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  • Hi and welcome to my METS-A-LICIOUS  blogs.

    I can't wait to hear your thoughts about NYSSMA, lessons Band and everything you want to share :)



    1. Musical Goals
    2. 2013-2014 School Year
    3. 4th Gr and 5th/6th grade beginners' Blog - This is for 4th graders and beginning 5th and 6th graders to comment on their favorite thing about their instrument and lessons.
    4. Band Blog - This is where you will comment on your favorite part of Band. It might be your favorite song, the challenge of learning new music, making new friends. etc.
    5. Concert Review - This is where you will discuss your favorite part of the Spring Concert.
    6. NYSSMA Blog - This is where you will help each other by giving tips on practicing and learning your NYSSMA solos. Please limit limit your comments to the subject of NYSSMA.
    7. NYSSMA performers "Wrap-up" - This is NYSSMA performers will comment on their NYSSMA experience.
    8. NYSSMA Workers "Wrap-up" - This where students who worked at NYSSMA describe their experierence. What did you find the most enjoyable part?