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Stranger Incident

March 1, 2018


Dear Families,

I want to inform you of a report regarding a stranger approaching a group of five elementary school students who were walking home from New Hyde Park Road School yesterday afternoon. It was reported that as they were walking home along Jericho Turnpike to N. 12th Street, an unidentified man began to follow them.  He is described as a tall, Hispanic male, with dark hair wearing a dark baseball cap, a hooded sweatshirt, and shorts, about 50 years old, with a tattoo on his arm. The group turned on N. 12th Street and he continued to follow them for several blocks until two students had to turn back on Jericho Turnpike to get home.  The man continued to follow the two students back to Jericho Turnpike until the students entered a store. He was gone after about 5 minutes. He made two verbal statements to the group while walking on Jericho Turnpike:  " girls are good singers and could make it someday", and  "We are going the same way."

A report has been made to the Nassau County Police Department, and they are investigating. We appreciate the efforts of our students, parents, community members, and public safety partners to keep our schools and community safe.





Jennifer Morrison, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools