Homework Policy

  • The Board of Education recognizes that homework is an integral part of a child's school experience. As such, a policy has been written as follows:
    Role of the Teacher
    a)  Assign and explain homework assignments.
    b)  Set a time to copy homework.
    c)  Encourage students to become responsible for bringing home correct materials.
    d)  Check homework.
    e)  Record who has and has not completed homework.
    f)  Contact parents of students who are not completing work.

            Role of the Student
            a)  Copy all homework assignments.
            b)  Make sure the assignment is understood. If not, ask the teacher to explain.
            c)  Bring home all necessary materials.
            d)  Complete all assignments carefully.
            e)  Bring homework back to school.

            Role of the Parent
            a)  Ask about homework each day.
            b)  Set a regular homework time.
            c)  Establish a comfortable, quiet place to work.
            d)  Be available to help the child understand the assignment.
            e)  Contact the teacher if the child cannot do the work or is having difficulty
                 completing the work in a reasonable amount of time.
            f)  Praise the child when the homework is neat and correct.