Cards, Coding and Cups Build Connections at Hillside

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Equipped with playing cards, a needle and thread, paper cups and more, fifth graders in Mr. Peter Halligan’s class at Hillside Grade School in the New Hyde Park-Garden City Park School District participated in a relationship-building lesson to foster an inclusive classroom environment. 
Prior to the lesson, students were asked to come up with one to two skills they could teach to a classmate. The class brainstormed ideas such as drawing, jewelry making, magic tricks, playing an instrument and others. Once they selected the talent they wanted to share, they were excited to show it off to their classmates. Students rotated around the room from activity to activity, which included card tricks, coding activities and sewing. 

Mr. Halligan’s lesson aligned with the Sanford Harmony curriculum, which was implemented by the district last year. The social-emotional learning program is designed to foster communication, connection and community both inside and outside of the classroom.