Mural Painting at Manor Oaks

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On Feb. 26, students in grades K-6 at Manor Oaks School picked up paintbrushes and donned smocks to collaborate on a unity mural. The mural is the culminating project with East Hampton author/illustrator Joyce Raimondo, who visited the school in January to prep for the mural. The mural painting was also made possible with the support of the Manor Oaks PTA.

Small groups from each class visited the art room to work on the mural, which has the words “Manor Oaks Cardinals Fly Together” across the top.
Raimondo plans to add the finishing touches soon, with the mural set to be installed in early March.

The creation of the unity mural supports the school’s work within the district's Portrait of a Learner, through which all students have an educational experience preparing them to be effective lifelong learners and contributors by engaging in lessons that foster collaboration, empathy, communication, innovation and a learner's mindset, as well as technology and media literacy. This mural painting experience is just one of many examples that supports the Portrait of a Learner.