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Reminder regarding ABSENCE/LATENESS

While it is recognized that good attendance is important for success in school, from time to time children will be absent or late. In such cases parents should call the school nurse between 8:00 and 9:00 A.M. If no call is received, the school nurse will contact the home.


Garden City Park                Jacqueline Hickey                516 434-2406

Hillside Grade                      Stephanie Cascio               516 434-2413     

Manor Oaks                         Theresa Mancini                516 434-2360

New Hyde Park Road        Ann Conroy-Burger                516 434-2382


When a child returns from any absence, a note indicating the dates and reason for absence must be submitted to the child’s teacher.  Since the school district is required to report certain diseases to the Department of Health, "illness" is not an adequate explanation for absence.  A note is also required if a child is late. The nurse’s office is to be called for health and attendance questions only.