPumpkin Book, TheGibbons, Gail4.20.5
116105 ENPumpkin Elf Mystery, TheKlein, Abby3.11.0
88029 ENPunk FarmKrosoczka, Jarrett2.00.5
82859 ENPup and HoundHood, Susan0.90.5
86714 ENPup and Hound in TroubleHood, Susan1.00.5
82860 ENPup and Hound Move InHood, Susan1.50.5
86715 ENPup and Hound Stay Up LateHood, Susan1.30.5
72586 ENPuppies (Let's Read About Pets)Macken, JoAnn Early1.50.5
83514 ENPuppy Mudge Finds a FriendRylant, Cynthia0.60.5
69964 ENPuppy Mudge Has a SnackRylant, Cynthia0.80.5
79934 ENPuppy Mudge Loves His BlanketRylant, Cynthia0.70.5
70788 ENPuppy Mudge Takes a BathRylant, Cynthia0.70.5
88312 ENPuppy Mudge Wants to PlayRylant, Cynthia0.60.5
47793 ENPuppy of My Own, ALoggia, Wendy3.52.0
121630 ENPuppy PowerCox, Judy2.91.0
16726 ENPuppy Sister, TheHinton, S.E.3.22.0
108517 ENPure Dead BattyGliori, Debi7.412.0
74698 ENPure Dead BrilliantGliori, Debi7.511.0
58207 ENPure Dead MagicGliori, Debi5.96.0
100507 ENPure Dead TroubleGliori, Debi7.510.0
64510 ENPure Dead WickedGliori, Debi6.88.0
119367 ENPythonsRake, Jody Sullivan2.10.5
17335 ENQuarter from the Tooth Fairy, AHoltzman, Caren2.40.5
104412 ENQueen of EasterEngelbreit, Mary2.80.5
84664 ENQueen of HeartsEngelbreit, Mary3.30.5
133 ENQueenie PeavyBurch, Robert5.65.0
16853 ENQuick, Quack, Quick!Arnold, Marsha1.50.5
77040 ENQuiet OwlsRiley, Joelle2.10.5
75301 ENQuigleys at Large, TheMason, Simon4.32.0
106199 ENQuigleys in a Spin, TheMason, Simon4.13.0
83564 ENQuigleys Not for Sale, TheMason, Simon4.13.0
61278 ENQuigleys, TheMason, Simon4.22.0
63095 ENQwerty Stevens, Stuck in Time with Benjamin FranklinGutman, Dan5.24.0
43681 ENRabbit and Turtle Go to SchoolFloyd, Lucy0.70.5
71 ENRabbit HillLawson, Robert6.43.0
56964 ENRaccoonsFowler, Allan2.50.5
14691 ENRacetrack RobberyLeroe, Ellen4.41.0
32930 ENRachel's JournalMoss, Marissa5.62.0
51852 ENRacing the PastDeans, Sis5.86.0
49553 ENRaggin': A Story About Scott JoplinMitchell, Barbara5.61.0
41629 ENRagweedAvi4.45.0
77363 ENRainBauer, Marion Dane1.20.5
61523 ENRain Forests: A Nonfiction Companion to Afternoon on the AmazonOsborne, Will4.81.0
55175 ENRainbow Fish and the Sea Monsters' CavePfister/James3.00.5
336 ENRalph S. MouseCleary, Beverly5.13.0
72 ENRamona and Her FatherCleary, Beverly5.23.0
491 ENRamona and Her MotherCleary, Beverly4.84.0
186 ENRamona ForeverCleary, Beverly4.84.0
134 ENRamona Quimby, Age 8Cleary, Beverly5.63.0
32142 ENRamona's WorldCleary, Beverly4.84.0
285 ENRamona the BraveCleary, Beverly4.93.0
492 ENRamona the PestCleary, Beverly5.14.0
107451 ENRani in the Mermaid LagoonPapademetriou, Lisa3.81.0
110797 ENRapunzelRobinson, Hilary2.20.5
85674 ENRapunzel: A Retelling of the Classic Fairy TaleJones, Christianne C.2.90.5
73 ENRascalNorth, Sterling7.17.0
43473 ENRatsZindel, Paul5.46.0
89934 ENRattlesnakesMacken, JoAnn Early1.80.5
103751 ENRattlesnakesLockwood, Sophie5.91.0
43912 ENRaysRustad, Martha E. H.1.50.5
27937 ENReaching DustinGrove, Vicki5.67.0
17336 ENReady, Set, Hop!Murphy, Stuart J.2.40.5
286 ENReal Thief, TheSteig, William6.11.0
69213 ENRecipe for TroubleKeene, Carolyn3.61.0
83113 ENRecord BreakersScher, Jon5.30.5
5536 ENRed Fox and His CanoeBenchley, Nathaniel2.20.5
77041 ENRed FoxesLevine, Michelle1.70.5
46409 ENRed in My WorldWinne, Joanne1.00.5
77130 ENRed Pizzas for a Blue CountStilton, Geronimo3.61.0
54782 ENRed, White, Blue, and Uncle Who?...Patriotic SymbolsBateman, Teresa7.52.0
7129 ENRedwallJacques, Brian5.616.0
34833 ENRegular GuyWeeks, Sarah5.53.0
5537 ENRelatives Came, TheRylant, Cynthia4.10.5
287 ENReluctant Dragon, TheGrahame, Kenneth6.51.0
78968 ENRemember D-Day: The Plan, the Invasion, Survivor StoriesDrez, Ronald J.7.92.0
78080 ENRemember: The Journey to School IntegrationMorrison, Toni5.00.5
47475 ENRemember the Ladies: A Story About Abigail AdamsFerris, Jeri Chase5.71.0
288 ENRemembering Box, TheClifford, Eth4.11.0
101800 ENReplayCreech, Sharon4.24.0
77860 ENReport Card, TheClements, Andrew4.95.0
41286 ENReptile Room, TheSnicket, Lemony6.35.0
54291 ENReptilesStewart, Melissa4.50.5
74 ENRescuers, TheSharp, Margery6.34.0
114914 ENReturn of Meteor Boy?, TheBoniface, William6.211.0
9622 ENReturn of the MummyStine, R.L.3.83.0
6484 ENReturn to Howliday InnHowe, James5.83.0
78563 ENReturn to IthacaOsborne, Mary Pope5.31.0
106622 ENRevenge of the McNasty Brothers, TheTrine, Greg3.51.0
101692 ENRevenge of the WitchDelaney, Joseph5.69.0
15531 ENRevolutionary Poet: A Story About Phillis WheatleyWeidt, Maryann N.6.31.0
62155 ENRevolutionary WarMarquette, Scott4.30.5
43682 ENRevolutionary War on WednesdayOsborne, Mary Pope3.51.0
34685 ENReward for Josefina, ATripp, Valerie4.21.0
31531 ENRewindSleator, William4.13.0
42056 ENRhode Island Facts and SymbolsFeeney, Kathy4.10.5
7745 ENRibsyCleary, Beverly5.04.0
59518 ENRicky Ricotta's Giant (Mighty) RobotPilkey, Dav2.90.5
71506 ENRicky Ricotta's Mighty Robot vs...Stupid Stinkbugs from SaturnPilkey, Dav4.10.5
75 ENRifles for WatieKeith, Harold6.114.0
17337 ENRight in Your Own Backyard: Nature MathTime-Life-for-Children4.51.0
135 ENRing of Endless Light, AL'Engle, Madeleine5.211.0
54488 ENRingo Saves the Day!Clements, Andrew1.90.5
17689 ENRip-Roaring RussellHurwitz, Johanna3.81.0
44210 ENRip's Secret SpotButler, Kristi T.0.90.5
243 ENRoad from Home, TheKherdian, David5.79.0
15532 ENRoad to Seneca Falls: A Story About Elizabeth Cady Stanton, TheSwain, Gwenyth6.21.0
122368 ENRoadwork!Lagonegro, Melissa1.70.5
80499 ENRoar of the Crowd, TheWallace, Rich4.22.0
14692 ENRoberto ClementeRudeen, Kenneth4.40.5
85937 ENRoberto Clemente: Pride of the Pittsburgh PiratesWinter, Jonah4.50.5
75261 ENRobins and Their ChicksTagliaferro, Linda1.80.5
53070 ENRobots Don't Catch Chicken PoxDadey, Debbie4.21.0
136 ENRoll of Thunder, Hear My CryTaylor, Mildred D.5.710.0
66801 ENRoller CoasterFrazee, Marla1.80.5
76 ENRoller SkatesSawyer, Ruth6.38.0
5538 ENRonald Morgan Goes to BatGiff, Patricia Reilly1.90.5
49554 ENRooftop Astronomer: A Story About Maria MitchellMcPherson, Stephanie Sammartino6.41.0
24000 ENRope BurnSiebold, Jan4.42.0
14693 ENRosa ParksGreenfield, Eloise4.00.5
18554 ENRose DaughterMcKinley, Robin6.824.0
50158 ENRose's Journal: The Story of a Girl in the Great DepressionMoss, Marissa4.81.0
103729 ENRosh HashanahHeinrichs, Ann3.40.5
49788 ENRowan Hood: Outlaw Girl of Sherwood ForestSpringer, Nancy5.25.0
5539 ENRoxaboxenMcLerran, Alice4.00.5
105172 ENRoxie and the HooligansNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.32.0
6437 ENRoz and OzzieHurwitz, Johanna4.22.0
78593 ENRuby Bakes a CakeHill, Susan1.80.5
58208 ENRuby HollerCreech, Sharon4.36.0
77364 ENRuby Lu, Brave and TrueLook, Lenore4.12.0
106093 ENRuby Lu, Empress of EverythingLook, Lenore3.82.0
88629 ENRuby Paints a PictureHill, Susan1.60.5
47421 ENRufus M.Estes, Eleanor5.28.0
69630 ENRuler of the CourtyardKhan, Rukhsana2.60.5
76074 ENRumpelstiltskin: A Retelling of the Grimms' Fairy TaleBlair, Eric3.20.5
109083 ENRunaway Princess, TheCoombs, Kate4.38.0
5041 ENRunaway RalphCleary, Beverly5.34.0
14531 ENRunning out of TimeHaddix, Margaret Peterson4.87.0
43124 ENRussell and ElisaHurwitz, Johanna4.22.0
43683 ENRussell Rides AgainHurwitz, Johanna3.82.0
44921 ENRussell SproutsHurwitz, Johanna4.21.0
50124 ENRussiaGray, Susan H.3.60.5
9295 ENS-S-SnakesPenner, Lucille Recht3.00.5
84767 ENSabertooth CatFrost, Helen2.00.5
12454 ENSableHesse, Karen3.81.0
124432 ENSafe at HomeLupica, Mike5.65.0
70099 ENSahara SpecialCodell, Esmé Raji4.24.0
47517 ENSail AwayCrews, Donald1.30.5
5540 ENSaint George and the DragonHodges, Margaret5.60.5
103730 ENSaint Patrick's DayHeinrichs, Ann3.70.5
105278 ENSally Jean, the Bicycle QueenBest, Cari4.30.5
47824 ENSam and the FireflyEastman, P.D.1.70.5
69333 ENSam Finds a MonsterLabatt, Mary1.90.5
77365 ENSam Gets LostLabatt, Mary1.70.5
77366 ENSam Goes to SchoolLabatt, Mary1.70.5
17338 ENSam Johnson and the Blue Ribbon QuiltErnst, Lisa Campbell4.20.5
54443 ENSam SamuraiScieszka, Jon3.81.0
52605 ENSamantha and the Missing PearlsTripp, Valerie3.60.5
34682 ENSamantha's Winter PartyTripp, Valerie4.20.5
5241 ENSamantha Saves the DayTripp, Valerie3.81.0
10539 ENSamantha the SnobCristaldi, Kathryn1.80.5
100599 ENSammy Keyes and the Dead GiveawayVan Draanen, Wendelin4.59.0
48079 ENSammy Keyes and the Hollywood MummyVan Draanen, Wendelin4.99.0
28507 ENSammy Keyes and the Hotel ThiefVan Draanen, Wendelin4.66.0
61273 ENSammy Keyes and the Search for Snake EyesVan Draanen, Wendelin4.09.0
7341 ENSammy the SealHoff, Syd2.00.5
46632 ENSandMiller, Pam0.90.5
137 ENSarah, Plain and TallMacLachlan, Patricia3.41.0
70352 ENSaturnAdamson, Thomas K.1.80.5
77 ENSaucepan JourneyUnnerstad, Edith5.68.0
55023 ENSaving LillyKehret, Peg5.15.0
122451 ENSavvyLaw, Ingrid6.09.0
51854 ENSay Good-ByeAnderson, Laurie Halse3.73.0
49556 ENSay It with Music: A Story About Irving BerlinStreissguth, Tom5.81.0
89887 ENScarecrow and His Servant, ThePullman, Philip5.36.0
101306 ENScared SillyHowe, James2.50.5
17690 ENScaredy DogThomas, Jane Resh3.70.5
17592 ENSchernoff Discoveries, ThePaulsen, Gary5.63.0
41030 ENSchool Bus Driver from the Black Lagoon, TheThaler, Mike3.00.5
17691 ENSchool DaysWilder/Peterson3.51.0
14884 ENSchool Mouse, TheKing-Smith, Dick5.03.0
58150 ENSchool Play, TheWells, Rosemary2.70.5
29226 ENSchool SpiritHurwitz, Johanna5.03.0
50395 ENSchool Story, TheClements, Andrew5.25.0
32202 ENSchool Trouble for Andy RussellAdler, David A.3.72.0
9294 ENSchoolyard Mystery, TheLevy, Elizabeth2.90.5
83753 ENScience Fair from the Black Lagoon, TheThaler, Mike3.80.5
47478 ENScience Fiction Pioneer: A Story About Jules VerneStreissguth, Tom6.01.0
82173 ENScribbleJennings, Richard W.6.66.0
7342 ENScruffyParish, Peggy1.90.5
31757 ENSea Horses (Ocean Life)Schaefer, Lola M.1.60.5
41398 ENSea Monsters Don't Ride MotorcyclesDadey, Debbie4.01.0
105933 ENSea of Monsters, TheRiordan, Rick4.69.0
66058 ENSea Serpents Don't Juggle Water BalloonsDadey, Debbie3.91.0
112218 ENSea SnakesRake, Jody Sullivan1.80.5
89562 ENSea StarsSullivan, Jody1.60.5
87324 ENSea SurpriseLandry, Leo3.20.5
103752 ENSea TurtlesLockwood, Sophie5.51.0
79534 ENSea TurtlesLindeen, Carol K.1.70.5
32376 ENSearch for Snout, TheCoville, Bruce5.66.0
71272 ENSearch for the Dragon ShipAbbott, Tony3.82.0
83166 ENSearch for the Golden Moon Bear: the Asian TropicsMontgomery, Sy6.33.0
100034 ENSeason of the SandstormsOsborne, Mary Pope3.92.0
80079 ENSecond Grade Rules, Amber BrownDanziger, Paula2.70.5
17692 ENSecondhand StarMacdonald, Maryanne2.81.0
57354 ENSecret Agents: Life as a Professional SpyManley, Claudia B.8.21.0
124110 ENSecret Book Club, TheMartin, Ann M.5.06.0
78 ENSecret Garden, TheBurnett, Frances Hodgson6.313.0
113397 ENSecret History of Tom Trueheart, TheBeck, Ian5.98.0
75663 ENSecret IdentityVan Draanen, Wendelin3.32.0
40143 ENSecret Journey, TheKehret, Peg5.74.0
30691 ENSecret Life of Amanda K. Woods, TheCameron, Ann5.05.0
5242 ENSecret Moose, TheRogers, Jean5.41.0
101387 ENSecret of Cacklefur Castle, TheStilton, Geronimo3.11.0
21572 ENSecret of Platform 13, TheIbbotson, Eva5.87.0
79 ENSecret of the AndesClark, Ann Nolan4.75.0
116944 ENSecret of the Painted House, TheBauer, Marion Dane2.81.0
30627 ENSecret Pal SurprisesWilliams, Suzanne3.41.0
52625 ENSecret School, TheAvi4.13.0
113821 ENSecrets of Dripping Fang: Book 7: Please Don't Eat the ChildrenGreenburg, Dan4.93.0
112318 ENSecrets of Dripping Fang: Book Five: The Shluffmuffin...HistoryGreenburg, Dan5.23.0
103099 ENSecrets of Dripping Fang: Book One: The OntsGreenburg, Dan4.42.0
112319 ENSecrets of Dripping Fang: Book Six: Attack of the Giant OctopusGreenburg, Dan5.03.0
105299 ENSecrets of Dripping Fang: Book Three: The Vampire's CurseGreenburg, Dan4.62.0
109048 ENSecrets of Dripping Fang...Four: Fall of the House of MandibleGreenburg, Dan5.13.0
105536 ENSecrets of Dripping Fang...Treachery and Betrayal at Jolly DaysGreenburg, Dan4.62.0
114396 ENSecrets of Dripping Fang... When Bad Snakes Attack Good ChildrenGreenburg, Dan5.02.0
34697 ENSecrets on 26th StreetJones, Elizabeth McDavid5.45.0
44955 ENSee You Later, GladiatorScieszka, Jon4.22.0
47479 ENSeneca Chief, Army General: A Story About Ely ParkerVan Steenwyk, Elizabeth5.71.0
79891 ENSequoyah: The Cherokee Man Who Gave His People WritingRumford, James3.70.5
17339 ENSeven Chinese Brothers, TheMahy, Margaret4.80.5
32201 ENSeven-Day MagicEager, Edward5.05.0
289 ENSeven Kisses in a RowMacLachlan, Patricia3.41.0
24973 ENSeven Treasure Hunts, TheByars, Betsy2.71.0
88677 ENSeven Wonders of Sassafras Springs, TheBirney, Betty G.4.85.0
80 ENShadow of a BullWojciechowska, Maia5.25.0
290 ENShadowmaker, TheHansen, Ron5.11.0
81 ENShadrachDe Jong, Meindert4.95.0
75277 ENShakespeare's Romeo & Juliet (Abridged)Rosen, Michael7.81.0
44828 ENShakespeare's ScribeBlackwood, Gary L.6.110.0
28290 ENShakespeare Stealer, TheBlackwood, Gary L.5.27.0
10636 ENShape-ChangerBrittain, Bill4.03.0
85737 ENSharks!Kids, Editors of Time for3.00.5
79535 ENSharksLindeen, Carol K.1.60.5
45178 ENSharksRaatma, Lucia3.80.5
34634 ENShawn and Keeper and the Birthday PartyLondon, Jonathan1.60.5
79200 ENShe'll Be Comin' 'Round the MountainSturges, Philemon2.80.5
84847 ENShhhhh! Everybody's SleepingMarkes, Julie1.00.5
100081 ENShipwreck on the Pirate IslandsStilton, Geronimo3.51.0
46291 ENShipwrecked! The True Adventures of a Japanese BoyBlumberg, Rhoda7.42.0
57144 ENShoeless Joe & Me: A Baseball Card AdventureGutman, Dan4.34.0
4374 ENShoes for EveryoneMitchell, Barbara5.71.0
110407 ENShoo, Fly Guy!Arnold, Tedd1.70.5
6143 ENShortcutCrews, Donald1.40.5
88030 ENShow WayWoodson, Jacqueline3.80.5
75835 ENSidekicksDanko/Mason4.52.0
291 ENSidewalk StoryMathis, Sharon Bell3.31.0
5243 ENSideways Stories from Wayside SchoolSachar, Louis3.33.0
138 ENSign of the Beaver, TheSpeare, Elizabeth George4.95.0
78012 ENSign of the QinBass, L.G.8.117.0
639 ENSilver Chair, TheLewis, C.S.5.78.0
5541 ENSilver Cow, TheCooper, Susan4.10.5
88569 ENSilverFinHigson, Charlie5.914.0
87331 ENSing a Song of Tuna Fish: Hard to Swallow Stories...Fifth GradeCodell, Esmé Raji5.43.0
244 ENSing down the MoonO'Dell, Scott4.94.0
49768 ENSingle Shard, APark, Linda Sue6.66.0
24564 ENSir Galahad, Mr. Longfellow, and MeHorvath, Betty5.04.0
69062 ENSirens and Sea MonstersOsborne, Mary Pope5.31.0
16926 ENSister of the BrideCleary, Beverly5.910.0
4372 ENSisters Against SlaveryMcPherson, Stephanie Sammartino6.11.0
104622 ENSisters Grimm: The Fairy-Tale Detectives, TheBuckley, Michael5.29.0
87481 ENSixteen Years in Sixteen Seconds: The Sammy Lee StoryYoo, Paula5.20.5
245 ENSixth Grade Can Really Kill YouDeClements, Barthe4.34.0
65702 ENSkeleton HiccupsCuyler, Margery1.30.5
69602 ENSkeleton KeyHorowitz, Anthony4.910.0
5335 ENSlake's LimboHolman, Felice6.44.0
82 ENSlave Dancer, TheFox, Paula6.06.0
110798 ENSleeping BeautyNash, Margaret2.30.5
80796 ENSleeping Beauty: A Retelling of the Grimms' Fairy TaleBlair, Eric3.40.5
106680 ENSleepover SleuthsKeene, Carolyn3.11.0
70886 ENSlightly True Story of Cedar B. Hartley, TheMurray, Martine5.07.0
5244 ENSlime TimeO'Connor, Jim/Jane3.31.0
72848 ENSlippery Slope, TheSnicket, Lemony7.19.0
17340 ENSlower Than a SnailSchreiber, Anne1.10.5
114252 ENSly the Sleuth and the Food MysteriesNapoli, Donna Jo2.52.0
85479 ENSly the Sleuth and the Pet MysteriesNapoli, Donna Jo2.61.0
106465 ENSly the Sleuth and the Sports MysteriesNapoli, Donna Jo2.71.0
34816 ENSmart DogVande Velde, Vivian5.54.0
83 ENSmoky the Cow HorseJames, Will6.513.0
34691 ENSmuggler's Treasure, TheBuckey, Sarah Masters4.95.0
14694 ENSnack Attack Mystery, TheLevy, Elizabeth2.90.5
448 ENSnaggle DoodlesGiff, Patricia Reilly2.61.0
43475 ENSnail Mail No MoreDanziger, Paula5.17.0
45180 ENSnakesStille, Darlene R.4.00.5
67663 ENSnakesTrueit, Trudi Strain4.60.5
77707 ENSnarf Attack, Underfoodle...The Riot Brothers Tell AllAmato, Mary3.42.0
26245 ENSneaky SalamandersDell'Oro, Suzanne Paul2.30.5
28079 ENSnowShulevitz, Uri1.60.5
47306 ENSnow BearGeorge, Jean Craighead2.40.5
8934 ENSnow DogKjelgaard, Jim7.48.0
85 ENSnow TreasureMcSwigan, Marie5.35.0
110799 ENSnow WhiteCassidy, Anne2.20.5
76075 ENSnow White: A Retelling of the Grimms' Fairy TaleBlair, Eric3.30.5
14750 ENSnowballsEhlert, Lois1.30.5
139 ENSnowbird, TheCalvert, Patricia5.27.0
34974 ENSnowboard ShowdownChristopher, Matt4.23.0
74661 ENSnowed in with Grandmother SilkFenner, Carol4.21.0
14645 ENSnowshoe ThompsonLevinson, Nancy Smiler2.20.5
78419 ENSo B. ItWeeks, Sarah5.06.0
47386 ENSoaring Bald EaglesMartin-James, Kathleen2.30.5
7894 ENSoccer CircusGilson, Jamie4.04.0
67116 ENSoccer for Fun!Goin, Kenn4.80.5
34973 ENSoccer ScoopChristopher, Matt5.23.0
48247 ENSoccer (Wonder Books)Klingel/Noyed1.70.5
190 ENSocksCleary, Beverly5.22.0
17693 ENSolo GirlPinkney, Andrea Davis3.61.0
17694 ENSomeone Is Following Pip RamseyRoy, Ron3.41.0
69951 ENSomeone SaysSchaefer, Carole Lexa1.30.5
21749 ENSomething Fishy at MacDonald HallKorman, Gordon4.56.0
108258 ENSomething's Fishy, Hazel GreenHirsch, Odo4.66.0
59355 ENSondok: Princess of the Moon and StarsHolman, Sheri6.65.0
14695 ENSong Lee and the Hamster HuntKline, Suzy2.90.5
30631 ENSong Lee and the "I Hate You" NotesKline, Suzy3.30.5
30632 ENSong Lee and the Leech ManKline, Suzy2.81.0
9296 ENSong Lee in Room 2BKline, Suzy3.01.0
84962 ENSong of the Water Boatman: And Other Pond PoemsSidman, Joyce5.00.5
104277 ENSophie and the Mother's Day CardUmansky, Kaye2.60.5
77850 ENSOS File, TheByars, Betsy3.81.0
84 ENSounderArmstrong, William H.5.33.0
192 ENSoupPeck, Robert Newton4.42.0
292 ENSoup and MePeck, Robert Newton4.33.0
116708 ENSoupy Saturdays with the Pain & the Great OneBlume, Judy2.81.0
2020 ENSouth Carolina Facts and SymbolsMcAuliffe, Bill3.80.5
42057 ENSouth Dakota Facts and SymbolsFeeney, Kathy4.10.5
61525 ENSpace: A Nonfiction Companion to "Midnight on the Moon"Osborne, Will5.11.0
20045 ENSpace Dog and RoyStandiford, Natalie2.61.0
31068 ENSpace MallBuller/Schade3.41.0
88287 ENSpace Station RatDaley, Michael J.3.63.0
77590 ENSpecial Day for Mommy, AAndreasen, Dan1.30.5
30570 ENSpecial GiftsRylant, Cynthia3.91.0
105682 ENSpeedy CheetahsLevine, Michelle2.00.5
31072 ENSpider Kane and the Mystery Under the May-AppleOsborne, Mary Pope4.12.0
34865 ENSpider Storch's Desperate DealWillner-Pardo, Gina3.31.0
28310 ENSpider Storch's Fumbled Field TripWillner-Pardo, Gina3.31.0
85738 ENSpiders!Kids, Editors of Time for3.30.5
79536 ENSpidersHall, Margaret1.20.5
26241 ENSpinning SpidersBerman, Ruth2.30.5
34568 ENSplash!Jonas, Ann0.90.5
41880 ENSplish, Splash!Weeks, Sarah1.30.5
17695 ENSpoiled RottenDeClements, Barthe2.91.0
87250 ENSpoon in the Bathroom Wall, TheJohnston, Tony3.52.0
101552 ENSports Hall of WeirdSylvester, Kevin5.31.0
27749 ENSpotlight on CodyDuffey, Betsy3.31.0
25557 ENSpring BreakHurwitz, Johanna4.73.0
17696 ENSpy in the SkyKarr, Kathleen3.11.0
78474 ENSpy Who Barked, TheStanley, George Edward2.90.5
26242 ENSqueaking BatsBerman, Ruth2.00.5
30579 ENSquiggle, TheSchaefer, Carole Lexa1.70.5
58030 ENStage Fright on a Summer NightOsborne, Mary Pope3.31.0
10544 ENStan the Hot Dog ManKessler, Ethel/Leonard2.30.5
54446 ENStand Tall, Molly Lou MelonLovell, Patty3.50.5
102425 ENStanford Wong Flunks Big-TimeYee, Lisa3.89.0
14696 ENStanley and the Magic LampBrown, Jeff3.71.0
68258 ENStanley, Flat Again!Brown, Jeff3.31.0
88510 ENStar Cloak, TheRodda, Emily4.62.0
5542 ENStar Maiden, TheEsbensen, Barbara Juster3.00.5
80746 ENStar of Kazan, TheIbbotson, Eva6.116.0
41562 ENStargirlSpinelli, Jerry4.26.0
31192 ENStarplace, TheGrove, Vicki6.07.0
18747 ENStarring RosieGiff, Patricia Reilly3.41.0
112201 ENStarsAdamson, Thomas K.1.40.5
84379 ENStars Beneath Your Bed: The Surprising Story of DustSayre, April Pulley4.60.5
50388 ENStarting SchoolHurwitz, Johanna4.12.0
52610 ENStarving Time: Elizabeth's Diary, Book Two, TheHermes, Patricia3.22.0
17341 ENStay in LineSlater, Teddy2.50.5
9625 ENStay out of the BasementStine, R.L.3.93.0
7693 ENStaying NineConrad, Pam3.91.0
84770 ENStegosaurusFrost, Helen2.00.5
55974 ENStella, Fairy of the ForestGay, Marie-Louise1.80.5
41724 ENStella, Queen of the SnowGay, Marie-Louise1.70.5
43341 ENStella, Star of the SeaGay, Marie-Louise1.70.5
122717 ENStep Fourth, Mallory!Friedman, Laurie4.53.0
68147 ENSteps, TheCohn, Rachel5.25.0
117726 ENStill Just GraceHarper, Charise Mericle5.33.0
121642 ENStink and the Great Guinea Pig ExpressMcDonald, Megan3.71.0
107295 ENStink and the Incredible Super-Galactic JawbreakerMcDonald, Megan3.21.0
114236 ENStink and the World's Worst Super-Stinky SneakersMcDonald, Megan3.51.0
86218 ENStink: The Incredible Shrinking KidMcDonald, Megan3.01.0
108469 ENStock Cars (Mighty Machines)Doeden, Matt1.70.5
293 ENStone FoxGardiner, John Reynolds4.01.0
116915 ENStop That Hamster!Klein, Abby3.01.0
70163 ENStop the TrainMcCaughrean, Geraldine6.411.0
5245 ENStories Julian Tells, TheCameron, Ann3.41.0
5543 ENStorm in the NightStolz, Mary3.20.5
50390 ENStormbreakerHorowitz, Anthony5.17.0
53441 ENStory of Tracy Beaker, TheWilson, Jacqueline4.44.0
44830 ENStowawayHesse, Karen6.111.0
106863 ENStrange Happenings: Five Tales of TransformationAvi4.63.0
86 ENStrawberry GirlLenski, Lois4.86.0
45453 ENStray Dog, TheSassa/Simont1.70.5
5442 ENStriderCleary, Beverly4.83.0
54102 ENStrike TwoKoss, Amy Goldman4.24.0
140 ENString in the Harp, ABond, Nancy5.217.0
193 ENStriped Ice CreamLexau, Joan3.52.0
54490 ENStuart at the Fun HouseHill, Susan2.10.5
55330 ENStuart at the LibraryHill, Susan2.00.5
70790 ENStuart Goes to SchoolPennypacker, Sara3.71.0
50951 ENStuart Hides OutHill, Susan2.10.5
194 ENStuart LittleWhite, E.B.6.03.0
66572 ENStuart's CapePennypacker, Sara3.11.0
50952 ENStuart Sets SailHill, Susan2.00.5
49295 ENSturdy TurtlesMartin-James, Kathleen2.30.5
113746 ENSummer BallLupica, Mike5.310.0
76983 ENSummer of the Sea SerpentOsborne, Mary Pope3.81.0
87 ENSummer of the Swans, TheByars, Betsy4.94.0
122275 ENSummer PonyDoty, Jean Slaughter3.63.0
24950 ENSummer Reading Is Killing Me!Scieszka, Jon3.91.0
40641 ENSummer with ElisaHurwitz, Johanna4.02.0
64512 ENSummerlandChabon, Michael6.322.0
19549 ENSun & SpoonHenkes, Kevin4.93.0
5544 ENSunken TreasureGibbons, Gail4.20.5
14885 ENSunset of the SabertoothOsborne, Mary Pope3.01.0
108320 ENSuper EmmaWarner, Sally4.21.0
104778 ENSuper Fly GuyArnold, Tedd1.70.5
112102 ENSuper-Secret ValentineKlein, Abby3.41.0
443 ENSuperfudgeBlume, Judy3.44.0
104414 ENSuperHero ABCMcLeod, Bob2.40.5
100676 ENSurprise for a PrincessWeinberg, Jennifer1.70.5
73772 ENSurvival SchoolAsch, Frank4.12.0
86700 ENSurviving Aunt MarshaLaguna, Sofie4.65.0
43744 ENSurviving Brick JohnsonMyers, Laurie3.51.0
55331 ENSwamp Monsters Don't Chase Wild TurkeysDadey/Jones3.91.0
141 ENSweet Whispers, Brother RushHamilton, Virginia3.88.0
120176 ENSweetest Spring, TheJordan, Apple1.60.5
51233 ENSwimming with Hammerhead SharksMallory, Kenneth7.91.0
78471 ENSwimming with SharksStanley, George Edward3.10.5
119940 ENSwindleKorman, Gordon4.95.0
5336 ENSwitching WellGriffin, Peni6.49.0
20230 ENSword in the Stone, TheWhite, T.H.7.516.0
46326 ENSword in the Tree, TheBulla, Clyde Robert3.22.0
65005 ENT-Rex Is Missing!De Paola, Tomie1.60.5
78081 ENTail of Emily Windsnap, TheKessler, Liz3.86.0
89264 ENTails of Spring BreakSmith, Anne Warren3.12.0
65433 ENTake Two, They're SmallLevy, Elizabeth3.42.0
70401 ENTale of Despereaux, TheDiCamillo, Kate4.75.0
82424 ENTalent Show from the Black Lagoon, TheThaler, Mike3.20.5
89012 ENTalent Show Scaredy-PantsKlein, Abby3.31.0
113967 ENTalented Clementine, ThePennypacker, Sara4.02.0
4375 ENTales for Hard TimesCollins, David R.5.91.0
78026 ENTales from the WaterholeGraham, Bob3.00.5
294 ENTales of a Fourth Grade NothingBlume, Judy3.33.0
19247 ENTales of Oliver PigVan Leeuwen, Jean2.30.5
21573 ENTangerineBloor, Edward4.313.0
89194 ENTanksZuehlke, Jeffery2.40.5
65214 ENTara and Tiree, Fearless FriendsClements, Andrew2.00.5
87076 ENTarantulaEckart, Edana1.30.5
113587 ENTarantula Power!Nagda, Ann Whitehead3.62.0
295 ENTaste of Blackberries, ASmith, Doris Buchanan4.02.0
84207 ENTemple of the Ruby of Fire, TheStilton, Geronimo3.51.0
32897 ENTen, Nine, EightBang, Molly1.30.5
40577 ENTennessee Facts and SymbolsFeeney, Kathy4.10.5
101277 ENTerrificAgee, Jon2.50.5
2021 ENTexas Facts and SymbolsMcAuliffe, Emily3.50.5
103731 ENThanksgivingHeinrichs, Ann4.10.5
72795 ENThanksgiving at the Tappletons'Spinelli, Eileen3.20.5
55962 ENThanksgiving Mice!Roberts, Bethany1.30.5
64034 ENThanksgiving on ThursdayOsborne, Mary Pope3.31.0
88579 ENThat Crazy Eddie and the Science Project of DoomCox, Judy3.11.0
88783 ENThat New AnimalJenkins, Emily2.70.5
11444 ENTheater ShoesStreatfeild, Noel5.811.0
85740 ENTheodore Roosevelt: The Adventurous PresidentKids, Editors of Time for4.21.0
113693 ENTheodosia and the Serpents of ChaosLa Fevers, R.L.5.211.0
5090 ENThere's a Bat in Bunk FiveDanziger, Paula3.84.0
65316 ENThere's a Map on My Lap! All About MapsRabe, Tish3.20.5
5545 ENThere's a Nightmare in My ClosetMayer, Mercer2.30.5
65317 ENThere's No Place Like Space! All About Our Solar SystemRabe, Tish3.10.5
5546 ENThere's No Such Thing as a DragonKent, Jack3.30.5
116920 ENThere Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Fly GuyArnold, Tedd1.60.5
106867 ENThey Came from Center FieldGutman, Dan4.42.0
88 ENThimble SummerEnright, Elizabeth5.75.0
56945 ENThird Grade GhoulsMcKenna, Colleen O'Shaughnessy3.11.0
691 ENThird Grade Is Terrible/Third Grade is TroubleBaker, Barbara2.71.0
54500 ENThird Grade Stinks!McKenna, Colleen O'Shaughnessy3.01.0
69262 ENThird Wish, TheRodda, Emily3.82.0
88053 ENThomas Goes FishingCourtney, Richard1.00.5
100055 ENThor's Wedding DayCoville, Bruce5.03.0
17342 ENThose Calculating Crows!Wakefield, Ali2.70.5
12453 ENThree Cheers for TackyLester, Helen2.80.5
9393 ENThree Little Pigs, TheHillert, Margaret0.60.5
5547 ENThree NamesMacLachlan, Patricia4.10.5
48718 ENThree Pigs, TheWiesner, David2.30.5
26740 ENThree Stories You Can Read to Your DogMiller, Sara Swan2.00.5
39833 ENThree WishesZiefert, Harriet1.80.5
41407 ENThrowing SmokeBrooks, Bruce5.63.0
72172 ENThumbelinaBlackaby, Susan2.40.5
39894 ENThump and PlunkUdry, Janice May1.30.5
119533 ENTicket TroubleKeene, Carolyn4.32.0
45130 ENTiger Rising, TheDiCamillo, Kate4.03.0
68576 ENTiger's Apprentice, TheYep, Laurence5.46.0
84642 ENTiger's BloodYep, Laurence5.98.0
80872 ENTigers/Amazing Tigers!Thomson, Sarah L.3.20.5
70389 ENTigers and Their CubsHall, Margaret1.60.5
31073 ENTigers at TwilightOsborne, Mary Pope3.01.0
51867 ENTime Garden, TheEager, Edward5.05.0
85879 ENTime Hackers, ThePaulsen, Gary5.23.0
54881 ENTime Stops for No MouseHoeye, Michael5.08.0
9469 ENTimothy of the CayTaylor, Theodore5.05.0
78839 ENTiny's Big AdventureWaddell, Martin1.70.5
23629 ENTiny Seed, TheCarle, Eric2.70.5
55264 ENTiny the Snow DogMeister, Cari0.60.5
63726 ENTippy-Toe Chick, Go!Shannon, George2.10.5
114711 ENTitan's Curse, TheRiordan, Rick4.210.0
61528 ENTitanic: A Nonfiction Companion to "Tonight on the Titanic"Osborne, Will5.11.0
14854 ENTitanic CrossingWilliams, Barbara4.35.0
31074 ENTitanic Sinks!, TheConklin, Thomas6.13.0
110718 ENTo Dance: A Ballerina's Graphic NovelSiegel, Siena Cherson3.80.5
84094 ENTo the Beach!Ashman, Linda1.50.5
4376 ENTo the PointCollins, David R.5.31.0
11191 ENToad Eats OutSchade/Buller1.10.5
78938 ENToby, Who Are You?Steig, William1.90.5
100868 ENTom Brady: Never-Quit QuarterbackGatto, Kimberly6.62.0
89 ENTom's Midnight GardenPearce, Philippa6.19.0
246 ENTombs of Atuan, TheLe Guin, Ursula K.5.97.0
31065 ENTonight on the TitanicOsborne, Mary Pope3.11.0
17343 ENToo Many Kangaroo Things to Do!Murphy, Stuart J.2.00.5
66581 ENToo Many ValentinesMcNamara, Margaret1.80.5
35313 ENToo PerfectHeiligman, Deborah2.00.5
83158 ENTooth TroubleKlein, Abby3.31.0
195 ENToothpaste Millionaire, TheMerrill, Jean5.03.0
196 ENTop SecretGardiner, John Reynolds4.02.0
74915 ENTop Secret: A Handbook of Codes, Ciphers, and Secret WritingJaneczko, Paul B.7.33.0
11448 ENTop WingChristopher, Matt4.34.0
107521 ENTotally ToxicQuinn, Zoe5.25.0
125006 ENToy Dance PartyJenkins, Emily3.93.0
108832 ENToys Go OutJenkins, Emily4.02.0
18251 ENTracks in the SnowBledsoe, Lucy Jane4.23.0
73219 ENTracks in the SnowYee, Wong Herbert1.60.5
87483 ENTraction Man Is Here!Grey, Mini3.60.5
27966 ENTrain Wreck: Kansas, 1892Duey, Kathleen5.54.0
58946 ENTrainsHill, Lee Sullivan1.80.5
116264 ENTrainsRiggs, Kate2.70.5
31156 ENTraitor Among the Boys, ANaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.74.0
115431 ENTrappedMoloney, James3.51.0
34813 ENTrashy TownZimmerman/Clemesha1.90.5
80501 ENTravel TeamLupica, Mike5.411.0
87385 ENTreasure Haunt, TheJones, Marcia Thornton4.01.0
67023 ENTreasure HuntAhlberg, Allan1.80.5
58920 ENTree Castle IslandGeorge, Jean Craighead4.07.0
53442 ENTree GirlBarron, T.A.4.23.0
18323 ENTrek, TheJonas, Ann1.50.5
84771 ENTriceratopsFrost, Helen2.00.5
80788 ENTriceratops and Other Forest DinosaursDixon, Dougal3.40.5
36568 ENTrolls, TheHorvath, Polly5.45.0
87371 ENTrouble at the MillWooderson, Philip5.36.0
197 ENTrouble for LucyStevens, Carla3.81.0
41405 ENTrouble with Cats, TheFreeman, Martha2.91.0
7595 ENTrouble with TrollsBrett, Jan3.10.5
118758 ENTrouble with Twins, TheFreeman, Martha2.91.0
90 ENTrumpet of the Swan, TheWhite, E.B.4.96.0
142 ENTrumpeter of Krakow, TheKelly, Eric7.110.0
247 ENTuck EverlastingBabbitt, Natalie5.04.0
248 ENTucker's CountrysideSelden, George4.95.0
32262 ENTucket's GoldPaulsen, Gary5.23.0
17344 ENTunnelsGibbons, Gail2.90.5
592 ENTurn Homeward, HannaleeBeatty, Patricia4.97.0
53922 ENTurtle Splash! Countdown at the PondFalwell, Cathryn1.30.5
15076 ENTut, TutScieszka, Jon4.22.0
199 ENTV Kid, TheByars, Betsy4.33.0
17697 ENTwelve Labors of Hercules, TheCerasini, Marc3.40.5
17345 ENTwelve Snails to One LizardHightower, Susan3.80.5
200 ENTwenty and TenBishop, Claire Huchet4.02.0
91 ENTwenty-One Balloons, Thedu Bois, William Péne6.86.0
7166 ENTwinkie Squad, TheKorman, Gordon4.87.0
7245 ENTwinkle, Twinkle, Little BugRoss, Katharine1.90.5
47830 ENTwister on TuesdayOsborne, Mary Pope3.21.0
73016 ENTwisters and Other Terrible Storms...Twister on TuesdayOsborne, Will4.81.0
9297 ENTwits, TheDahl, Roald4.41.0
5548 ENTwo Bad AntsVan Allsburg, Chris4.70.5
117634 ENTwo-Minute DrillLupica, Mike5.14.0
47670 ENTwo Princesses of Bamarre, TheLevine, Gail Carson4.58.0
296 ENTwo Under ParHenkes, Kevin4.73.0
84772 ENTyrannosaurus RexFrost, Helen2.20.5
123917 ENU.S. Air Force (Military Branches), TheDoeden, Matt1.80.5
81678 ENU.S. Air Force Special Operations (U.S. Armed Forces)Roberts, Jeremy7.11.0
79320 ENU.S. Air Force, TheDonovan, Sandy6.41.0
72461 ENU.S. Army Fighting VehiclesBartlett, Richard7.01.0
123918 ENU.S. Army (Military Branches), TheDoeden, Matt1.90.5
81165 ENU.S. Coast Guard (America's Armed Forces), TheNoble, Dennis L.7.71.0
123919 ENU.S. Coast Guard, TheDoeden, Matt2.10.5
123920 ENU.S. Marine Corps, TheReed, Jennifer2.50.5
81680 ENU.S. Naval Special Warfare Forces (U.S. Armed Forces)Donovan, Sandy7.11.0
123921 ENU.S. Navy, TheReed, Jennifer1.90.5
80554 ENU.S. Navy (U.S. Armed Forces), TheStreissguth, Tom7.31.0
35269 ENUgly Duckling, TheAndersen/Pinkney4.50.5
84208 ENUmbrella, TheBrett, Jan2.70.5
80306 ENUn-Magician, TheGolden, Christopher7.012.0
92 ENUnderstood BetsyFisher, Dorothy Canfield5.98.0
101270 ENUndone Fairy Tale, AnLendler, Ian3.10.5
72464 ENUnited States ArmyBartlett, Richard7.21.0
78350 ENUnited States Marine Corps (U.S. Armed Forces)Lurch, Bruno7.11.0
78351 ENUnited States NavyBartlett, Richard5.81.0
62762 ENUnited Tates of AmericaDanziger, Paula4.44.0
78204 ENUnseen, TheSnyder, Zilpha Keatley6.18.0
249 ENUp a Road SlowlyHunt, Irene6.68.0
143 ENUpstairs Room, TheReiss, Johanna2.96.0
70353 ENUranus (Exploring the Galaxy)Adamson, Thomas K.1.70.5
40578 ENUtah Facts and SymbolsFeeney, Kathy4.00.5
20050 ENVacation Under the VolcanoOsborne, Mary Pope3.31.0
44125 ENValentine Mice!Roberts, Bethany1.20.5
50140 ENValentine's DayFlanagan, Alice K.3.80.5
103732 ENValentine's DayHeinrichs, Ann3.60.5
105174 ENValentine's Day DisasterStilton, Geronimo3.51.0
5246 ENValentine Star, TheGiff, Patricia Reilly2.51.0
85687 ENValley of Secrets, TheHussey, Charmian7.018.0
64126 ENVampire State BuildingLevy, Elizabeth3.82.0
70354 ENVenusAdamson, Thomas K.1.80.5
42058 ENVermont Facts and SymbolsFeeney, Kathy3.90.5
297 ENVeronica GanzSachs, Marilyn4.94.0
36015 ENVery Busy Spider, TheCarle, Eric1.30.5
34578 ENVery Clumsy Click Beetle, TheCarle, Eric2.80.5
35320 ENVery Strange Dollhouse, ADussling, Jennifer2.20.5
62157 ENVietnam WarMarquette, Scott5.10.5
15098 ENView from Saturday, TheKonigsburg, E.L.5.97.0
15828 ENView from the Cherry Tree, TheRoberts, Willo Davis5.27.0
59610 ENViking It and Liking ItScieszka, Jon3.91.0
24935 ENViking Ships at SunriseOsborne, Mary Pope3.31.0
53089 ENVikings Don't Wear Wrestling BeltsDadey/Jones4.11.0
48687 ENVile Village, TheSnicket, Lemony6.77.0
114304 ENViolet Bing and the Grand HouseParos, Jennifer5.01.0
2022 ENVirginia Facts and SymbolsMcAuliffe, Bill4.00.5
14697 ENViva Heather!Sinykin, Sheri Cooper4.41.0
47481 ENVoice of Freedom: A Story About Frederick DouglassWeidt, Maryann N.5.51.0
34696 ENVoices at Whisper BendAyres, Katherine3.95.0
83395 ENVolcanoMagloff, Lisa6.61.0
106803 ENVolcanoes!Kids, Editors of Time for4.40.5
118517 ENVote 4 AmeliaMoss, Marissa4.32.0
649 ENVoyage of the Dawn Treader, TheLewis, C.S.5.99.0
25892 ENVoyage on the Great Titanic: The Diary of Margaret Ann BradyWhite, Ellen Emerson6.55.0
93 ENVoyages of Doctor Dolittle, TheLofting, Hugh5.711.0
55041 ENVroomaloom ZoomCoy, John1.10.5
44059 ENWacky WednesdayLeSieg, Theo.1.30.5
86606 ENWait! I Want to Tell You a StoryWillans, Tom2.10.5
49302 ENWaiting AlligatorsMuñoz, William2.80.5
46615 ENWaiting for WingsEhlert, Lois2.80.5
10299 ENWalk Two MoonsCreech, Sharon4.99.0
32449 ENWalker's CrossingNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.48.0
4377 ENWalking the Road to FreedomFerris, Jeri5.91.0
41795 ENWalking to the Bus-Rider BluesRobinet, Harriette Gillem4.14.0
84796 ENWalkingsticksHoward, Fran1.20.5
36678 ENWanderer, TheCreech, Sharon5.26.0
298 ENWar with Grandpa, TheSmith, Robert Kimmel3.93.0
102101 ENWarshipsZuehlke, Jeffery2.90.5
40579 ENWashington, D.C. Facts and SymbolsFeeney, Kathy4.50.5
2023 ENWashington Facts and SymbolsMcAuliffe, Emily3.80.5
89534 ENWaspsHall, Margaret1.70.5
7349 ENWatch Out, Ronald Morgan!Giff, Patricia Reilly2.40.5
86809 ENWatch Your Whiskers, Stilton!Stilton, Geronimo3.21.0
26243 ENWatchful WolvesBerman, Ruth2.00.5
58599 ENWater Hole, TheBase, Graeme1.40.5
31076 ENWater WishesLoehr, Mallory3.52.0
29466 ENWatertower, TheCrew, Gary3.20.5
35318 ENWax Museum, TheSperegen, Devra2.40.5
5247 ENWayside School Is Falling DownSachar, Louis3.44.0
4378 ENWe'll Race You, HenryMitchell, Barbara4.71.0
32765 ENWe Need VeterinariansSchaefer, Lola M.1.20.5
11194 ENWe're Going on a Bear HuntRosen, Michael J.1.30.5
54943 ENWe Were There, Too! Young People in U.S. HistoryHoose, Phillip7.117.0
112569 ENWedding CrasherStilton, Geronimo3.81.0
5248 ENWednesday Surprise, TheBunting, Eve2.80.5
63085 ENWeek in the Woods, AClements, Andrew5.57.0
39834 ENWeird Stories from the Lonesome CafeCox, Judy3.01.0
35663 ENWeirdo's WarColeman, Michael3.75.0
32750 ENWelcome ComfortPolacco, Patricia4.50.5
114633 ENWelcome to Camden FallsMartin, Ann M.5.26.0
9626 ENWelcome to Camp NightmareStine, R.L.3.93.0
9627 ENWelcome to Dead HouseStine, R.L.3.73.0
18900 ENWell WishedBillingsley, Franny5.86.0
32200 ENWell-Wishers, TheEager, Edward5.07.0
9628 ENWerewolf of Fever Swamp, TheStine, R.L.3.53.0
10697 ENWerewolves Don't Go to Summer CampDadey, Debbie3.81.0
29941 ENWeslandiaFleischman, Paul4.80.5
40580 ENWest Virginia Facts and SymbolsFeeney, Kathy4.20.5
144 ENWesting Game, TheRaskin, Ellen5.38.0
50170 ENWestward to Home: Joshua's DiaryHermes, Patricia3.11.0
107382 ENWhale of a Tale! All About Porpoises, Dolphins, and Whales, AWorth, Bonnie3.70.5
79537 ENWhalesLindeen, Carol K.1.30.5
83397 ENWhales and DolphinsBingham, Caroline5.51.0
86253 ENWhales on Stilts!Anderson, M.T.4.63.0
70195 ENWhales! Strange and WonderfulPringle, Laurence5.10.5
51936 ENWhat a Trip, Amber BrownDanziger, Paula2.60.5
4379 ENWhat Are You Figuring Now?Ferris, Jeri Chase5.61.0
106659 ENWhat Happens in Fall?Latta, Sara L.2.50.5
106660 ENWhat Happens in Spring?Latta, Sara L.2.60.5
106661 ENWhat Happens in Summer?Latta, Sara L.2.50.5
106662 ENWhat Happens in Winter?Latta, Sara L.2.80.5
102633 ENWhat I Call LifeWolfson, Jill4.48.0
84984 ENWhat If You Met a Pirate?Adkins, Jan6.41.0
82534 ENWhat Presidents Are Made OfPiven, Hanoch4.90.5
20495 ENWhat's a Daring Detective Like Me Doing in the Doghouse?Bailey, Linda3.86.0
17346 ENWhat's Faster Than a Speeding Cheetah?Wells, Robert E.4.10.5
17347 ENWhat's Smaller Than a Pygmy Shrew?Wells, Robert E.4.80.5
299 ENWhat's the Matter with Herbie Jones?Kline, Suzy3.32.0
63671 ENWhat Would Joey Do?Gantos, Jack5.18.0
94 ENWheel on the School, TheDe Jong, Meindert4.710.0
17348 ENWheeling and Whirling-Around Book, TheHindley, Judy5.10.5
5549 ENWhen I Am Old with YouJohnson, Angela2.70.5
59112 ENWhen Objects Talk: Solving a Crime with ScienceFriedlander/Phillips7.23.0
17349 ENWhen Sheep Cannot SleepKitamura, Satoshi2.40.5
29508 ENWhen Sophie Gets Angry--Really, Really, AngryBang, Molly1.40.5
9298 ENWhen the Giants Came to TownLeonard, Marcia3.60.5
34618 ENWhen Tiny Was TinyMeister, Cari0.90.5
17648 ENWhen Will This Cruel War Be Over? The Civil War Diary of...Denenberg, Barry6.63.0
67232 ENWhere I'd Like to BeDowell, Frances O'Roark5.46.0
116945 ENWhere I LiveSpinelli, Eileen2.91.0
75303 ENWhere in the WorldFrench, Simon5.06.0
145 ENWhere the Lilies BloomCleaver, Vera/Bill5.26.0
95 ENWhere the Red Fern GrowsRawls, Wilson4.911.0
84292 ENWhile You Were OutKuns, Judith Irvin4.54.0
146 ENWhipping Boy, TheFleischman, Sid3.92.0
7749 ENWhite BirdBulla, Clyde Robert2.81.0
59598 ENWhite Dynamite and Curly KiddMartin/Archambault1.60.5
72204 ENWhite Fang (Unabridged)London, Jack7.413.0
86793 ENWhite Is for BlueberryShannon, George2.30.5
397 ENWhite Mountains, TheChristopher, John6.27.0
96 ENWhite Stag, TheSeredy, Kate6.62.0
5249 ENWhite Stallion, TheShub, Elizabeth3.00.5
73526 ENWho Is Stealing the Twelve Days of Christmas?Freeman, Martha3.54.0
81587 ENWho Let the Ghosts Out?Stine, R.L.3.13.0
49428 ENWho's Afraid of the Dark?Bonsall, Crosby1.10.5
32918 ENWho's in Love with Arthur?Krensky, Stephen3.01.0
86065 ENWho's the Fairest?Mason, Jane B.5.24.0
89072 ENWho Stole Halloween?Freeman, Martha4.25.0
112619 ENWho Was Anne Frank?Abramson, Ann4.61.0
109177 ENWho Was Daniel Boone?Kramer, Sydelle4.51.0
81740 ENWho Was Ferdinand Magellan?Kramer, Sydelle4.91.0
103287 ENWho Was Johnny Appleseed?Holub, Joan5.11.0
106158 ENWho Was King Tut?Edwards, Roberta4.91.0
85429 ENWho Was Louis Armstrong?McDonough, Yona Zeldis5.21.0
85430 ENWho Was Ronald Reagan?Milton, Joyce5.41.0
112155 ENWho Was William Shakespeare?Mannis, Celeste Davidson4.81.0
70026 ENWho Was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart?McDonough, Yona Zeldis5.31.0
104746 ENWho Were the Beatles?Edgers, Geoff4.51.0
66014 ENWhose Legs Are These? A Look at Animal Legs - Kicking...HoppingHall, Peg3.60.5
9629 ENWhy I'm Afraid of BeesStine, R.L.3.53.0
5550 ENWhy Mosquitoes Buzz in People's EarsAardema, Verna4.00.5
41287 ENWide Window, TheSnicket, Lemony6.35.0
54455 ENWidgetMcFarland, Lyn Rossiter1.50.5
81662 ENWidget & the PuppyMcFarland, Lyn Rossiter1.80.5
6348 ENWidow's Broom, TheVan Allsburg, Chris4.70.5
87452 ENWiggleCronin, Doreen1.70.5
79549 ENWild Animals ABC: An Alphabet BookDahl, Michael2.70.5
100635 ENWild FibonacciHulme, Joy N.4.30.5
44731 ENWild TrekKjelgaard, Jim6.09.0
102147 ENWild, Wild West, TheStilton, Geronimo3.31.0
105879 ENWildfireMorrison, Taylor6.61.0
50171 ENWill's Story: 1771Nixon, Joan Lowery5.85.0
17698 ENWilliam Problem, TheBaker, Barbara2.62.0
85244 ENWilliam Shakespeare: Playwright and PoetNettleton, Pamela Hill7.22.0
32556 ENWilliam Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's DreamCoville, Bruce7.11.0
70874 ENWilliam Shakespeare's MacbethCoville, Bruce4.91.0
32710 ENWilliam Shakespeare's Romeo and JulietCoville, Bruce6.71.0
49430 ENWillie's BirthdayKeats/Suen1.50.5
121315 ENWilloughbys, TheLowry, Lois5.24.0
100996 ENWillow RunGiff, Patricia Reilly4.24.0
97 ENWillow Whistle, TheMeigs, Cornelia6.85.0
47185 ENWilma MankillerLowery, Linda3.60.5
78970 ENWinchell Mink: The Misadventure BeginsYoung, Steve4.83.0
72919 ENWindBauer, Marion Dane1.60.5
17350 ENWindow of Time, ALeighton, Audrey O.2.50.5
102634 ENWing NutAuch, Mary Jane4.46.0
300 ENWinged Colt of Casa Mia, TheByars, Betsy4.64.0
107945 ENWinnie at Her BestJacobson, Jennifer Richard4.11.0
148 ENWinnie-The-PoohMilne, A.A.4.63.0
82243 ENWinter of the Ice WizardOsborne, Mary Pope3.82.0
2024 ENWisconsin Facts and SymbolsMcAuliffe, Emily4.00.5
102193 ENWise Guy: The Life and Philosophy of SocratesUsher, M.D.6.00.5
65319 ENWish for a Fish: All About Sea CreaturesWorth, Bonnie3.80.5
499 ENWish Giver, TheBrittain, Bill4.44.0
44729 ENWish Master, TheWright, Betty Ren4.33.0
39907 ENWish, TheLevine, Gail Carson3.55.0
76204 ENWishing of Biddy Malone, TheCowley, Joy4.10.5
43427 ENWitch Family, TheEstes, Eleanor5.46.0
17699 ENWitch Hunt: It Happened in Salem VillageKrensky, Stephen4.71.0
98 ENWitch of Blackbird Pond, TheSpeare, Elizabeth George5.79.0
65082 ENWitch's SisterNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.95.0
73326 ENWitch's WishesVande Velde, Vivian4.92.0
79916 ENWitch Twins and the Ghost of Glenn BlyGriffin, Adele4.52.0
59776 ENWitch Twins at Camp BlissGriffin, Adele4.53.0
29408 ENWitch Who Was Afraid of Witches, TheLow, Alice2.70.5
149 ENWitches of Worm, TheSnyder, Zilpha Keatley5.76.0
6448 ENWitches, TheDahl, Roald4.75.0
4380 ENWith Open HandsFerris, Jeri Chase5.71.0
106695 ENWitness the Boston Tea Party with Elaine LandauLandau, Elaine4.91.0
18849 ENWizard Abroad, ADuane, Diane5.612.0
14648 ENWizard and WartSmith, Janice Lee2.50.5
35324 ENWizard and Wart in TroubleSmith, Janice Lee2.20.5
30562 ENWizard of Oz, TheBaum/Laiken5.12.0
32514 ENWizard of Sound: A Story About Thomas Edison, TheMitchell, Barbara6.01.0
43430 ENWizard's HallYolen, Jane5.04.0
31195 ENWizard's Map, TheYolen, Jane4.73.0
14698 ENWizards Don't Need ComputersDadey/Jones3.61.0
59539 ENWizards Don't Wear Graduation GownsDadey, Debbie3.81.0
99 ENWolves of Willoughby Chase, TheAiken, Joan6.57.0
44358 ENWolves (Predators in the Wild)Welsbacher, Anne4.50.5
5250 ENWonder Kid Meets the Evil Lunch SnatcherDuncan, Lois4.01.0
14699 ENWonderful Alexander and the CatwingsLe Guin, Ursula K.3.71.0
84773 ENWoolly MammothFrost, Helen2.40.5
48342 ENWord Eater, TheAmato, Mary4.54.0
48037 ENWorkers' Detective: A Story About Dr. Alice Hamilton, TheMcPherson, Stephanie Sammartino6.81.0
15543 ENWorld at His Fingertips: A Story About Louis Braille, TheO'Connor, Barbara6.71.0
15544 ENWorld of Knowing: A Story About Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet, ABowen, Andy Russell5.71.0
32380 ENWorld's Worst Fairy Godmother, TheCoville, Bruce3.92.0
62159 ENWorld War IMarquette, Scott4.80.5
62160 ENWorld War IIMarquette, Scott4.40.5
77184 ENWorlds AfireJaneczko, Paul B.5.21.0
79584 ENWorthLaFaye, A.4.54.0
81843 ENWrath of Mulgarath, TheDiTerlizzi, Tony4.42.0
105862 ENWright 3, TheBalliett, Blue5.77.0
150 ENWrinkle in Time, AL'Engle, Madeleine4.77.0
15545 ENWriter of the Plains: A Story About Willa CatherStreissguth, Tom5.41.0
47483 ENWriting for Freedom: A Story About Lydia Maria ChildStux, Erica5.91.0
40581 ENWyoming Facts and SymbolsDubois, Muriel L.4.40.5
9299 ENX-Men: Battle of the SentinelsHautzig, Deborah3.30.5
9300 ENX-Men: Enter MagnetoWeiner, Eric3.00.5
86252 ENXanadu Adventure, TheAlexander, Lloyd5.95.0
43754 ENYear of Miss Agnes, TheHill, Kirkpatrick4.53.0
104901 ENYear of the Dog, TheLin, Grace4.23.0
27927 ENYear with Butch and Spike, AGauthier, Gail4.77.0
46415 ENYellow in My WorldWinne, Joanne1.40.5
106044 ENYellow StarRoy, Jennifer Rozines4.33.0
72134 ENYesterday I Had the BluesFrame, Jeron Ashford2.40.5
104047 ENYikes! Bikes!Klein, Abby3.31.0
9630 ENYou Can't Scare MeStine, R.L.3.63.0
67291 ENYou Lucky DogPeters, Stephanie True3.81.0
114926 ENYoung Cam Jansen and the Lions' Lunch MysteryAdler, David A.2.60.5
78927 ENYoung Cam Jansen and the New Girl MysteryAdler, David A.2.50.5
107360 ENYoung Cam Jansen and the Spotted Cat MysteryAdler, David A.2.70.5
100021 ENYoung Cam Jansen and the Substitute MysteryAdler, David A.2.60.5
71108 ENYoung Cam Jansen and the Zoo Note MysteryAdler, David A.2.60.5
30618 ENYoung Cam Jansen...Baseball MysteryAdler, David A.2.30.5
15250 ENYoung Cam Jansen...Dinosaur GameAdler, David A.2.50.5
59802 ENYoung Cam Jansen...Double Beach MysteryAdler, David A.2.50.5
29423 ENYoung Cam Jansen...Ice Skate MysteryAdler, David A.2.50.5
49431 ENYoung Cam Jansen...Library MysteryAdler, David A.2.90.5
14650 ENYoung Cam Jansen...Missing CookieAdler, David A.2.50.5
43700 ENYoung Cam Jansen...Pizza Shop MysteryAdler, David A.2.80.5
100 ENYoung Fu of the Upper YangtzeLewis, Elizabeth6.410.0
100779 ENYoung Hans Christian Andersen, TheHesse, Karen6.31.0
77134 ENYoung Man and the Sea, ThePhilbrick, Rodman4.55.0
17700 ENYoung Wolf and Spirit HorseShefelman, Janice Jordan2.80.5
105283 ENYounguncle Comes To TownSingh, Vandana5.53.0
9643 ENYour Mother Was a NeanderthalScieszka, Jon3.71.0
109593 ENYour Pet Iguana (Revised Edition)Landau, Elaine4.30.5
44225 ENZack's Alligator Goes to SchoolMozelle, Shirley2.30.5
250 ENZeelyHamilton, Virginia4.64.0
46486 ENZero GrandparentsEdwards, Michelle3.10.5
14700 ENZombies Don't Play SoccerDadey/Jones3.51.0
108377 ENZoo Animals 1, 2, 3Davis, Rebecca Fjelland2.70.5
46487 ENZoom on My BroomMayer/Farber/Sansevere0.70.5
5050 ENZucchini Warriors, TheKorman, Gordon5.07.0