Parents who are residents of the district must register their children at District Office, located at Manor Oaks School, 1950 Hillside Avenue, New Hyde Park, NY 11040. 

    Please call Eileen Bileski at 516-434-2306 to make an appointment.


    Resident children of the New Hyde Park-Garden City Park School District who will turn five years old by Dec. 1, 2020, are eligible for kindergarten in September 2020. 

    Contact District Office at (516) 434-2306 to make an appointment by December 18, 2019, to register your child based on your home school.


    Registration dates are as follows:

    Garden City Park School: January 8-9, 2020

    Hillside Grade School: January 13-16, 2020

    Manor Oaks School: January 21-23, 2020

    NHP Road School: January 27-30, 2020

    Registration forms are available below or can be picked up at District Office, 1950 Hillside Avenue, New Hyde Park, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Please have the forms completed when you arrive for your appointment, and, when making your appointment, please inform us if you need a translator.




    School Registration Form 


    The School Registration Form must be completed and signed by the parent(s)/guardian(s). 

    Proof of Age

    You Must Provide:


    1.The child’s certified birth certificate or record of baptism (including transcript of a foreign birth certificate or record of baptism giving the date of birth); or

    2. The child’s Passport (including foreign passport) may be used where the birth certificate or record of baptism is not available; or

    3. If none of those documents are available, other documentary evidence in existence for two years or more can be used to determine a child’s age.  Examples include, but are not limited to:  hospital or health records, state or other governmental issued identification, school photo identification with date of birth, consulate identification card, local social service agency, Federal office of Refugee Resettlement, court orders and other court-issued documents, Native American tribal document, records from non-profit international aid agencies and voluntary agencies.

     Certificate of Immunizations

    You must provide proof of the child’s immunizations (which must be signed by a physician).  A copy of the immunizations required by New York State Law are included in the attached chart from the New York State Department of Health.


    Proof of Residence

     You must submit two of the below proofs of residence. 


    1.  Homeowner:  Tax bill, deed or current mortgage statement 

    2.  Renter/Other:  Notarized (may be sworn or unsworn to) statement of landlord or owner or resident from whom the parent/guardian leases or shares property and copy of lease (if applicable).

    3. Statement by third parties relating to parent/guardian’s physical presence in the New Hyde Park-Garden City Park Union Free School District. 

    4. Other forms of documentation and/or information establishing physical presence in the New Hyde Park-Garden City Union Free School District which may include, but are not limited to:  paystub, income tax return, utility or other bill, membership document based on residency, voter registration document, official driver’s license, learner permit or non-driver identification, state or other government issued identification document issued by federal, state or local agency.

    Proof of Parental Relationship

    For Divorced or Separated Parents:


    1. Provide a copy of the current court order or divorce papers or separation agreement pertaining to custody of the child you seek to register.


    2. If there is no current custody order, the custodial parent must provide a completed, notarized “Custodian’s Affidavit.”


    For Legal Guardians or Custodians:

    Anyone registering a student who is not the parent of the child must provide an Affidavit which indicates that they are the guardian or person whom has custody and control of the child OR other proof such as a judicial custody order or an order of guardianship.  The Affidavit must describe how total and permanent custody and control was obtained, whether through guardianship or otherwise.  The District has Parent/Guardian Affidavits which can be utilized.  Although the District typically requires both the Parent and Guardian Affidavits to be submitted, the District understands that there may be some circumstances in which only one of the Affidavits is available.  In such circumstances, the District will accept one Affidavit.

    Miscellaneous for ALL REGISTRANTS

    If applicable, please provide copies of any current orders of protection concerning the child(ren).


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