Learning Digital Citizenship at Manor Oaks

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Students in grades 2-6 at Manor Oaks School are learning how to be responsible online through digital citizenship classes led by New Hyde Park-Garden City Park School District Library Media Specialist Sharon Layburn.
The students gather in the school library once a week for 40 minutes to learn age-appropriate measures to remain safe and thoughtful when using technology. Layburn utilizes the Digital Citizenship Curriculum, provided by Common Sense Media, to teach the lessons. The curriculum focuses on privacy, digital footprints and identity, communication, cyberbullying and more.
During a lesson on Feb. 26, second graders learned about how the information they share online leaves a digital footprint or “trail.” Through an activity with Mervin the Mouse and Ellie the Elephant, the students were tasked with searching through the library for clues to see which character shared too much personal information online. The students learned not to share information like their full names, addresses or phone numbers.
“These lessons inspire good conversations,” Layburn noted.
Layburn distributes her time between Manor Oaks and Hillside Grade School. She recently concluded digital citizenship programs at Garden City Park School and New Hyde Park Road School.