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New Hyde Park-Garden City Park Union Free School District Programs | Dignity for All Students Act

Dignity for All Students Act

To create an environment that is free of discrimination, harassment/bullying, the New Hyde Park Garden City Park School District developed a district wide initiative that aims to prevent incidences of discrimination and harassment/bullying while promoting an environment of dignity, tolerance, and respect. The district wide initiative includes:

Prevention & Creating a Positive School Climate
The district will be implementing the Bully-Proofing Your School  curriculum that aims to prevent and eliminate bullying by teaching students and staff knowledge about bullying, strategies to respond to bullying, as well as the importance of being inclusive and accepting of all students. This program is for all students’ grades kindergarten through sixth.

The district will also incorporate additional curriculum materials that teach tolerance and respect for all individuals.

Responding to Incidences of Discrimination, Harassment/Bullying
All staff members will be required to report incidences of discrimination, harassment/bullying (student to student; employee to student) by following the reporting procedures.
DASA Coordinators for each school are as follows:
Amy Sullivan, Principal, Garden City Park School, (516) 434-2390  
Kim LaRegina, Principal, New Hyde Park Road School, (516) 434-2350
Kenneth Craft, Principal, Manor Oaks School, (516) 434-2350
Beth Torreano, Principal, Hillside Grade School, (516) 434-2410