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Important Notice- March 28

March 28, 2018

Dear NHP-GCP Families,

As you may be aware, at the end of the school day today the Nassau County Police were at Hillside Grade School.  The police arrested a music student teacher who had been student teaching since last week at  Manor Oaks School and Hillside Grade, and previously at H. Frank Carey High School. The details of the criminal charges have not been shared with us.  However, we are aware that an allegation was made by a High School student that the student teacher sent the student an inappropriate message.  No allegation has been provided to us about anything inappropriate occurring in our District.  We will continue to monitor the situation and will conduct an internal investigation as part of our ongoing efforts to ensure student, staff and community safety in our schools. Our thanks to the Nassau County Police Department for working so quickly and professionally.

Remember there is no school tomorrow or Friday or all of next week. Enjoy your holidays. See you April 9.
-Dr. Morrison