Back to school for New Hyde Park-Garden City Park students

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When New Hyde Park-Garden City Park School District students went back to school on Sept. 5, they were met with kindness from their building administrators, teachers and staff, as well as first-day activities that reinforced this important message.  

At Manor Oaks School, new Principal Jane Ruthkowski welcomed students with an inspirational message on the school’s public address system to kick off the new year. Ms. Ruthkowski explained that the two most important qualities a person can have are to be kind and to show forgiveness. She also spent time visiting classrooms to get to know students. During those class visits, she reinforced the importance of kindness and shared her excitement on being the new principal. 

New Hyde Park Road School students met the district’s new Assistant Principal Diana Weaver on the first day. Principal Kim LaRegina led Ms. Weaver around the building, giving students a chance to get to know the new administrator. As part of their first-day fun, students took pledges of kindness, read books and completed a variety of educational activities with their new teachers. 

Building leaders from across the district enjoyed a fantastic first day with students and expressed their gratitude to the faculty and staff for making it a special day for all.