Facilities, Operations, and Transportation

  • Mr. Erik Nakutavicius

    Director of Facilities, Operations, and Transportation 


    (516) 434-2318


    School district policy provides transportation for students living more than one mile from school.  Transportation Office Personnel can tell you if your child qualifies.  Children who have a temporary or permanent medical disability may be eligible for special bus service, for which a request must be submitted for review. 

    Since most families live within the one mile limit, most children must walk or be driven by parents.  For those who walk, crossing guards are provided by the Nassau County Police Department. Parents should instruct children to cross major streets only where a guard is assigned. Parents who drive children should be sure to respect the right of our neighbors by parking only in legally designated areas.  They must also take great care in watching for children who walk.

    Transportation is also provided for all students attending non-public schools up to a distance of 15 miles from home to school.  Requests for school bus transportation to non-public school must be submitted to the New Hyde Park-Garden City Park School District Transportation Office by April 1 of the previous school year.  Please note that all requests for the 2019-2020 school year must be submitted by April 1, 2019.  Applications may be obtained from the District Transportation Office located at the Manor Oaks School, 1950 Hillside Avenue New Hyde Park, NY 11040 or downloaded and printed from the link provided below.  For further information please contact the Transportation Office at 516-434-2318.

    If you move into the District during the school year you must submit an application within 30 days of the date appearing on a signed lease or mortage document for a residence within the district boundaries.    



    For events occuring in the Fall please have permits in by July/August.

    For events occuring in the Winter please have permits in by September/October.

    For events occuring in the Spring please have permits in by November/December.

    Please submit all requests for usage of school Facilities and Grounds as soon as possible.  All permits must be approved by the Board of Education prior to usage.

    Please use the Field and Facilities Use Request Form below to apply.

    Applications can be emailed to Mary Anne Royes at mroyes@gmail.com


    Facilities and Transportation Progress Update – 2017-18

    The Facilities and Transportation Department supports our staff, faculty, students and community by ensuring that our buildings and grounds remain safe, healthy, comfortable, and presentable year round. In addition we strive to provide the best transportation possible for all students within our district, as well as those who attend non-public schools. Below is an update on current projects and events within the department.

    As part of our continued commitment to the safety and security of all students and staff we recently completed the installation of new exterior and interior (hallways and entranceways) security cameras district wide. In addition, the district has signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the Nassau County Police Department to be active in their “Alert and Domain Awareness System” program. This will enable the Police to have full control over our security cameras and remote door release access in the case of an emergency within the school.  We will continue to add security cameras as necessary to ensure as complete coverage of the school as possible.

    As required by Federal Regulations, we routinely conduct semi-annual inspections of all district buildings. This year the district completed the required periodic surveillance inspection. This required inspection is performed in order to ascertain the condition of any Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) remaining in any of the district’s buildings. The results of the periodic inspections have been placed in the AHERA records file located in the main office of each individual school building. Should you desire to view this report, or any other AHERA records, please contact the main office of the particular school building for which information is sought. The district’s AHERA record books are available for public inspection during normal school hours. 

    Transportation – letters and applications will be sent out within the next month for transportation registration for the 2018-19 school year. The application is also available for download at the bottom of the Facilities and Transportation webpage. 


    Concerns regarding health and safety of the district should be reported to the following:

    Erik Nakutavicius, 1950 Hillside Avenue, New Hyde Park, NY  11040 

    (516) 434-2318


    Beth Torreano, 150 Maple Dr. W, New Hyde Park, NY 11040

    (516) 434-2411



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