Required Materials

  • Lesson Book:

    Yamaha Band Student Book 1 for your instrument. (e.g. -Yamaha Band Student Book 1 for Alto Saxophone, Flute, etc.)

    Percussion students should buy Yamaha band Student Book 1 for Snare Drum/Bass Drum/Accessories - NOT the double book that has bell pages as well as drums.


    Other requirements:


    Flute students should have a handkerchief or bandana to clean their flutes with.  All flute rentals must come with a flute rod for cleaning the instrument.

    Clarinet and Saxophone students should receive a cleaner with your rental, which is a piece of felt on a string.  That is sufficient. There is a more expensive one that is fuzzy material on a rod, which is a little better, if you choose to spend the money to purchase it.

    Brass instruments and percussion do not need a cleaner.


    Other supplies:

    Clarinet and Saxophone players should always have AT LEAST five reeds in your case. PLEASE DO NOT BUY FLAVORED REEDS.4th grade beginners should purchase size 2 reeds. 5th and 6th graders purchase size 2 1/2.

    Trumpet and Trombone players should purchase a bottle of valve or slide oil.

    It is recommended that all students except percussion purchase a bottle of sterilizer for your instrument.  The music store sells a germicide that is useful to clean the mouthpiece with every so often, especially after a student has been ill, before resuming practice.