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Building with Legos at Manor Oaks

Third graders at Manor Oaks School have been receiving hands-on engineering experience at the school’s Lego Robotics Club, which is being offered for the first time this school year.

Led by adviser Lara Holzkamp, the club consists of 12 students split up into two teams. The teams at Manor Oaks are the Powerful Lego Chickens and the Fire-breathing Laser Dolphins. The club will meet once a week for 12 sessions to participate in FIRST Lego League Jr.

The teams have been tasked with completing the Boomtown Build Challenge. Using Legos and Lego Education WeDo 2.0 software, the students must design and create a building that will serve a positive purpose in the town. The building portion must also include the creation and use of a Lego crane or elevator. The students will share what they’ve learned in a Show Me poster. The goal of the club is to allow students to explore engineering, problem-solving and creativity.
One of the teams will be sent to the FIRST Lego League Jr. Expo in March.