Math Madness Tournament

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New Hyde Park Road School Math Enrichment sixth graders have been participating in a virtual, free Math Madness Bracket Tournament offered by AreteLabs.

Students Disha Chakraborty, Shohom Chakraborty, Carmela Drossman-Schlossberg, Sherwin Fernandes, Aaryan Kapoor, Darsh Mirchandani, Ariana Muhammad and Krish Singh have been having Google Meets each week to discuss the tournament questions with district math enrichment teacher Tammie Svendsen. The team is competing at the middle school level, which consists of students in grades 6-8.

Each week, the Road School team is matched up against another team from somewhere in the country. The team members take a weekly test on Tuesdays, and the opposing team takes the same test at a scheduled time during the week.

During their first match, the team won 28-0, as the other team was a no-show. For the second match, the Road School sixth graders won 22-21 against an all-seventh grade team. The most recent match took place April 14, with the Road School team winning once again. The team has to win the next two brackets to advance to the final match.

“I am so proud of these kids, and I have been having such fun meeting with them,” Svendsen said. “They are really into this, and they are doing so well against kids that are older than them!”